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 L'Incazzatoman 2: 2 Pallottole Incazzate E Mezza Alex Galbero 9781535459303 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Secondo volume antologico delle prime 70 strip dedicate a "L'INCAZZATOMAN," fumetto di sfogo mentale contro le avversita quotidiane."
cena: 32,60
L'Incazzatoman 2: 2 Pallottole Incazzate E Mezza
 The Last of the Funnies Mike Cope 9781435752702 Lulu.com
After a worldwide energy and economic crisis, newspapers have ceased production and nearly every form of art and entertainment is a digital simulation. In this seemingly impossible (but plausible) future, a crusty old cartoonist named Frost has a great gift to leave Giles, his only child. Frost is the creator of Li'l Nibs-the most celebrated comic strip about four little aliens who crash-landed...
cena: 37,19
The Last of the Funnies
 Il Guardiastelle E L'Erede del Firmamento MR Gabriele Porcino 9781517252205 Createspace
Un Re, una Chiromante, due Principesse, un Nano Gigante e... un Guardiastelle, pronti a dar vita ad un' avvincente avventura, dove le "stelle" segneranno il destino dei nostri protagonisti, e terranno incollata fino all'ultima pagina l'intera famiglia.
cena: 46,77
Il Guardiastelle E L'Erede del Firmamento
 Eagle Annual Daniel Tatarsky 9780752888958 0
From Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, to Jeff Arnold in "Riders of the Range," "The Eagle" carried some of Britain's most popular strips from its launch right through to the sixties. This cool collection fits right into the current vogue for "retro-futurism," and features the strips as well as individual drawings and artwork, original advertisements, and a present-day narrative that will appeal to...
cena: 81,22
Eagle Annual
 Faith & Fandom Volume 2: The Obligatory Sequel Rev Hector E. Mira Timmy Martens Janice Swanner 9781508800385 Createspace
This is the second volume of essays on the intersection of Geek culture and God in the faith and fandom series. With 22 new essays on video games, sci-fi, super heroes, comic books, television, anime, and more. Whether you are a geek curious believer, or a faith curious fanboy, there is something for you here.
cena: 46,77
Faith & Fandom Volume 2: The Obligatory Sequel
 Rick Flynn Universe Comics Anthology #1: The 100 Page Collectors Edition of the Best of Rick Flynn Universe Sci-Fi Fantasy Comic Book Series Issues #1 Richard L. Flynn 9780615870137 Richard Flynn/Rick Flynn Universe
This is not only the best of issues 1-5 of the controversial Rick Flynn Universe but also the best of the debut of "Who Is Hundredman," the unprecedented also controversial Superhero/Urban Action/Adventure Character who has taken the Gateway City by subtle storm and is certainly part of the artistic and cultural resurgence of the new St. Louis scene. These comics and the associated...
cena: 66,95
Rick Flynn Universe Comics Anthology #1: The 100 Page Collectors Edition of the Best of Rick Flynn Universe Sci-Fi Fantasy Comic Book Series Issues #1
 Lichtspiele (Son Et Lumiere) Otto Brauckmann 9783710328381 United P.C. Verlag
Ein Vierjahriger entkommt einem todlichen Granatsplitter; mit sieben Jahren sieht er zufallig, wie sein Vater in Uniform auf dem Kuhler eines amerikanischen Jeeps in die Kriegsgefangenschaft abgefuhrt wird; private Gaste einer Abendeinladung entpuppen sich beim Essen als Prozessgegner, ein Seehund rettet einen uber Bord gegangenen Mitschuler, es gibt geisterhafte Telefonanrufe oder ausweglose...
cena: 80,86
Lichtspiele (Son Et Lumiere)
 Boys Garth Ennis 9780857681447 0
Convinced that Hughie was never what he seemed, Butcher goes to see the Legend- and sets something terrible in motion for our little Scots pal...
cena: 71,22
 Hathor's Mega Awesome Book of in Your Face Breastfeeding Comics Heather Cushman-Dowdee 9781495957123 Createspace
A collection of more than ten years of Hathor the Cowgoddess and Mama Is Comic cartoons. Every comic about nursing in public, the benefits of breast milk, and the antics of a mama pushed to the edge of outrage and exhibitionism. It's fun
cena: 46,73
Hathor's Mega Awesome Book of in Your Face Breastfeeding Comics
Vassely Kopurnicus and his new bride cruise into Trastevere, Rome. They and Shin meet new friends and neighbors. They assist with the investigation of a murder.
cena: 64,65
Walking Christendom Volume Five: Rome (Pt1) Big, Big World
 Sue Kwan Issue 1: Deadly Assignment in Hong Kong Randall Jessup 9780993665080 Intellisource Media Inc.
Sold as a child to the most powerful triad gang in Hong Kong and trained since childhood to be one of their special assassins, Sue Kwan grew up mastering all the world's fiercest martial arts and deadliest weapons. Until one day she escaped the clutches of the gang and made her way to the United States. Now she puts her skills and training to use for an elite group of clients. In this first...
cena: 30,38
Sue Kwan Issue 1: Deadly Assignment in Hong Kong
 The Illustrated Story of Magic Meyer A. Kaplan Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht Leonard B. Cole 9781616463441 Coachwhip Publications
cena: 52,17
The Illustrated Story of Magic
 The 1955 Romance Comics Trial MR Daniel Best 9781512221312 Createspace
In mid-1954 the Queensland Government set up a Board of Review, working under the Objectionable Literature Act of 1954 act. The board, consisting of four men and one woman, initially met once every fortnight with the view of examining all publications on sale in Queensland, barring newspapers, and ultimately to prohibit the circulation in Queensland of any material that they found to be...
cena: 54,85
The 1955 Romance Comics Trial
 Kidnap on Barnegat Bay Joseph R. Yeamans 9781493184903 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 87,18
Kidnap on Barnegat Bay
 H.E.R.O. - Paragon: H.E.R.O. Kevin Gerald Rau 9781475077650 Createspace
After a modeling shoot, Diva is called in to aid some researchers in an old mine. After the mine collapses, she is trapped deep underground. Psystar goes to her aid, along with the Gahranii scientists and a powerful 'Builder' super from out East. The opposing Gahranii pirates appear in a bid to capture the Selestor, causing potentially fatal wounds to Psystar and a scientist. Borgz, still bitter...
cena: 58,86
H.E.R.O. - Paragon: H.E.R.O.
 L'Etudiante A L'Ombre Du Campus K. Kasongo Mwema Hilair 9781511847117 Createspace
Etait-ce par un heureux hasard, ou par un coup de chance que l'etudiante, qui ne quittait jamais le campus, fut-ce pour un simple retour en famille, faute de moyen, put faire un voyage memorable dans un pays etranger cette annee-la ? Le lecteur jugera. A son retour, elle fait la connaissance d'un jeune homme sur son parcours et le concours de circonstances les condamne a traverser seuls la grande...
cena: 66,99
L'Etudiante A L'Ombre Du Campus
 Theologische Charlatanerien Anonymous 9783957383099 Vero Verlag
In dem vorliegenden Band aus dem 18. Jahrhundert werden auf amusante Weise die Begrifflichkeiten der Kirche von "A" wie "Ablasse" uber "E" wie "Erzbischofe," "G" wie "Gespenster" bis zu "Z" wie "Zwangsmittel" erlautert. Ein heiteres Werk aus einer langst vergangenen Zeit. Vorliegendes Buch ist ein Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1789.
cena: 142,24
Theologische Charlatanerien
 The Story of Robot Rob: A Big Race Steve Sun 9781463712785 Createspace
Jeb, his robot Rob and his puppy Major had a great summer adventure. Jeb had great time not only for training Major for a big race against police offers, their robot and K9, but also finding the friendship with Mike and Victor.
cena: 38,63
The Story of Robot Rob: A Big Race
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