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 The World of Chub Chub Neil Gibson Ness 9780992752361 T Pub
The World of Chub Chub follows the rollicking childhood antics of writer, Neil Gibson. Originally intended as a heartfelt gift to his mother, Chub Chub turned into a series of playful tales all about being a kid. From firsts sips of coffee to pranks played on unwilling siblings, Gibson, with illustrations by Ness and colours by Jan Wijngaard, has created a selection of short stories that are just...
cena: 77,54
The World of Chub Chub
 Cardfight!! Vanguard, Volume 7 Akira Itou 9781941220146 Vertical
cena: 50,11
Cardfight!! Vanguard, Volume 7
 Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 1 Ryo Maruyu Mamenosuke Fujimaru 9781626924208 Seven Seas

From the fan-favorite creator of the bestselling Alice in the Country of Clover series comes an all-new story of adventure and romance based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Captive Hearts of Oz is the newest manga series by New York Times bestselling creator Mamenosuke Fujimaru, known for her prolific work on the...

cena: 62,27
Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 1
Serizawa is a twentysomething working at a divorce attorney's office. Walking home from work one day, he gets into an accident, and a woman carries him to an ambulance. Later, at the hospital, still bleary, he receives a phone call from the woman who saved his life. This person knows intimate details about him... but he's not sure who it is. Serizawa's gentle personality has drawn lots of girls...
cena: 50,26
Forget Me Not 7
 Chiro Volume 6: The Star Project Hyekyung Baek 9781600099670 NETCOMICS
"Just once, I wanna live my life like a shining flame."

Chankyung begs former pop superstar Bloody Q to train him in the art of singing. Unfortunately, vicious loan sharks are after Bloody Q. Singing lessons may cost Chankyung more than money. They may cost him his life. Meanwhile, Chiro fends off the lusty advances of Ami while struggling to keep up with Inan's brutal performance schedule....

cena: 54,26
Chiro Volume 6: The Star Project
 Damsels Volume 1 Leah Moore John Reppion Aneke 9781524102036 Dynamite Entertainment
Once upon a time, the princesses of classic fairy tales banded together to save their kingdoms from war Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest...
cena: 86,27
Damsels Volume 1
 Deadpool and the Secret Defenders Tom Brevoort Mike Kanterovich Gerald Decaire 9781302904173 Marvel Comics
The Merc With A Mouth joins the non-team without a known line-up But can a talkative guy like Wade Wilson keep things hushhush? Following Deadpool through the ever-rotating door of the Secret Defenders are the Heroes for Hire and a future Guardian
of the Galaxy Luke Cage is among the fi rst recruits for new leader Doctor Druid, taking on the malevolent Malachi But will he and Deadpool dig...
cena: 126,27
Deadpool and the Secret Defenders
 Fire Force 3 Atsushi Ohkubo 9781632363787 Kodansha Comics

Captain Princess Hibana is hiding secrets about the origins of spontaneous human combustion, and it's Company 8's job to expose them Shinra and the team head to Company 5 to learn the truth and to rescue Sister Iris, who has fallen into Hibana's clutches. Can Shinra defeat the princess and prove that heroes really do exist?
From the creator of Soul...
cena: 50,26
Fire Force 3
 The Astonishing Ant-Man Vol. 3 Nick Spencer Ramon Rosanas 9780785199526 Marvel Comics
Scott's in jail, but that doesn't mean he won't be asked to choose a side. Whichever side puts the most money in his commissary account wins.


cena: 70,27
The Astonishing Ant-Man Vol. 3
 New Mutants Epic Collection: Renewal Chris Claremont Bill Mantlo Bob McLeod 9781302903657 Marvel Comics
Meet the future of the X-Men Karma. Wolfsbane. Sunspot. Cannonball. Moonstar. They're teenagers, thrown together by the X-gene that makes them diff erent. Follow the adventures of these young mutants from Karma's first meeting with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, to their early days at the Xavier School The New Mutants' on-the-job training begins in earnest with battles against Sentinels,...
cena: 166,28
New Mutants Epic Collection: Renewal
 Deadpool: The Adamantium Collection Rob Liefeld Fabian Nicieza Joe Kelly 9781302904678 Marvel Comics
Presenting the Merc-iest, Mouth-iest Deadpool collection of all time From his dynamic debut in 1991 to a story that unfolded across 2016's variant covers, celebrate 25 years of Wade Wilson wackiness by the finest creators to ever regenerate the degenerate Deadpool will try to stop the Juggernaut, cross the Black Panther's path and lock horns with Daredevil and Typhoid Mary He'll have an...
cena: 806,40
Deadpool: The Adamantium Collection
 Kingsway West Greg Pak Mirko Colak Wil Quintana 9781616559762 Dark Horse Books
After spending thirteen years in a war that made him a monster, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to live in peace with his wife, Sonia. But even in a fantastical Old West crackling with magic, a man of his skills can never quite disappear. So when a woman with a red-gold sword brings bloody chaos to his doorstep, Kingsway must fight for his life, his wife, and his very soul....
cena: 66,27
Kingsway West
 The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 1 Rei Toma 9781421592558 Viz Media
A modern-day girl gets whisked away to a strange land where she is sacrificed to a water dragon god
In the blink of an eye, a modern-day girl named Asahi is whisked away from her warm and happy home and stranded in a strange and mysterious world where she is sacrificed to a water dragon god What plans are in store for her, and what will happen when she comes face to face with this god?...
cena: 41,90
The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 1
 My Hero Academia, Vol. 8 Kohei Horikoshi 9781421591674 Viz Media
Midoriya inherits the superpower of the world's greatest hero, but greatness won't come easy.

What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called "Quirks"? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to study? The Hero Academy of course But what would you do if you...

cena: 41,90
My Hero Academia, Vol. 8
 Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter, Vol. 7 Keiichi Hikami Shin Yamamoto 9781421584324 Viz Media
In the world of the hit game from Capcom, novice hunters team up to fight huge monsters
It is an age when monsters rule the world, soaring through the sky, treading the earth and filling the seas. Humanity survives on the fringes, relying on a special kind of hero to defend the people from danger - the Monster Hunters
Keres takes on Muriel as his apprentice, and she has a lot to learn...
cena: 41,90
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter, Vol. 7
 Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 4 Mizuho Kusanagi 9781421587851 Viz Media
A red-haired princess loses her family and her kingdom... Now she must rise and fight for her throne

Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su-won. But everything changes on her 16th birthday when tragedy strikes her family
cena: 41,90
Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 4
 Ultraman, Vol. 7 Eiichi Shimizu Tomohiro Shimoguchi 9781421590608 Viz Media
It's time for a new generation of Ultraman
Decades ago, a being known as the Giant of Light joined Shin Hayata of the Scientific Special Search Party to save Earth from an invasion of terrifying monsters known as Kaiju. Now, many years later, those dark days are fading into memory and the world is at peace. But in the shadows a new threat is growing, a danger that can only be faced by a new...
cena: 52,08
Ultraman, Vol. 7
 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 Brian Michael Bendis Mike Deodato 9781302903206 Marvel Comics
A heartbreaking chapter in the history of Iron Man as the events of CIVIL WAR II come crashing down around him. But what exactly is Doctor Doom up to as the Marvel Universe is engulfed in all-out war? The hits keep on coming as Brian Michael Bendis puts Tony Stark's invincible alter ego to the test like never before
Invincible Iron Man 12-14, TBD

cena: 106,27
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3
 The Michael Moorcock Library - Elric Volume 4: The Weird of the White Wolf Roy Thomas P. Craig Russell Michael T. Gilbert 9781782762904 Titan Comics
Compiling the short stories The Dream of Earl Aubec, The Dreaming City, While the Gods Laugh and The Singing Citadel, The Weird of the White Wolf brings Elric back to Melnibone for a series of epic adventures where his might and magic will face the ultimate test as he attempts to reclaim his rightful place upon the Ruby Throne
cena: 106,27
The Michael Moorcock Library - Elric Volume 4: The Weird of the White Wolf
 Time Share Patrick Keller Dan McDaid 9781934964545 Oni Press
After a time bending adventure, Ollie Finch was set to go home in his uncle's rocket car time machine when everything went sideways. He's at the center of a maelstrom of paradoxes that threatens to destroy the multiverse. Fortunately, Ollie's fellow time traveling friends might just help straighten things out: Teddy, the brain-damaged cyborg assassin; Bax, the soldier from the post-apocalyptic...
cena: 86,27
Time Share
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