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 Jane Eyre: An Autobiography Charlotte Bronte 9780615844619
Meet Jane Eyre through her autobiography (as written by Charlotte Bronte). A brilliant coming of age novel, Jane Eyre also tackles issues of social class, sexuality, morals, religion, and feminism.

Jane is an orphan who must overcome her loveless childhood as she goes to work as a governess at Thornfield Hall. She is a multi-layered character who embodies the qualities of independence,...

cena: 86,53
Jane Eyre: An Autobiography
 Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel: Original Text Version Charlotte Bronte 9781906332068
Presents Jane Eyre's life during the 19th century. This title takes you to a time of grand Victorian mansions contrasted with the severest poverty. It meets UK curriculum requirements.
cena: 57,28
Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel: Original Text Version
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781137414274
In the master-pupil relationship between Rochester and the eponymous heroine, Bronte made an indirect plea for equality for women in the avowal of their passions which outraged Victorian England."
cena: 93,00
Jane Eyre
 The Professor Charlotte Bronte 9781503201569
The book is the story of a young man, William Crimsworth, and is a first-person narrative from his perspective. It describes his maturation, his loves and his eventual career as a professor at an all-girls school. The story starts off with a letter William has sent to his friend Charles, detailing his refusal to his uncle's proposals to become a clergyman, as well as his first meeting with his...
cena: 57,10
The Professor
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9780486475653
Includes the unabridged text of Bronte's classic novel plus a complete study guide that helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the work's content and context. The comprehensive guide includes chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, analytical paper topics, list of characters, bibliography, and more. A...
cena: 38,36
Jane Eyre
 A Novel Journal: Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781626863408
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte s tale of an orphan-turned-governess who falls in love with her employer, is a classic work of literature that has been a favorite since its publication in 1847. Full of tragedy, passion, and even hints of the supernatural, Jane s story is a captivating social commentary on gender and class in the Victorian era.
A Novel Journal: Jane Eyre will delight...
cena: 67,48
A Novel Journal: Jane Eyre
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781536959406
cena: 59,22
Jane Eyre
 The Professor Charlotte Bronte 9781519595829
cena: 42,28
The Professor
 Jane Eyre [With CDROM] Charlotte Bronte 9789626349472
Presents the tale of a young governess who becomes entangled with the powerful Mr Rochester, finding mystery and uneasiness in his house.
cena: 62,38
Jane Eyre [With CDROM]
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781416500247
Enriched Classics offer readers accessible editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and commentary. Each book includes educational tools alongside the text, enabling students and readers alike to gain a deeper and more developed understanding of the writer and their work.
A young governess falls in love with her employer in this classic coming-of-age tale set in...
cena: 26,26
Jane Eyre
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781539631217
Jane Eyre is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte, published in 1847 by Smith, Elder & Company, which -At the time of his apparition won great popularity, high up to the author as one of the best romantic novelists, and is today considered the UN classic of English literature. The novel Jane Eyre title in principle: an autobiography and was published under the pseudonym Currer Bell. UN had...
cena: 87,29
Jane Eyre
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781491095119
The novel begins with the titular character Jane Eyre living with her maternal uncle's family, the Reeds, as a result of her uncle's dying wish. The novel starts when Jane is ten years old and several years after her parents died of typhus. Mr. Reed was the only one in the Reed family to be kind to Jane. Jane's aunt Sarah Reed does not like her, treats her as a burden and discourages her children...
cena: 129,08
Jane Eyre
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9780062015624

"Come to me-come to me entirely now," said he. "Make my happiness-I will make yours."

Born into a poor family and raised by an oppressive aunt, young Jane Eyre becomes the governess at Thornfield Manor to escape the confines of her life. There her fiery independence clashes with the brooding and mysterious nature of her employer, Mr. Rochester. But what begins as outright loathing slowly...

cena: 46,58
Jane Eyre
 The Professor Charlotte Bronte 9781366574565
This little book was written before either -Jane Eyre- or -Shirley,- and yet no indulgence can be solicited for it on the plea of a first attempt. A first attempt it certainly was not, as the pen which wrote it had been previously worn a good deal in a practice of some years. I had not indeed published anything before I commenced -The Professor,- but in many a crude effort, destroyed almost as...
cena: 63,83
The Professor
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9781936594191
This is a beautifully-designed new edition of Charlotte Bronte's impassioned novel Jane Eyre."
cena: 69,80
Jane Eyre
 The Professor Charlotte Bronte 9781535468664
This is the first novel that Charlotte Bronte completed. Rejected by the publisher who took on the work of her sisters in 1846--Anne's Agnes Grey and Emily's Wuthering Heights--it remained unpublished until 1857, two years after Charlotte's death. Like Villette (1853), The Professor is based on Charlotte's experiences as a language student in Brussels in 1842. Told from the point of view of...
cena: 50,76
The Professor
 Shirley (1849) Novel by Charlotte Bronte Volume 2 (World's Classics) Charlotte Bronte 9781523930821
Charlotte was born in Thornton, west of Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire, in 1816, the third of the six children of Maria (nee Branwell) and Patrick Bronte (formerly surnamed Brunty or Prunty), an Irish Anglican clergyman. In 1820 her family moved a few miles to the village of Haworth, where her father had been appointed perpetual curate of St Michael and All Angels Church. Maria died of...
cena: 39,11
Shirley (1849) Novel by Charlotte Bronte Volume 2 (World's Classics)
The Professor was the first novel by Charlotte Bronte. It was originally written before Jane Eyre and rejected by many publishing houses, but was eventually published posthumously in 1857. The book is the story of a young man, William Crimsworth. It describes his maturation, his loves and his eventual career as a professor at an all-girl's school. The story is based upon Charlotte Bronte's...
cena: 61,30
The Professor