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Literatura faktu

In 2011, the sweet scent of Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution finally reached Yemen. Its leading proponent there was a slender young woman in her thirties named Tawakkol Karman, who earned the nickname "Iron Woman" for refusing to wear the black niqab, thus clearly revealing her face to international media and global policy makers. In the days that followed, Karman traveled the world in her trademark...
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cena: 92,82
Iron Jasmine: How an Arab Woman Led Her Country's Fight for Democracy
 Nothing but a Circus  Levin, Daniel 9780241299715
In this eye-opening exploration of the human weaknesses for power, Daniel Levin takes us on a journey through the absurd world of our global elites, drawing unforgettable sketches of some of the puppets who stand guard, and the jugglers and conjurers employed within. Most spectacular of all, however, are the astonishing contortions performed by those closest to the top in order to maintain the...
cena: 82,64
Nothing but a Circus
 A View Across the Mersey Anne Baker 9781472236340 Headline
Anne Baker's dramatic Liverpool saga, A VIEW ACROSS THE MERSEY, is set between the First and Second World War and is sure to appeal to fans of Katie Flynn and Annie Groves.
cena: 41,90
A View Across the Mersey
 My Old Man Tales of Our Fathers 0 9781782114000

If you were asked to write about your father, what would you say?

Florence Welch, Paul Weller, Nina Stibbe and the sons and daughters of Ian Dury, Johnny Ball, Roy Castle, Leonard Cohen and many others relate the quirks, flaws and quiet heroisms of their dads. By turns funny, tender and heartbreaking, My Old Man offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our own relationships with...

cena: 57,17
My Old Man Tales of Our Fathers
 Weekends with Daisy Sharron Kahn Luttrell 9781451686258 Gallery Books
She was supposed to teach Daisy how to be a good dog...but Daisy taught her to be a better person.
When Sharron Luttrell joins a weekend "Prison PUP" program for a service dog organization, she knew it was just what she needed to help her move on from the death of her own beloved dog. The position seemed ideal; pick up a puppy on Friday, return it on Sunday night, work with a new puppy each...
cena: 70,31
Weekends with Daisy
 The Unseen Anzac: How an Enigmatic Explorer Created Australia's World War I Photographs Jeff Maynard 9781925321494 Scribe Publications Pty Ltd.
The previously untold story of an extraordinary man and a great war photographer. Cameras were banned at the Western Front when the Anzacs arrived in 1916, prompting correspondent Charles Bean to argue continually for Australia to have a dedicated photographer. He was eventually assigned an enigmatic polar explorer George Hubert Wilkins. Within weeks of arriving at the front, Wilkins exploits...
cena: 149,07
The Unseen Anzac: How an Enigmatic Explorer Created Australia's World War I Photographs
 Sunshine State: Essays Sarah Gerard 9780062434876 Harper Perennial

A Paris Review Staff Pick - A Chicago Tribune Exciting Book for 2017 - A Rolling Stone Culture Index Reccomendation - A Buzzfeed Most Exciting Book for 2017 - A The Millions Great 2017 Book Preview Pick- A Huffington Post 2017 Preview Pick - A NYLON Best 10 Books of the...

cena: 70,27
Sunshine State: Essays
 Golden Showers Shirley Jordan 9781635244762 Litfire Publishing, LLC

A senior in a college drops out to be with a military guy that she met at a college party. Only to find out he is a compulsive abuser that urinates on his victims and could possibly be a serial killer. So she goes into hiding until he is found.

cena: 46,26
Golden Showers
 In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown Amy Gary 9781250065360 Flatiron Books

The extraordinary life of the woman behind the beloved children's classics Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny comes alive in this fascinating biography of Margaret Wise Brown. Margaret's books have sold millions of copies all over the world, but few people know that she was at the center of a children's book publishing revolution. Her whimsy and imagination fueled a steady...

cena: 114,27
In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown
 The Fall of the French Letter King Thea Hartley 9781909133969 Ex-L-Ence Publishing

This is the final book in the "French Letter" trilogy.

The haunting story of the third generation of Hortons. Ron goes into decline as his business fails and his daughter Thea tries to overcome the traumas and abuse which shape her life. A story of heartache, tragic secrets, and the courage to fight back against all odds.

This book also provides an insight into the...

cena: 76,62
The Fall of the French Letter King
 Ich - Das Fluchtlingskind Jana Bilic 9783743150294 Books on Demand
cena: 81,49
Ich - Das Fluchtlingskind
 Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli di Giovanni Janine 9788380494626 Czarne
W styczniu 2011 roku w Syrii rozpoczęły się protesty przeciwko rządom Baszszara al-Asada. Początkowo pokojowe demonstracje szybko przerodziły się w bratobójczą wojnę domową. Chaos ogarniętego konfliktem wewnętrznym kraju wykorzystało ISIS, co w 2014 roku doprowadziło do powstania iracko-syryjskiego kalifatu – Państwa Islamskiego.

Janine di Giovanni, ceniona dziennikarka wojenna...
cena: 39,90
Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli
 Virginia Woolf E. M. Forster 9781316606834 Cambridge University Press
Originally published in 1942, this book presents the 1941 Rede Lecture by E. M. Forster which celebrates Virginia Woolf's colossal contribution to literature.
cena: 75,41
Virginia Woolf
 Love and Trouble: A Midlife Reckoning  Dederer, Claire 9781472231185
cena: 82,64
Love and Trouble: A Midlife Reckoning
 20 Jobs: A Memoir Gladys H. Ashenfelter 9780692817674 Gladys Ashenfelter
How many jobs have you worked throughout your lifetime? In the 1950's, at age 14, the author's life changed when she reluctantly gave up her summer of freedom and started her first job as a carhop. She had no idea there were 19 other jobs ahead before she could dream of retirement. Like many young women of her generation, she had no plans or direction for her life except to maybe find a steady...
cena: 50,41
20 Jobs: A Memoir
 Schoolboy, Servant, Gwr Apprentice: The Memoirs of Alfred Plumley 1880-1892 David Wilkins 9780750969932 History Press
A unique glimpse into the life of a young servant boy and GWR apprentice in the late nineteenth century
cena: 72,45
Schoolboy, Servant, Gwr Apprentice: The Memoirs of Alfred Plumley 1880-1892
 Life, Liberty, Luxury - And Love? Part II Olivier a. Guigues 9782322157068 Books on Demand
Kathrin did not even give Jean a chance to reply: she had already hung up. It really hurt him to realise how hurt she was, the one and only promised woman of his life, having to cope with him getting married to a gorgeous FSB secret agent who was about to ruin him and walk away with his money... What a fuck-up that all was
cena: 205,82
Life, Liberty, Luxury - And Love? Part II
 In the Midnight Hour: The Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett Tony Fletcher 9780190252946 Oxford University Press, USA
He was the Wicked Wilson Pickett, the legendary soul man whose forty-plus hits included -In the Midnight Hour, - -634-5789, - -Land of 1000 Dances, - -Mustang Sally, - and -Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You.- Remarkably handsome and with the charisma to match, Wilson Pickett was considered by many to be the greatest, the most visceral and sensual of the classic 1960s soul singers, and as a man...
cena: 93,33
In the Midnight Hour: The Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett
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