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Maybe You Never Cry Again Bernie Mac Pablo F. Fenjves 9780060529321 ReganBooks - książka


Maybe You Never Cry Again

By the tender of age of five, Bernie Mac had found his calling: making others laugh. Now this amazing comedian delves deep inside to share the poignant story of his childhood and the people who shaped him into the strong, self-reliant man and ruthlessly funny comedian he is today.

When Bernie was just sixteen, he lost his mother to cancer.

A tough but loving teacher, she showered the unwilling boy with life lessons and "Mac-isms" that would later carry him through many hardships and give him strength during his slow rise to stardom. Maybe You Never Cry Again recounts this ascent in hilarious detail, from eight-year-old Bernie's stand-up comedy performance at a church dinner to open mike nights in Chicago, the jobs he juggled to make ends meet and eventually, his success in entertaining huge audiences on stage, in film, and on television.

Maybe You Never Cry Again is a powerful testamentto how a mother's love makes everything possible.

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Maybe You Never Cry Again
Kategorie: Literatura faktu
Kategorie BISAC:
Biography & Autobiography > Entertainment & Performing Arts - General
Biography & Autobiography > People of Color
Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs
Wydawca: ReganBooks
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9780060529321
Rok wydania: 2004
Ilość stron: 304
Waga: 0.40 kg
Wymiary: 22.1 x 14.07 x 1.83 cm
Oprawa: Miękka
Wolumenów: 01
Mac, Bernie Bernie Mac is the star and cocreator of The Bernie... więcej >
Fenjves, Pablo F. Pablo F. Fenjves has been writing movies for twent... więcej >