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 Jellyfish Christina Leaf 9781618912664 Blastoff! Readers
cena: 34,59
 A Girl of the Klondike Victoria Cross 9781374986756 Pinnacle Press
cena: 130,12
A Girl of the Klondike
 Day of the Trolls  Butlin, Ron 9781780274614 The Trolls Series
This new take on trolls will appeal to children aged 3-7 with its funny and imaginative rhymes and full-colour illustrations
cena: 41,23
Day of the Trolls
 Children's Book: An Amazing Animal Picture Book about Alligator for Kids Elena Fabio 9781542458252 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Children's Book: An Amazing Animal Picture Book about Alligator for Kids
cena: 46,73
Children's Book: An Amazing Animal Picture Book about Alligator for Kids
 Meet the Artist: David Hockney  Blake, Rose 9781849764469
A fun, creative and engaging introduction to the work of one of Britain's most exciting artists. With bold, colourful and playful illustrations by Rose Blake, Meet David Hockney is packed with make-and-dos and inspiring activities for young budding artists
cena: 41,23
Meet the Artist: David Hockney
 Szlaczki mazaczki Bajkowe postacie 0 9788380593640 SBM
Szlaczki mazaczki. Pojazdy oraz Szlaczki mazaczki. Bajkowe postacie to kolorowe książeczki, dzięki którym dzieci będą mogły nauczyć się trudnej sztuki rysowania szlaczków. Znajdujące się w książkach barwne ilustracje z pewnością umilą zabawę! W książeczce pisz specjalnym, ścieralnym mazakiem. Dzięki temu będziesz mógł wielokrotnie ją wykorzystać. Kiedy się pomylisz...
Szlaczki mazaczki Bajkowe postacie
 Hide and Seek! Take a Peek! Seek & Find Activity Book Jupiter Kids   9781683268697 Jupiter Kids
Can you solve all the hidden picture puzzles without peeking at the answer page? That would be a challenge you might be willing to take After all, playing hidden pictures is fun and very educational. It encourages visual discrimination, which is the ability to identify and appreciate the differences and similarities of images. Grab a copy today
cena: 46,01
Hide and Seek! Take a Peek! Seek & Find Activity Book
 Die Freunde Der Sreharen Helmut Rehbock 9783743909755 Tredition Gmbh
Die Geschwister Markus (12) und Lisa (9) wohnen in einem Dorf auf dem 'Donn', einer suddeutschen Hugelkette. Dort taucht eines Tages aus einer Rohre im Rasen ein sprechender Hase auf, macht Lisa Vorwurfe und verschwindet wieder im Boden mit ihrer Armbanduhr. Die Kinder schaffen es, einen Zugang zur unterirdischen Siedlung der Hasen zu finden und in die Hohlenstadt 'Dreihasen' zu gelangen. Dort...
cena: 160,00
Die Freunde Der Sreharen
 Life Intrudes K. C. Sprayberry 9781625265715 Solstice Publishing
cena: 66,95
Life Intrudes
 Edison's Overnight Bag Meghan Colvin Cole Roberts 9780998136608 Meghan Egloff
cena: 40,94
Edison's Overnight Bag
 Everyday Super Hero Activity & Coloring Book Sara Zuboff 9781387007592 Lulu.com
Inspire the inner super hero in your kids with this interactive activity and coloring book. From Albert Einstein to Serena Williams, we explore what makes a super hero and help your child discover their own super hero strengths with targeted writing and mind/body activities.
cena: 52,15
Everyday Super Hero Activity & Coloring Book
 Editing Emma Online You Can Choose Who You Want to be. If Only Real Life Were So Easy... Seager, Chloe 9780008220976
`According to Netflix, this is NOT how my teenage life is supposed to look.'
cena: 46,23
Editing Emma Online You Can Choose Who You Want to be. If Only Real Life Were So Easy...
 Amazing Pictures and Facts about Armadillos: The Most Amazing Fact Book for Kids about Armadillos Mina Kelly 9781542471084 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Kid's U Presents...the Armadillos - Amazing Pictures and Facts about Armadillos. Have your children ever wondered what an armadillo looks like? Where do they live? What do they eat? Do armadillos have a hard shell?

In this book you will explore the wonderful world of armadillos, finding the answers to these questions and so many more. Complete with incredible pictures to keep even the youngest...

cena: 54,81
Amazing Pictures and Facts about Armadillos: The Most Amazing Fact Book for Kids about Armadillos
 Christopher's Garden  Beskow, Elsa 9781782503491

Christopher often plays on his own in his garden...until one day, he discovers a whole new world A strange boy called September takes him on a hunt for a lost ball, meeting lots of folk along the way: the playful gooseberry boys, Mrs. Bramley Apple, the strawberry families, Mr. Scarecrow, and many more.

Christopher learns all about the different fruits, berries, and vegetables growing...

cena: 61,23
Christopher's Garden
 Kids' Book of Crosswords  Moore, Gareth, B.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 9781780554419
Portable, addictive and satisfying, The Kids' Book of Wordsearches: Red Edition will provide children with hours of fun and help develop their vocabularies.
cena: 26,24
Kids' Book of Crosswords
 Babies in the Forest Lift a Flap Ginger Swift 9781680521887 Cottage Door Press
cena: 37,09
Babies in the Forest Lift a Flap
 The Angel Pillow Renee Garrot Catherine Lapointe 9780998606040 Lexingford Publishing
THE ANGEL PILLOW is a charming, magical story about an adopted child who takes a very special and comforting dream-journey to the Land of Sleep and Dreams. Her "angel" pillow--which every child seems to have--was left for her by Rose, a special woman, now departed, but held in dear memory by the family. The book is beautifully and creatively illustrated by Catherine LaPointe Vollmer.
cena: 87,02
The Angel Pillow
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