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Adele: Complete Collection (PVG)
cena: 249,06
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
 Adele: 21 Adele 9781458413222
Adele's sophomore CD 21 has enjoyed enormous critical acclaim, with reviewers lauding this British, multi-Grammy-winner's vocal performance and introspective songwriting. The Hal Leonard songbook matches the CD, with easy piano arrangements of the smash hits "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone like You," plus: Don't You Remember * He Won't Go * I'll Be Waiting * Lovesong * One and Only * Rumour...
cena: 76,02
Adele: 21
cena: 76,22
 Adele 25 Pvg Bk  Adele 9781783057719
cena: 69,72
Adele 25 Pvg Bk
cena: 86,22
Adele Best of PVG Book Updated Edition
 From Africa: New Francophone Stories Adele King 9780803278103
Out of French-speaking Africa, from Togo, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, Congo, Rwanda, Djibouti, and Madagascar, comes the polyphony of new voices aired in this volume. The collection brings together fourteen important contemporary authors with roots in sub-Saharan French Africa and Madagascar, a new generation now living in France or the United States, and introduces their remarkable...
cena: 83,75
From Africa: New Francophone Stories
 Siblings without Rivalry Adele Faber 9781853406300
A comprehensive guide with practical guidelines and examples for how to cope with - and deflect - sibling rivalry.
cena: 71,22
Siblings without Rivalry
 Crackpot Adele Wiseman 9780803297531
Hoda is a prostitute, but that is not the most important fact about her. Earthy, bawdy, vulnerable, and big-hearted, she is the daughter of an impoverished Jewish couple who emigrated from Russia to Canada to escape persecution. Growing up in a ghetto of Winnipeg, she experiences cruelty and bigotry early and fights back with humor and anger, which is something to behold as her young body takes...
cena: 74,28
 State We're in Adele Parks 9780755371396
Adele Parks writes novels that real women want to read. Her books get right to the heart of the dilemmas women - and men - face in their lives; her characters are real as are the choices they make. She examines the thorny issues for life today with her trademark tell-it-like-it-is style and takes her stories to unexpected places.
cena: 46,23
State We're in
 Katherine's Story, 1848 Adele Whitby 9781481418447
Trouble is brewing at Vandermeer Manor and it is up to Katherine and Elizabeth to reveal the truth before it's too late in the fourth book of a fascinating historical fiction series.

Twins Katherine and Elizabeth Chatswood are on their way to visit their distant relatives at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. Wedding bells will soon be ringing for their father's cousin, John Vandermeer, in the...

cena: 75,62
Katherine's Story, 1848
 Playing with Power - Book 3 Adele Huxley 9781503213548
The wickedly smart and steamy series continues Will success come at a price? Lauren is struggling with double the workload but slowly, her dreams are coming true. With Landon's help, My Best Friend's Closet is now a reality Landon gives her a big surprise by arriving in New York unannounced, showing up to the StyleSpur offices posing as a potential investor. The connection between them is...
cena: 50,77
Playing with Power - Book 3
 Journal of Biblical Literature 134.1 (2015) Adele Reinhartz 9780884142317
cena: 179,90
Journal of Biblical Literature 134.1 (2015)
 Mareska Et Oscar; Tome Second Adele Daminois 9781375142908
cena: 86,95
Mareska Et Oscar; Tome Second
 Rocco, No!! Adele Pascucci 9781304024046
The story of Rocco, a lovable Sphinx cat who finds himself hearing the words, "Rocco, No " as he goes through the day.
cena: 74,85
Rocco, No!!
 Nelka Adele Pillay 9781468564570
cena: 97,97
 Stolen Child - In-Between: Book Two Adele Degirolamo 9781460265901
This is the second novel that belongs to the Stolen Child Tale. This book finds us where book-one has left off and takes us into the Realm of the Space In-Between; the Land of the Selkies and their unusual World where Kashandarhh the Witch s father lives. It is here she travels to warn him of the Sling s arrival back into their land and to ask him to help her bring the Kaafrey Covens together to...
cena: 122,24
Stolen Child - In-Between: Book Two
 Ebreszto, Dizzy! Adele Bird 9783710314728
cena: 138,20
Ebreszto, Dizzy!