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 The Secret Power of an Expert: Book One Success - An Art or a Science? Val A. Slastnikov 9781491850305 Authorhouse
The first part of this Success Trilogy answers the following questions: - Is Success an art or a science? - What is "Success Options" and how can you use them to your advantage? - Why does your success in life and business depend on the Business Model you choose? - How to capitalize on Internet Market trends and use emerging Global Expert Communities if you want to succeed in new business...
cena: 77,10
The Secret Power of an Expert: Book One Success - An Art or a Science?
 Water Management: The Decision Making Process Dr Randy White 9781491851265 Authorhouse
The scarcity of potable water in both urban and rural settings requires that key decision-makers in water management explore innovative and timely solutions. However, the range of solutions currently under consideration are not well understood or documented in the literature. To fill this gap, this study used in-depth, semi-structured, open-ended interviews (n=7) to explore water managers'...
cena: 86,57
Water Management: The Decision Making Process
 The Reconstruction Years: The Tragic Aftermath of the War Between the States Walter Coffey 9781491851920 Authorhouse
From the ashes of the most terrible war in American history began the agonizing process of restoring the Union that became known as Reconstruction. Like the War Between the States itself, Reconstruction lasted longer and produced more tragedy than ever anticipated.
This work explores the era's important events in a year-by-year digest. These events reflect the unintended and tragic...
cena: 119,72
The Reconstruction Years: The Tragic Aftermath of the War Between the States
 Psychopedia: 181 Life Principles to Help You to Be Happier and More Successful Dr Jeffrey S. Sha 9781491852330 Authorhouse
This book, Psychopedia: 81 Life PrinciplesBecoming Happier and More Successful, is based on Dr. Shaw's work with his patients over the past twenty-one years. It can be used by patients, lay people, and other practitioners as well. Dr. Shaw received a PhD in Psychology from the City University Graduate Center in 1985, a Master's in psychology from the New School in 1977, and a Bachelor's in...
cena: 77,10
Psychopedia: 181 Life Principles to Help You to Be Happier and More Successful
 The Corpses of Times Generations: Volume Two Richard J. Kosciejew 9781491853498 Authorhouse
Anyone who has ever tried to present a rather abstract scientific subject in a popular manner knows the great difficulties of such an attempt. Either he succeeds in being intelligible by concealing the core of the problem and by offering to the reader only superficial aspects or vague allusions, thus of deluding the reader by arousing in him the deceptive illusion of comprehension; Or else he...
cena: 167,08
The Corpses of Times Generations: Volume Two
 Arriving in America: Destination the South Patricia Ann Taylor 9781491853825 Authorhouse
ARRIVING IN AMERICA - DESTINATION THE SOUTH captures Taylor's twenty-five year journey in unearthing the buried history of her maternal and paternal family, trekking the paths of her ancestors, before Emancipation (1863). This journey took her back several generations, from the North, South, East and West regions of Africa, to the thirteen colonies of the United States, and the Southern states of...
cena: 77,10
Arriving in America: Destination the South
 Richard, the Man Behind the Myth Andrea Willers 9781491882115 Authorhouse
When Richard was born, being the youngest son and child of the Duke and Duchess of York, he seemed the most unlikely person to become King. He had learnt at Middleham Castle to be a soldier and a knight, and that is where he first met Anne Neville, later to be his wife. Life had ended abruptly when the Earl of Warwick had fallen out with Edward IV, and Richard was in Edward IV court with its...
cena: 121,57
Richard, the Man Behind the Myth
 How to Get Enrich Out of the Debt Cycle Hennie Reynders 9781491887837 Authorhouse
How to manage money is probably something you need to learn from your parents, the same way they taught you proper manners. Unfortunately, it is often in those early days of one's upbringing that things start going wrong. Parents want to give their children nothing but the best and will go to extremes to give their children what they ask, even if they know this is a waste of money. Having money...
cena: 70,99
How to Get Enrich Out of the Debt Cycle
 The Fatal Delusions of the Society Elliot Ricardo 9781491889206 Authorhouse
Today several ideas and conceptions regarding ancient-traditions in the society are taken as correctly right, and therefore derivates activities considered as granted, however their interpretation and use could be put in debate as we never were told the true and sometimes even the real history was never mentioned. The human reason and trust was betrayed by rulers with the help of religion,...
cena: 92,67
The Fatal Delusions of the Society
 Reality's Enchantments Unveiled and Revealed Austin P. Torney 9781492112297 Createspace
Fully color-illustrated compendium. Contains 1) The New Calendar-Remember 2) The Vault of Everything 3) The End of the Earth 4) The Near Decline of Physics Due to its Undressed Terms 5) To the Depths of the Deep.
cena: 89,66
Reality's Enchantments Unveiled and Revealed
 Be a Hero: A Witness to History Marion a. Stahl 9781492124122 Createspace
A book young ones will not forget. Anita has a beautiful life where playing the piano and music surrounds her. Her family lives in Brno, Czechoslovakia. She is nine years old when her town is invaded by German military forces. She sees her world slowly crumble. As the family is displaced again and again, she tries to come to terms with the horrible years that follow. An orphan at age 15, she is...
cena: 68,97
Be a Hero: A Witness to History
 More Transcendental Science and Religion Tales Austin P. Torney 9781492167877 Createspace
6x9 fully grayscale-illustrated. Contains: 1) Parmenides' Unity in Multiplicity 2) Life Explained? 3) Being Explained 4) How the Allies Won World War II 5) When An Angel Comes to Visit 6) A Taste of Memory 7) The Quick and the Dead-On the Last Mundi 8) The Find of the Rubaiyat Edition called the 'Great Omar' 9) God on Trial 10) The Firefly Tales 11) Shades of the Otherworld 12) Willing the Will...
cena: 68,76
More Transcendental Science and Religion Tales
 Army Support During the Hurricane Katrina Disaster James a. Wombwell 9781492207146 Createspace
Much of the chagrin of the Weather Channel, hurricanes do not strike the United States with great frequency. Since 1951, three hurricanes have, on average, hit the United States every 2 years. Normally, only one of those three is a major hurricane, graded a Category 3 or higher hurricane.
cena: 95,09
Army Support During the Hurricane Katrina Disaster
 New Mexico Waterfall Handbook Doug Scott 9781492240150 Createspace
This book presents more than a couple hundred waterfalls I have found in New Mexico. I have lived in and hiked New Mexico for most of my 63 years. I'm a "Waterfall Lover" and I have published "New Mexico Waterfalls Handbook" to share these sweet waterfalls with you. 188 pages - 6" x 9" with over 160 full-page photos. gps coordinates and brief descriptions appear for each waterfall. However, I do...
cena: 87,78
New Mexico Waterfall Handbook
 Fort Ellis, Montana 1867-1886: A Documentary History Thomas C. Rus 9781492292098 Createspace
Fort Ellis, Montana Territory was established in 1867, three miles east of Bozeman City. For the next 19 years, soldiers at the fort interacted with civilians from the town almost daily. Using military records and newspaper accounts, this book provides a documentary history of the fort and and its role in the development of the Montana frontier.
cena: 68,76
Fort Ellis, Montana 1867-1886: A Documentary History
 El Arte de La Guerra Sun Tzu Ruben Fresneda 9781492314721 Createspace
El Arte de la Guerra es el mejor libro de estrategia de todos los tiempos. Inspiro a Napoleon, Maquiavelo, Mao Tse Tung y muchas mas figuras historicas. Este libro de dos quinientos mil anos de antiguedad, es uno de los mas importantes textos clasicos chinos, en el que, a pesar del tiempo transcurrido, ninguna de sus maximas ha quedado anticuada, ni hay un solo consejo que hoy no sea util. Pero...
cena: 37,64
El Arte de La Guerra
 Fondamenti Di Grammatica Norvegese: La Lingua E La Sua Storia, Fonetica, Morfologia E Sintassi Roberto Pagani 9781492339021 Createspace
La prima grammatica della lingua norvegese edita in italiano. Questo testo e un esperimento per presentare al pubblico italiano uno strumento semplice e accessibile che renda possibile familiarizzare con i concetti di base della grammatica norvegese. E il tentativo di uno studente universitario di risparmiare ai posteri parte dello sforzo necessario ad apprendere la lingua, sforzo che e reso...
cena: 131,66
Fondamenti Di Grammatica Norvegese: La Lingua E La Sua Storia, Fonetica, Morfologia E Sintassi
 True Lies Ron Rosewood 9781492374930 Createspace
Bizarre Romances is a collection of fictionalized stories based on real cases.e.g. Prison Romances between staff and prisoners, Judges falling in love with prostitutes, and similar unnatural occurences.
cena: 48,09
True Lies
 Anita: Step in and Be a Hero Marion A. Stahl Judith Orseck Katz Anita Ron Schorr 9781492393108 Createspace
Award: Montaigne Award Finalist 2015. A memoir by a child survivor of BRNO, Czechoslovakia during 1938-1945. Stahl intends to bring the voice of young Anita to readers. One will hear an intimate portrait of events through the eyes of a young child exposed to war. Book Reviews: Historical Reality for ALL Ages-Well-Written, Moving, Powerful. "As an educational tool, no student should miss Anita's...
cena: 89,87
Anita: Step in and Be a Hero
 Archeologia Forense E Segunda Republica: Esumazione Delle Fosse Comuni Delle Vittime del Franchismo Marcello Peres Enrico Bante 9781492727071 Createspace
Il lavoro qui proposto e il risultato di una impellente necessita dell'autore di conciliare lo sforzo umano, tecnico e scientifico dell'archeologia con quelle che sono le pulsioni attuali della societa e le urgenze culturali e storiche aliene all'ambito accademico su cui la disciplina si e consolidata. La sempre piu frequente applicazione delle metodologie e delle tecniche di indagine...
cena: 110,76
Archeologia Forense E Segunda Republica: Esumazione Delle Fosse Comuni Delle Vittime del Franchismo
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