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 Reckless Daughter Barney Hoskyns 9781472124302 Constable & Robinson
An anthology of the most incisive commentary on the extraordinary career of recording artist Joni Mitchell.
cena: 108,15
Reckless Daughter
 Great Ordeal R Scott Bakker 9781841498317 ORBIT
The highly anticipated new novel in R. Scott Bakker's acclaimed Aspect-Emperor series
cena: 82,64
Great Ordeal
cena: 342,41
Fundamentals of Digital Image Watermarking
cena: 342,41
Practical Image Processing and Computer Vision
* The text provides a primer of the fundamentals in part one, andthen shows how the fundamentals are applied in parts two andthree. * The text goes into the clinical connections associated withImmunology.
cena: 897,44
 The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care Felicity Biggart 9781785921735 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Written by the late Pat Pilkington, the co-founder of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care, this book shares 30 years' experience of working holistically for those with cancer. This deeply spiritual work aims to show how we can all find life's meaning and purpose, and come to a true and lasting sense of peace and fulfilment.
cena: 66,11
The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care

Focusing on what you need to know for the classroom, Grammar Survival provides you with the essential knowledge and the tools you ll need to teach grammar effectively. This third edition has been updated to reflect the revised national curriculum for English, and includes over forty separate grammar topics as well as teaching hints and ideas for the classroom and practical suggestions for...

cena: 464,63
Grammar Survival: A Teacher's Toolkit
 Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research Kerry Taylor-Leech Donna Starks  9781138852686 Taylor and Francis

Doing Research within Communities provides an invaluable resource for early career researchers and graduate students new to researching within communities.

Providing practical guidance and support for engaging with a community as a research site, it covers both theoretical and practical issues. Through personal stories of field research, it offers advice and guidance through example rather...

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Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research
 Aeroplanes and Helicopters Jon Richards 9781445150253 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
Have you ever wondered what made human beings think they could take to the skies? Starting with Icarus and his wax and feather wings and Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machine and primitive helicopter know as the Aerial Screw, It'll Never Work: Aeroplanes and Helicopters explores the history of flying machines, the successes and failures that have led to the comforts of modern passenger flight...
cena: 72,45
Aeroplanes and Helicopters
 Mining Law and Governance: Sustainable Development in Context Elizabeth Bastida 9781849463454 Hart Publishing
Legal regimes for mining are experiencing enormous changes in the context of globalisation and against a backdrop of widespread expectation that mining should minimise its sustainability footprint and contribute to broad-based development. Traditionally the focus of legal regimes for mining was on defining property rights to facilitate extraction; today, by contrast, the key challenge is to...
cena: 260,93
Mining Law and Governance: Sustainable Development in Context
 Mortimer's Picnic Nick Ward 9781909991279 Troika Books
Mortimer is going to have a picnic with his best friend, Oggy. He's very excited Then Mortimer gets a letter--poor Oggy has a bad cold and can't come. Kind Mortimer takes the picnic to Oggy instead. But it's a journey--a hungry crocodile, a wolf and a troll all want to eat the picnic AND Mortimer
cena: 41,90
Mortimer's Picnic
 Little Guide to Gardening Jo Elworthy 9780957490727 Random House Children's Books

A garden can be anywhere--in pots, on a balcony, an allotment or a garden at home or school--and this is the perfect book to get you started Packed full of simple gardening tips, interesting information, recipes and gorgeous botanically-accurate illustrations, this book will help you learn how to plant, nurture and even eat the things you grow

cena: 52,08
Little Guide to Gardening
 Rainforests Clare Hibbert 9781445150116 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
Wander through wild rainforests and discover facts about who and what lives there, then become a word wizard and dazzle everyone with your newfound knowledge.

Write On is a high interest information series with a difference, designed to help the newly independent reader become a confident writer. Eye-catching photos and accessible text help build knowledge and the varied design includes easy...

cena: 72,45
 Mezza Italiana Zoe Boccabella 9780733329548 HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS
Zoe Boccabella knew if you wanted to fit in, you did not bottle tomatoes, have plastic on the hallway carpet or a glory box of Italian linens. Though she tried to be like 'everyone else', Zoe couldn't shake the unsettling sense of feeling 'half-and-half'. Then she travels to her family's ancestral village of Fossa in Abruzzo.
cena: 82,64
Mezza Italiana
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