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 Sly Dale Lazarov Mpmann 9783959850612 Sticky Graphic Novels
"SLY" features the adventures of a hyper-sexy, cat-suited super-spy and the men he sleeps with when saving the world from threats to world peace First, he goes on a Smooth Extraction, the rescue operation of a beardy scientist kidnapped by an evil international paramilitary criminal organization The mission goes hot when the glasses come off, the zippers unzipped, and no asset s left unstirred ...
cena: 107,06
 Revolution: Transformers John Barber Mairghread Scott James Roberts 9781631408427 IDW Publishing
The Revolution continues Thundercracker and Buster save the World A White House under siege by Dire Wraiths Windblade on Earth And a date with destiny for Krok, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Spinister, and Misfire

Collects The Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye, and Till All Are One Revolution One-Shots plus the 2015 Holiday Special.

cena: 78,83
Revolution: Transformers
 Witchfinder Volume 4: City of the Dead Mike Mignola Chris Roberson Ben Stenbeck 9781506701660 Dark Horse Books
Flesheating corpses and an ancient temple discovered beneath London lead authorities to call upon Edward Grey, Queen Victoria's official occult investigator. But the sinister Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra also has interests in the underground ruins. When they ask for Grey's help, he has to wonder if the threat is great enough to team up with a secret society he's sworn to destroy. ...
cena: 86,90
Witchfinder Volume 4: City of the Dead
 Episode 4 Leo                                      Rodolphe                                 Bertrand Marchal 9781849183284 Cinebook Ltd
Kathy Austin has already survived two assassination attempts--saved both time by intervention from her mysterious friends from outer space. Her superior, Sir Charles, finds it difficult to believe her as to the origin of such providential allies, but another incident, followed by a more official meeting, eventually convince him. Informed of the terrible stakes that hide behind the recent events,...
cena: 41,97
Episode 4
 Savage Highway Mathieu Masmondet Zhang Xiaoyu Julia Verlanger 9781594656606 Humanoids, Inc.
An ancient highway spans the wasteland. Its cracked surface has become a migratory route for the lawless hunters and marauders who inhabit this desolate, future Earth. Along the highway, Helene, an educated young woman on a perilous mission to rescue her sister, meets Mo, a solitary hunter, and Jin, an Asian warrior. Together they embark on an epic journey to a Paris in ruins, where a new social...
cena: 106,90
Savage Highway
 Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 2 Kafka Asagiri Sango Harukawa 9780316468145 Yen Press
Regaining consciousness after nearly losing his life to Akutagawa, Atsushi is paralyzed by the thought of bringing more death and destruction down on the heads of his companions at the Armed Detective Agency and vows to run away. But before he can make good on his resolution, the Mafia sends Ryuurou Hirotsu of the merciless Black Lizard squad to storm their offices Between the bomb-tossing...
cena: 58,72
Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 2
 Fairy Tail 60 Hiro Mashima 9781632363367 Kodansha Comics
The magical adventures of the Fairy Tail guild continue
- With] crisp, clean, fast-moving art... Fairy Tail is easily one of my favorite new series of the year.- -Comic Book Resources
-With dazzling visuals and perfectly timed fights of ever greater intensity, this is as good as action-adventure gets.- -Anime News Network
cena: 50,61
Fairy Tail 60
 He's My Only Vampire, Vol. 10 Aya Shouoto 9780316399128 Yen Press
Born together and locked in endless struggle...that leaves us but one fate...
Envy, the final Stigma appears at last...on Kana To protect her, Aki resolves to battle Eriya in earnest and sets out for Tsubakiin Manor. The tale of the love and blood red bonds shared by the beautiful vampire twins and their thrall comes to a thrilling conclusion
cena: 58,72
He's My Only Vampire, Vol. 10
 CANNABIS WORKS 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book Shane Carley   9784835453590 fukkan.com Inc
CANNABIS WORKS 2 ("CW2") is Tatsuyuki Tanaka's second art collection, and first in 13 years. Tanaka, also works under the name of CANNABIS, is a sought-after Japanese animator and illustrator, who worked for the legendary animation AKIRA. CW2 collects much of his work from 2003 to 2016, and showcases his recent illustrations for books, magazines and record covers, as well as key art for the Tokyo...
cena: 146,63
CANNABIS WORKS 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book
 Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol. 1 Brian Buccellato 9781401268831 DC Comics
In the war between Superman and Batman, all the heroes have decided where their loyalties lie. For five years, former friends and allies have fought bitterly, with casualties on both sides. Now, at an impasse, both Batman and Superman realize that to gain ground in their battle, they'll have to do the unthinkable--recruit their former enemies to attack their former friends.
As Batman allies...
cena: 74,80
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol. 1
 Kase-San and Bento Hiromi Takashima 9781626924871 Seven Seas

A critically-acclaimed yuri manga series

Kase-san and Bento is the second release from Hiromi Takashima's ongoing yuri series about a high school romance between the clumsy, flower-adoring Yamada and the exuberant Kase-san, the school's track and field star.

Yamada may be shy and rather clumsy, but the flower gardens at her school have...

cena: 62,71
Kase-San and Bento
 Champions Vol. 1 Marvel Comics 9781302906184 Marvel Comics
One of the great team names in Marvel history returns, in incredible new fashion During the fallout of Civil War II, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man quit the Avengers and strike out on their own With Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk by their side, these young heroes are determined to change the world their own way - and they're only the beginning It starts as an idea. It becomes an...
cena: 70,77
Champions Vol. 1
 Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth) Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason 9781401267766 DC Comics
A great new starting point for the Man of Steel is here in SUPERMAN VOL. 1: SON OF SUPERMAN, part of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling, all-new line of volume one graphic novels, DC Universe Rebirth
When the Man of Steel died defending his adopted home, it seemed that the spirit of truth and justice he represented was extinguished forever. But watching from the sidelines...
cena: 74,80
Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth)
 Kiss Him, Not Me 10 Junko 9781632363442 Kodansha Comics
Soon to be an anime series

-There is a great sense of comedic timing on display here... the comedy is spot on.- - UK Anime Network

Kae is a secret fujoshi (female manga/anime nerd) who spends all day fantasizing about her male classmates making out with... each other. But when sudden, accidental weight loss makes her popular overnight, the boys start going after her instead

cena: 50,61
Kiss Him, Not Me 10
 John Constantine, Hellblazer Volume 16: The Wild Card Various 9781401269098 Vertigo
After spending a year and a half wandering through the darkest corners of America, John Constantine has returned home His port of entry is Liverpool, where the decaying landscape and gentle undercurrent of despair match his frame of mind.

Of course, no sooner does he set foot upon his native land than he stumbles into a small-time necromancy-and-murder ring centered on his own sister's...

cena: 107,06
John Constantine, Hellblazer Volume 16: The Wild Card
 Will Eisner: A Centennial Celebration Will Eisner Will Eisner Denis Kitchen 9781506703558 Dark Horse Books
cena: 207,86
Will Eisner: A Centennial Celebration
 X-Files: Origins Jody Houser Matthew Dow Smith Corin Howell 9781631408458 IDW Publishing
Before the FBI, before the X-Files, they were just two teenagers in search of the truth. On Martha's Vineyard, a young Fox Mulder investigates something strange happening on the island, while in San Diego, 13-year-old Dana Scully looks into the shocking murder of her teacher. Two kids, two mysteries, one conspiracy that threatens the future of humanity.
cena: 86,90
X-Files: Origins
 Superhero Allison: A 6 X 9 Lined Journal One Jacked Monkey Publications 9781543279610 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The personalized Superhero Journals are perfect for writing out your comic book ideas and keeping everything in one place. Use this book to jot out your own comic books. For budding creatives ready to create your own stories, you will have hours of fun with this book. Simply script out your comic on the lined pages provided or use the book for writing out your personal thoughts and reflections....
cena: 44,19
Superhero Allison: A 6 X 9 Lined Journal
 Prize Comics 31 Prize Publication Israel Escamilla 9781543191301 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Comic Story: The Limping Man "You're lovelier than ever, Alice..." The Barge Bomb Plot Busting the Black Marketeers Frankenstein Meets the Devil Rifle Practice The Red Crystals of the Walking Death The Terrible Midge Meets the Brain Escamilla Comics are reproduced from actual classic comics, and sometimes reflect the imperfection of books that are decades old.
cena: 73,99
Prize Comics 31
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