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 Global Perspectives on Cyber Security Amos N. Guiora 9781138033290 CRC Press

This book examines the legal and policy aspects of cyber-security.

It takes a much needed look at cyber-security from a geopolitical perspective. Through this lens, it seeks to broaden the reader's understanding of the legal and political considerations of individuals, corporations, law enforcement and regulatory bodies and management of the complex relationships between them. In...

cena: 174,16
Global Perspectives on Cyber Security
 Computational Frameworks: Systems, Models and Applications Mamadou Kaba Traore 9781785482564 Iste Press - Elsevier

Computational Frameworks: Systems, Models and Applications provides an overview of advanced perspectives that bridges the gap between frontline research and practical efforts. It is unique in showing the interdisciplinary nature of this area and the way in which it interacts with emerging technologies and techniques. As computational systems are a dominating part of daily lives and a...

cena: 254,24
Computational Frameworks: Systems, Models and Applications
"With his YouTube channel, Mitch's VR Lab, Mitch has helped thousands of people understand the foundations of locomotion and interaction mechanics with clear and concise UE4 videos. I'm thrilled that he has taken the time to bring all his knowledge and experience in working with Unreal Engine and Virtual Reality to the Unreal(R) Engine VR Cookbook.... Mitch is uniquely qualified to share this...
cena: 123,15
 McSa Cloud Infrastructure Lab Guide: 70-534 Exam: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Harinder Kohli 9781544160627 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Azure provides Virtual Datacenter in the Cloud. You can scale up or scale down resources in your Virtual Datacenter on demand. In Azure cloud you get managed resources which don't require skilled manpower for deployment. You pay for what you use. Where as on premises Datacenter require lot of skilled resources, time and money for deployment and management. MCSA Cloud Infrastructure Lab Guide for...
cena: 81,27
McSa Cloud Infrastructure Lab Guide: 70-534 Exam: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
 Corel Painter Keyboard Shortcuts U. C. Books 9781544038698 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Make your creativity visible to the world through this painting program. Corel Painter gives users the opportunity to bring out the pictures in their mind and make them more beautiful beyond their expectation. The question every Corel Painter user should ask is "am I gaining from this program, am I doing it well, or is there anything I am missing?" It is really amazing how people keep doing...
cena: 45,81
Corel Painter Keyboard Shortcuts
 Google Home 2017: An Easy Guide to the Features Gack Davodson 9781543228496 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Google Home is a connected home accessory that can control gadgets in the home, play music and provides answers from Google Search. The device is a smart-home speaker that is voice- activated and connects to the internet; it uses Al- powered Google Assistant (that is artificial intelligence) which is able to provide more than the average response seen in its competitor. In addition, Google Home...
cena: 47,93
Google Home 2017: An Easy Guide to the Features

Learn how to program JavaScript while creating interactive audio applications with JavaScript for Sound Artists: Learn to Code With the Web Audio API William Turner and Steve Leonard showcase the basics of JavaScript language programing so that readers can learn how to build browser based audio applications, such as music synthesizers and drum machines. The companion website...

cena: 481,98
JavaScript for Sound Artists: Learn to Code with the Web Audio API
 A Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms in English and Mandarin Chinese: Traditional Script John C. Rigdon 9781543211948 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
2017 Edition This dictionary will be indispensable for any international business doing business in China and other countries where Chinese is spoken. It contains more than 2000 words and acronyms relating to computer science, computer programming, the Internet and related technologies. These are the most commonly used terms for computers and the Internet and acronyms in Mandarin Chinese and...
cena: 193,84
A Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms in English and Mandarin Chinese: Traditional Script
ilość książek w kategorii: 116196