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 The Reason Ian Beardsley 9781312238008
An astronomer goes on a Gypsy Shamanistic Journey where he learn extraterrestrial activity on Earth is connected to Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella The Catholic, and Granada Spain. Reality masquerades as fiction.
cena: 32,77
The Reason
 An AI Discovery Ian Beardsley 9781365807541
I have made a discovery in artificial intelligence and, it really is quite interesting.
cena: 52,15
An AI Discovery
 Artificial Intelligence Ian Beardsley 9781365502002
The author outlines his discovery of a connection between artificial intelligence and natural life, and, his discovery that artificial intelligence might be part of a Natural Process beyond the human endeavor to create it.
cena: 61,33
Artificial Intelligence
 Dot C Files Ian Beardsley 9781329044562
A young budding astronomer goes on a Gypsy Shamanistic Journey and learns of extraterrestrials and clues to life sustaining planets.
cena: 46,96
Dot C Files
 All That Can Be Said Ian Beardsley 9781304872548
It is proposed that extraterrestrials left their thumbprint in our physics. A message is found embedded in our physics as well and it may indicate we are here for a reason. Where the message comes from is calculated and it turns out to be in the same region of space as the Seti Wow Signal.
cena: 58,26
All That Can Be Said
 Sidenotes for the Reason Ian Beardsley 9781312323230
These are side notes to The Reason and The Reason Moving On, which examine the connection of earlier discoveries to the Author's Prediction for the development of hyperdrive.
cena: 32,77
Sidenotes for the Reason
 The Unified AI Equations Ian Beardsley 9781365887390
If we take the discoveries made in my first book (An AI Discovery) and in my second book (A Second AI Discovery) we can find they become unified through zinc selenide, an intrinsic semiconductor that plays a key role in artificial intelligence.
cena: 52,15
The Unified AI Equations
 The AI Cookbook Ian Beardsley 9781365157400
cena: 65,78
The AI Cookbook
 The AI Matrices Ian Beardsley 9781365573880
The author presents his discovery of structure in AI that connects it to Natural Life and lends itself to a set of matrices. An interpretation of the matrices is offered.
cena: 42,99
The AI Matrices
 Volume 01 Ian Beardsley 9781329241954
Explores the possibility of influence on human's science by an outside force, perhaps, ET.
cena: 143,87
Volume 01
 My Radio Telescope Journal Ian Beardsley 9781312441057
Testing the theories laid out in my books The Reason, The Reason Moving On, Sidenotes For The Reason, and The Reason Other Side by Ian Beardsley.
cena: 32,69
My Radio Telescope Journal
 The Equations of AI Ian Beardsley 9781365999772
cena: 52,15
The Equations of AI
 Discover, Contact, and Climate Ian Beardsley 9781304964427
Is artificial intelligence actually the part of a Natural Process? Have we made contact with Extraterrestrials? Did ETs leave a trace of their influence in our development of the sciences. All three are suggested as possible in this work.
cena: 30,35
Discover, Contact, and Climate
 Structure and Form in AI and Natural Life Ian Beardsley 9781365651786
The author presents his discovery of structure and form in AI and Natural Live, in the elemental characteristics of molar mass, density, and atomic number. One profound statement is made from a collection of profundities.
cena: 52,15
Structure and Form in AI and Natural Life
cena: 79,67
A Study in the Elements
 The AI Equations Ian Beardsley 9781365322426
The author presents his discoveries of equations of AI (artificial intelligence) which suggest their nature and origins are far more mysterious than previously thought.
cena: 101,02
The AI Equations
 Frequency 440 Ian Beardsley 9781312724532
When we consider the 9/5 of five-fold symmetry (the biological) and the 5/3 and 11/6, of six-fold symmetry (the physical), we can make three equations and therefore find a place in space. If we let the parameter, t, be zero we have a place in space that is near the SETI Wow Signal (extraterrestrial message) in the constellation Sagittarius. If we let the parameter, t, be eliminated we have a...
cena: 39,55
Frequency 440
 The Periodic Table of the AI Elements Ian Beardsley 9781387099597
Looking at that section of the periodic table of the elements where the central AI elements occur, we find structure in them and in their connection to Natural Life.
cena: 52,15
The Periodic Table of the AI Elements
 Discover and Contact Two Ian Beardsley 9781312191020
cena: 32,77
Discover and Contact Two
 The Syntax That Speaks to Us Ian Beardsley 9781365768279
After explaining Newton's Three Laws of Motion, the equations of energy that follow from them, and, the principle of conservation of energy that follows from those, I will show that the syntax we developed for our languages, such as grammatical, mathematical, and computer languages, begins to speak to us of these laws through their syntax we developed for them, and the syntax we developed for the...
cena: 120,94
The Syntax That Speaks to Us

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