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 Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World Janet Sternburg Pepe Karmel Catherine Opie 9783954761333 Distanz
Can a still photograph embody living perception? Can it contain its abundance? Can photography, which is not a time-based medium, render ongoing flow? Can it do justice to this notion of an over-spilling world? To these questions, photographer Janet Sternburg (b. Boston, 1943; lives and works in Los Angeles and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), a writer and philosopher as well as a photographer,...
cena: 162,77
Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World
 Ricardo Martin Chema Conesa Juantxo Egana 9788416248520 La Fabrica Dap
Basque photographer Ricardo Martin (1882-1936) captured his home city San Sebastian in the midst of the Belle Epoque, snapping portraits of Sorolla, Chaplin, Azorin, Unamuno and Pio Baroja, among others. This publication includes his sports-related work as well as photographs from the Hispano-Moroccan war.
cena: 90,31
Ricardo Martin
 How to Start a Photography Business Tracy Dorr 9781682031285 Amherst Media
Ready to turn your passion for photography into a viable business and profit while doing what you love? In this book, award-winning portrait and wedding photographer Tracy Dorr (from Williamsville, NY) shows you how to visualize your perfect business and execute the necessary steps, one at a time, to reach your every goal.
You ll learn how to choose a specialty that suits you and gain...
cena: 158,12
How to Start a Photography Business
 Bernard Plossu: Western Colors Max Evans Francis Hodgson Bernard Plossu 9780500544679 Thames & Hudson

Bernard Plossu has been called "the most American of French photographers" by his friend and colleague Lewis Baltz. Although he is best known for his work in black and white, often capturing a bohemian world of free-spirited adventure, Plossu has also shot in color throughout his career.

This book showcases 88 bold and cinematic color photographs, many of which are previously...

cena: 184,29
Bernard Plossu: Western Colors
 Live Burls: Poaching the Redwoods Kirk Crippens Gretchen LeMaistre 9789053308813 Schilt Publishing
"A grove of giant redwoods or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great or beautiful cathedral." - Theodore Roosevelt In 2013, an alarming number of Redwood National Park redwood trees were shorn of their knobby protrusions, called burls. The trees were disfigured by thieves aiming to sell the distinctive burl wood on the black market. One team was bold enough to fell an entire tree for its...
cena: 184,54
Live Burls: Poaching the Redwoods
 Welcome to My Secret Place: Poems for Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment and Revelation Morris L. Walton 9780984668106 Blurb
A book of poetry that is meant to invoke enlightening thoughts and sharing discussions and/or communications among all cultures of mankind.
cena: 314,34
Welcome to My Secret Place: Poems for Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment and Revelation
 Underwater Mark Campbell 9781682031926 Amherst Media
Every professional photographer finds him or herself in a bit of a creative rut at some point in their career.
In this unique book, award-winning photographer and digital artist Mark Campbell (Wheeling, WV) shares with readers images that represent a three-year journey of creative self-discovery aimed at creating portraits that break the mold.
Campbell shows how he came up with four...
cena: 126,12
 Harper's Bazaar: 150 Years: The Greatest Moments Glenda Bailey 9781419723940 ABRAMS
America's first fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar has showcased the visions of legendary editors, photographers, and stylists and featured the works of noted writers since 1867. From its beginnings as a broadsheet aimed at the rising leisure class, the publication has since transformed into a magazine devoted to examining the lives of women through the lens of fashion. In celebration of...
cena: 210,00
Harper's Bazaar: 150 Years: The Greatest Moments
 Princeton Car Show Volume One Christina Sather 9781367356061 Blurb
Classic car show lovers will want this book; A reasonably priced 8X10 inch adult art coloring book with 36 full page images of car show related drawings. Get ready to spend lots of time admiring the cars that you love. Images are printed on a quality b&w standard matte finish paper with in a flexible paperback color stock cover without flaps. Each full page illustration has the Nordic Granny mark...
cena: 72,19
Princeton Car Show Volume One
 Impossible Is Nothing: China's Theater of Consumerism Priscilla Briggs Rob Schmitz Susannah Magers 9781942084334 Daylight Books

During a decade of rapid economic growth, American photographer Priscilla Briggs traveled along the eastern seaboard of China. Impossible is Nothing explores various facets of Chinese society within the context of Communism that engages in -Capitalism with Chinese characteristics.- These photographs examine constructed realities within China relating to luxury and status, with the West...

cena: 186,32
Impossible Is Nothing: China's Theater of Consumerism
 Albrecht Kunkel: Quest Albrecht Kunkel 9783903131552 Verlag F'Ur Moderne Kunst
Quest is the first monograph on German photographer Albert Kunkel (1968-2009), whose work concentrates on landscapes and rooms of historic, cultic or social significance. With a focus on cultural practices and procedures, Kunkel's images explore collective memory and the construction of history.
cena: 174,32
Albrecht Kunkel: Quest
 Maurizio Galimberti Maurizio Galimberti 9788836633708 Silvana Editoriale
This first collection of mosaic-style portraits by Mauruzio Galimberti (born 1956), spanning the past 30 years, includes a diverse range of sitters, from Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet to Peter Greenaway, Julian Schnabel, Chuck Close, Daniel Spoerri and Mimmo Rotella.
cena: 258,33
Maurizio Galimberti
 Looking Back The Changing Faces of Ireland Luke, Eric 9781847178657
Irish Times photographer Eric Luke has captured the essence of Irish life over the past forty years, with stunning and thought provoking images of the people of Ireland.
cena: 108,10
Looking Back The Changing Faces of Ireland
 A Beautiful Hesitation Fiona Pardington 9781776560547 Victoria University Press
cena: 246,29
A Beautiful Hesitation
 Lolita: Style Icon, the Myth of Youth Fashion Giulia Pivetta 9788866483472 Ore Cultura Srl (Acc)
The history and evolution of one of the most celebrated female archetypes: Lolita. She incarnates the ancient myth of youth, that undeniable cult of our era, which continues to hold sway over millions of women around the world.
cena: 123,18
Lolita: Style Icon, the Myth of Youth Fashion
 Smoke Over Oklahoma: The Railroad Photographs of Preston George Augustus J. Veenendaal 9780806155685 University of Oklahoma Press

Oklahoma was in the throes of the Great Depression when Preston George acquired a cheap Kodak folding camera and took his first photographs of steam locomotives. As depression gave way to world war, George kept taking pictures, now with a Graflex camera that could capture moving trains. In this first book devoted solely to George s work, his black-and-white photographs constitute a striking...
cena: 126,12
Smoke Over Oklahoma: The Railroad Photographs of Preston George
 The Last Days of Summer: The Photographs of Akila Berjaoui Akila Berjaoui 9783791382180 Prestel Publishing
In this book, photographer Akila Berjaoui shows how her love for the beach is inextricably linked with her artistic vision. Akila Berjaoui s incredibly sensual photographs often feature sand, sun, water or a combination of all three. In her first book, this highly sought-after fashion photographer, armed with her favorite old analogue cameras, takes us to breathtaking seaside locations, from her...
cena: 184,54
The Last Days of Summer: The Photographs of Akila Berjaoui
 Peter Lindbergh & Garry Winogrand: Women Peter Lindbergh Garry Winogrand 9783960980261 Koenig Books
Women presents more than 60 works by two world-famous photographers: Peter Lindbergh and Garry Winogrand. A meditation on American street photography, it juxtaposes the classic black-and-white series Women Are Beautiful by New York photographer Garry Winogrand (born 1928), first published in 1975, alongside On Street, partially unpublished black-and-white portraits of a model by...
cena: 188,81
Peter Lindbergh & Garry Winogrand: Women
 Eighteen Blessed Detours James L. Carte 9780998060316 Woodson Knowles Publishing Group

James L. Cartee III offers readers another peek through his photo lens and into his heartfelt thoughts - this time as a displaced person. After moving from familiar surroundings and the network of support he had grown used to, the author finds himself struggling to orient himself in his new world. A delicate psyche can make adjusting to anything new a bit of a struggle but Cartee uses...

cena: 56,88
Eighteen Blessed Detours
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