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 Children and Violence: Politics of Conflict in South Asia Bina D'Costa 9781107117242 Cambridge University Press
Explores the conceptualisation of childhood in South Asia and comments on the shift from welfare to the protection of children's rights in the region.
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-04-2018
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Children and Violence: Politics of Conflict in South Asia
 States in the Developing World Miguel A. Centeno Atul Kohli Deborah J. Yashar 9781316610978 Cambridge University Press
What should states in the developing world do and how should they do it? How have states in the developing world addressed the challenges of promoting development, order, and inclusion? States in the developing world are supposed to build economies, control violence, and include the population. How they do so depends on historical origins and context as well as policy decisions. This volume...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-07-2018
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States in the Developing World
 Neo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives Against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929-1939) Bernhard Dietz   9781472570024 Bloomsbury Academic

The danger to British democracy in the interwar period came from a different source to that which has thus far been assumed. It came from a network of radical conservatives who challenged the political system and sought to replace it with an authoritarian corporate state.

In this book, Bernhard Dietz provides the first systematic analysis of this network and its members, which are...

cena: 437,38
Neo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives Against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929-1939)
 Classical and Quantum Thermal Physics R. Prasad   9781107172883 Cambridge University Press
Covering essential areas of thermal physics, this book includes kinetic theory, classical thermodynamics, and quantum thermodynamics. The text begins by explaining fundamental concepts of the kinetic theory of gases, viscosity, conductivity, diffusion, and the laws of thermodynamics and their applications. It then goes on to discuss applications of thermodynamics to problems of physics and...
cena: 318,64
Classical and Quantum Thermal Physics
The creative act, claims Nicolas Berdyaev, is a prefiguration of the end of the world. To what extent is fiction an exploration of the ultimate ends of humanity - of heaven, hell, death and judgement? And how do modern authors use the literary resources of eschatological imaginings in their storytelling? In this careful yet suggestive study, Greg Clarke explores the eschatological underpinnings...
cena: 538,81
Eschatology, Apocalypse and Modern Fiction: The Future of Patrick White
This title provides a useful how-to guide for practioners in the pharmaceutical industry who are navigating the FDA regulations for new drugs. Its coverage allows the user to develop the documentation needed to support changes before, during, and after the approval process, and provides recommended reporting categories. Topics such as documenting the drug substance, the drug product, analytical...
cena: 295,12
Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls in New Drug Applications
 A Broken World: Letters, Diaries and Memories of the Great War   9780099597797 VINTAGE

A lieutenant writes of digging through bodies that have the consistency of Camembert cheese; a mother sends flower seeds to her son at the Front, hoping that one day someone may see them grow; a nurse tends a man back to health knowing he will be court-martialled and shot as soon as he is fit. In this extraordinarily powerful and diverse selection of diaries, letters and memories, the...

cena: 56,96
A Broken World: Letters, Diaries and Memories of the Great War

Skeletal Variation and Adaptation in Europeans: From the Upper Paleolithic to the Twentieth Century brings together for the first time the results of an unprecedented large-scale investigation of European skeletal remains. The study was conducted over five years by an international research team, and includes more than 2000 skeletons spanning most of the European continent and a...

cena: 345,84
Skeletal Variation and Adaptation in Europeans: Upper Paleolithic to the Twentieth Century

As we question the future of the city, the small town urban form is often seen as a model for the compact, walkable, sustainable neighbourhood. While some see the small town as dying, the ideal and the myth of these places remains an important part of how we think about community and what human settlements should look like. The American small town is portrayed, in popular media as well as in...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 28-02-2018
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cena: 488,09
The New American Small Town

In 2013, the White Paper entitled 'Transforming Rehabilitation' advocated the dismantling of the probation service and the creation of two new entities: a smaller National Probation Service (NPS), which would work with high risk offenders, and larger Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), who would work with medium and low risk offenders. This book offers a detailed analysis of the vast...

cena: 168,54
Public Protection: Critical Theory, Policy and Practice in Probation and Rehabilitation

This volume investigates digital interactions between youth, corporations and pop culture texts and their implications for educators. It provides a comprehensive critique of participatory culture, revealing corporate media's solicitation of young people's creative labor and both groups' exploitation of images and narratives. Exploring the power relations between users and producers, the volume...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 08-12-2017
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cena: 488,09
Politics and Pedagogy of Digital Participation: New Directions for Media Educators

The region of Southeast Europe that includes the Former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo) and Albania is one of the largest routes for undocumented migrants and asylum seekers in Europe and remains a notoriously difficult place to conduct research. Many of the states in this region are in the process of accession to the EU and this process has...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 15-12-2017
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cena: 538,81
Border Policing and Security Technologies: Mobility, Asylum and Gender in Southeast Europe

Oil is the key commodity powering the whole of the current international economic order. Securing unfettered access to oil supplies has become a vital national interest. The struggle to preserve these interests has inevitably played out on the global stage. The past ten years have witnessed the increasing importance of emerging economies to oil production. China has become the world's largest...

cena: 437,38
The International Expansion of Chinese National Oil Companies: Entangled Relations in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

This book discusses the law of laytime and demurrage from a comparative perspective, drawing on UK, US and Norwegian/Scandinavian case law.

Shipping is an international industry and contracts which are used in the chartering of ships are made out in the English language and reflect Anglo-American legal culture in the way they are drafted. Anglo-American legal influence is...

cena: 462,74
Laytime and Demurrage: A Comparative Perspective
Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-03-2018
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cena: 462,74
Translation Studies and Book History: Paradigms of Textual Transmission

This volume is a collection of some of the most influential essays by Jack Levy on the causes of interstate war.

These studies focus on the role of power in the international system, the domestic sources of security policy and war, and the psychology of decision-making. Among the themes uniting all of these studies is that there are patterns in the processes leading to interstate wars, that...

cena: 168,54
Analyzing the Causes of War: Power, Politics and Psychology
'The Carthaginians' reveals the complex culture, society and achievements of a famous, yet misunderstood ancient people. Beginning as Phoenician settlers in North Africa, the Carthaginians then broadened their civilisation with influences from neighbouring North African peoples, Egypt and the Greek world.
Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-04-2018
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cena: 462,74
Carthage: A Biography
 The Cultural Legacy of Maria Zambrano Xon d Daniela Omlor 9781910887202 Legenda
The philosopher Maria Zambrano (1904-1991) is one of the foremost Spanish intellectuals of the twentieth century. A disciple of Ortega y Gasset, she taught at the University of Madrid in the 1930s and joined the Republican diaspora in exile, living in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Paris, Rome and Geneva till her return to Spain in 1984. A heterodox philosopher who conceived her role as that of an...
cena: 537,71
The Cultural Legacy of Maria Zambrano
 E.T.A. Hoffmann's Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination Joanna Neilly 9781909662988 Legenda

The German Romantics were fascinated by the Orient and its potential to inspire poetic creation. E.T.A. Hoffmann was no exception: across the wide range of his work as an author, composer, and music critic, the Orient is a persistent topic. In particular, Hoffmann creatively absorbed the influence of the imagined Orient - its popular European reception - on German literature, music, and...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-05-2018
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E.T.A. Hoffmann's Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination
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