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Kultura. Etnografia

 The Cultural Legacy of Maria Zambrano Xon d Daniela Omlor 9781910887202 Legenda
The philosopher Maria Zambrano (1904-1991) is one of the foremost Spanish intellectuals of the twentieth century. A disciple of Ortega y Gasset, she taught at the University of Madrid in the 1930s and joined the Republican diaspora in exile, living in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Paris, Rome and Geneva till her return to Spain in 1984. A heterodox philosopher who conceived her role as that of an...
cena: 537,71
The Cultural Legacy of Maria Zambrano
 E.T.A. Hoffmann's Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination Joanna Neilly 9781909662988 Legenda

The German Romantics were fascinated by the Orient and its potential to inspire poetic creation. E.T.A. Hoffmann was no exception: across the wide range of his work as an author, composer, and music critic, the Orient is a persistent topic. In particular, Hoffmann creatively absorbed the influence of the imagined Orient - its popular European reception - on German literature, music, and...

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E.T.A. Hoffmann's Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination
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cena: 201,65
A Revolution in the Name of Tradition: Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Schools
 Transitioning: Matter, Gender, Thought Elena Gonzalez-Polledo 9781783488452 Rowman & Littlefield International
This book is an anthropological analysis of female-to-male gender transition in the UK. The book counters assumptions around identity, the body and gender to explore transitioning as an open-ended process that often defies political and social conventions. It will be relevant to students and scholars interested in gender and subjectivity, biomedicine, the body, sexuality, social theory,...
cena: 135,86
Transitioning: Matter, Gender, Thought
 Makrookonomie Der Medienwirtschaft Thomas Dreiskamper 9783668400535 Grin Verlag
Fachbuch aus dem Jahr 2017 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation - Medienokonomie, -management, Hochschule Fresenius Dusseldorf (Wirtschaft und Medien), Veranstaltung: Medienokonomie, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese Studienbegleitpublikation bezieht sich in seinen erklarenden und vertiefenden Ausfuhrungen auf grundsatzliche Forschungsfelder und Erkenntnisinteressen der Medienokonomie. Die...
cena: 240,58
Makrookonomie Der Medienwirtschaft
 China Culture: More Than Chop Sticks MR Charles Allen Angie Pro-Ebookcovers 9781544675602 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The assumption is that you are scheduling a short trip to China to see certain points of interest, such as the Great Wall, The Terracotta Army or Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Perhaps you are starting your journey to becoming an aspiring photographer or meeting a proposed future girlfriend. Your trip may last one to two weeks, or you may extend it, depending on what other venues you plan to visit...
cena: 38,63
China Culture: More Than Chop Sticks
 Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information Lindsey A. Freeman Benjamin Nienass Rachel Daniell 9781785333552 Berghahn Books

In an age of information and new media the relationships between remembering and forgetting have changed. This volume addresses the tension between loud and often spectacular histories and those forgotten pasts we strain to hear. Employing social and cultural analysis, the essays within examine mnemonic technologies both new and old, and cover subjects as diverse as U.S. internment camps for...

cena: 185,42
Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information
 Flucht Aus Gambia Ingrid Meiler 9783743173743 Books on Demand
Lamin erzahlt, was er auf seiner uber 4 Jahre dauernden Flucht von Gambia nach Deutschland erlebte. Oftmals dem Tod nahe uberlebte er nur durch gluckliche Umstande. Ingrid Meiler beschreibt seine Erlebnisse eindrucksvoll und mit viel Einfuhlungsvermogen. Besonders interessant ist seine Zeit in Libyen wahrend der kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen - ein Zeugnis neuerer Geschichte.
cena: 46,36
Flucht Aus Gambia
 Von Der Wochenschau Zur Tagesschau Rainer Schonauer 9783640155934 Grin Verlag
cena: 50,40
Von Der Wochenschau Zur Tagesschau
 Tales of the Irish Hedgerows  Locke, Tony 9781845889302
A collection of tales and folklore centred on the flora and fauna of the Irish hedgerow. These are atmospheric stories, interweaving fact and fiction, written by a professional storyteller.
cena: 80,43
Tales of the Irish Hedgerows
 Crumpled Paper Boat: Experiments in Ethnographic Writing Anand Pandian Stuart McLean 9780822363293 Duke University Press
Crumpled Paper Boat is a book of experimental ventures in ethnographic writing, an exploration of the possibilities of a literary anthropology. These original essays from notable writers in the field blur the boundaries between ethnography and genres such as poetry, fiction, memoir, and cinema. They address topics as diverse as ritual expression in Cuba and madness in a Moroccan city, the...
cena: 467,32
Crumpled Paper Boat: Experiments in Ethnographic Writing
 de Colores Means All of Us: Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century Elizabeth Martinez 9781786631176 Verso
A radical Latina perspective on race, liberation, and identity

Elizabeth Martinez's unique Chicana voice arises from over thirty years of experience in the movements for civil rights, women's liberation, and Latina/o empowerment. In De Colores Means All of Us, Martinez presents a radical Latina perspective on race, liberation, and identity. In these essays, Martinez describes...

cena: 72,71
de Colores Means All of Us: Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century
 Methods and Tools for Creative Competitive Intelligence St?phane Goria 9781786301635 Wiley-Iste

"Creative competitive intelligence" is an information-seeking and monitoring activity of an information environment for the purpose of creativity and innovation. It involves the process leading up to the development of an informational supply adapted to the inspiration of creative or innovative personnel.

This dynamic aims for the recognition of novelties (ideas, products,...

cena: 625,37
Methods and Tools for Creative Competitive Intelligence
 China in Symbolic Communication Sui Yan 9781138089112 Routledge
cena: 726,37
China in Symbolic Communication
In The Mediterranean Incarnate, anthropologist Naor Ben-Yehoyada takes us aboard the Naumachos for a thirty-seven-day voyage in the fishing grounds between Sicily and Tunisia. He also takes us on a historical exploration of the past eighty years to show how the Mediterranean has reemerged as a modern transnational region. From Sicilian poaching in North African territory to the...
cena: 545,79
The Mediterranean Incarnate: Region Formation Between Sicily and Tunisia Since World War II
 Schuld Und Krise: Bonuszahlungen Und Verantwortung in Mediendarstellungen Der Finanzkrise Jan Krasni 9783658181505 Springer vs

Jan Krasni untersucht die gangigen Antworten auf die Frage nach der 'Schuld' an der Finanzkrise von 2008. Er beleuchtet die Konstruktion entsprechender Erklarungs-, Argumentations- und Erinnerungsmuster aus mediensemiotischer und diskursanalytischer Perspektive. Anhand von Darstellungen ausgewahlter deutscher Nachrichtenportale wird die ideologische Pragung des Finanzmarkt-Diskurses in...

cena: 218,22
Schuld Und Krise: Bonuszahlungen Und Verantwortung in Mediendarstellungen Der Finanzkrise
 Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right Angela Nagle 9781785355431 Zero Books
Recent years have seen a revival of the heated culture wars of the 1990s, but this time its battle ground is the internet. On one side the alt right ranges from the once obscure neo-reactionary and white separatist movements, to geeky subcultures like 4chan, to more mainstream manifestations such as the Trump-supporting gay libertarian Milo Yiannopolous. On the other side, a culture of struggle...
cena: 55,70
Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right
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