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A how-to guide for designing pure intermetallic materials with targeted properties, The Chemistry and Physics of Intermetallic Materials provides a handy reference for professionals working with intermetallic materials in the electronics, magnetics, structural materials, and coatings industries. The book includes synthetic details, characterization, factors affecting structure, and...
cena: 456,99
The Chemistry and Physics of Intermetallic Materials
Written by Professor Pietro Tundo, an internationally renowned researcher in the field of green and sustainable chemistry and a world-leading authority on the chemistry of dimethyl carbonate (DMC), this book focuses on the chemistry of DMC in a simple, easy, and accessible way suitable for students interested in green chemistry, as well as professors and researchers in the field. It also covers...
cena: 431,53
The Chemistry of Dimethyl Carbonate and Its Derivatives
This title provides a useful how-to guide for practioners in the pharmaceutical industry who are navigating the FDA regulations for new drugs. Its coverage allows the user to develop the documentation needed to support changes before, during, and after the approval process, and provides recommended reporting categories. Topics such as documenting the drug substance, the drug product, analytical...
cena: 296,32
Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls in New Drug Applications

The primary mission of the third edition of Handbook of Food Engineering is to provide the information needed for efficient design and development of processes used in the manufacturing of food products, along with supplying the traditional background on these processes. The new edition focuses on the thermophysical properties of food and the rate constants of change in food...

cena: 912,77
Handbook of Food Engineering, Third Edition

Featuring a practical, unified approach to surface chemical bonding, this book provides the essential concepts, equations, limitations, and parametric values needed to deal with any surface bonding situation that the reader might encounter. It presents various ways of identifying, measuring, and evaluating the parameters of surface complexation models and explores the influence of these...

cena: 719,25
Surface Complexation Modeling and Real World Systems
Planowany termin premiery książki: 15-03-2018
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cena: 332,17
Introduction to Electrochemical Principles
Written by an international authority on polymer science, this textbook emphasizes the integration of fundamental principles and practical applications, striking a balance between basic understanding and advanced developments. Introduction of basic principles of polymer chemistry, physical properties and polymer surfaces move on to more advanced topics, including the continued evolution of...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 06-05-2018
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cena: 653,05
Polymeric Dispersants: Principals, and Industrial Applications

A growing interest in organocatalysts, catalytic reactions employing entirely organic catalysts, has made organocatalysis indispensable. However, there can be a misconception that organocatalysts are based only on nitrogen-containing functional groups and are useful only for asymmetric reactions. This book shows that the umbrella of organocatalysis covers other main group elements besides...

cena: 623,76
Non-Nitrogenous Organocatalysis
Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulation presents the basics of computational chemistry and molecular simulation methods in an easey-to-understand manner. From Bohr's studies of the atom to quantum wave mechanics, the book presents the many significant historical events in the field. Chapters discuss the functional methods related to these developments. In addition, the same...
cena: 275,95
Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulation
 SAT Subject Test Chemistry Kaplan 9781506209203 Kaplan Publishing
Essential strategies, practice, and review to ace the SAT Subject Test Chemistry
Getting into a top college has never been more difficult. Students need to distinguish themselves from the crowd, and scoring well on an SAT Subject Test gives students a competitive edge. Kaplan's SAT Subject Test Chemistry is the most up-to-date guide on the market with complete coverage of both...
cena: 86,27
SAT Subject Test Chemistry
The UK Catalysis Hub is a consortium of universities working together on fundamental and applied research to find out how catalysts work and to improve their effectiveness. The contribution of catalysis to manufacturing contributes to almost 40% of global GDP, making development and innovation within the field integral to industry.Modern Developments in Catalysis provides a review of current...
cena: 621,22
Modern Developments in Catalysis
 Molecular Physical Chemistry: A Computer-Based Approach Using Mathematica(r) and Gaussian Jose J. C. Teixeira-Dias 9783319410920 Springer
This is the physical chemistry textbook for students with an affinity for computers It offers basic and advanced knowledge for students in the second year of chemistry masters studies and beyond. In seven chapters, the book presents thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, quantum mechanics and molecular structure (including an introduction to quantum chemical calculations), molecular symmetry...
cena: 387,36
Molecular Physical Chemistry: A Computer-Based Approach Using Mathematica(r) and Gaussian
This guide contains questions and activities that are designed to get students to consider the underlying concepts involved in understanding chemistry through inquiry learning.
cena: 191,97
Inquiry Based Learning Guide for Zumdahl/Zumdahl's General Chemistry, 10th
 Taste and Smell Dietmar Krautwurst 9783319489254 Springer
cena: 858,12
Taste and Smell
 Process Modeling and Simulation for Chemical Engineers Upreti, Simant R. 9781118914687 John Wiley & Sons

This book provides a rigorous treatment of the fundamental concepts and techniques involved in process modeling and simulation. The book allows the reader to:

(i) Get a solid grasp of -under-the-hood- mathematical results

(ii) Develop models of sophisticated processes

(iii) Transform models to different geometries and domains as appropriate

(iv) Utilize various...

cena: 418,79
Process Modeling and Simulation for Chemical Engineers
 What Works in Child Protection Dixon, Louise; Craig, Leam A.; Perkins, Daniel F. 9781118976173 John Wiley & Sons
This handbook provides an evidence-based approach to child protection-related work, and the provision of assessment and intervention services in order to maximize child well-being. It provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary research and practice that informs theory, assessment, service provision, rehabilitation and therapeutic interventions for children and families undergoing care...
cena: 690,73
What Works in Child Protection
 The Chemistry of Plants and Insects: Plants, Bugs, and Molecules Margareta Sequin 9781782624486 Royal Society of Chemistry
Have you ever wondered how plants attract certain insects, or how insects communicate with each other? This book explains the natural chemical compounds that determine the fascinating interactions between plants and insects providing a gentle and absorbing introduction to organic chemistry that is highly relevant to everyday life and to the natural world.
Specific organic compounds and...
cena: 220,48
The Chemistry of Plants and Insects: Plants, Bugs, and Molecules
 Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology Hatsuo Ishida Pablo Froimowicz 9780128041703 Elsevier

Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology introduces advanced topics of benzoxazine resins and polybenzoxazines as presented through the collaboration of leading experts in the benzoxazine community, representing the authoritative introduction to the subjects. Broad topics covered include the recent development and improved understanding of the subjects, including low...

cena: 1966,55
Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology
 Sonochemistry: From Basic Principles to Innovative Applications Juan Carlos Colmenares Gregory Chatel 9783319542706 Springer

The series Topics in Current Chemistry Collections presents critical reviews from the journal Topics in Current Chemistry organized in topical volumes. The scope of coverage is all areas of chemical science including the interfaces with related disciplines such as biology, medicine and materials science. The goal of each thematic volume is to give the non-specialist reader,...

cena: 1167,53
Sonochemistry: From Basic Principles to Innovative Applications
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