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Literatura faktu

 La Madurez de Cervantes Jose Manuel Luci 9788441436930 Edaf
cena: 127,06
La Madurez de Cervantes
 Śmierć w Amazonii Domosławski Artur 9788380321519 Wielka Litera
Domosławski otwiera nam oczy i pokazuje brutalne zasady rządzące również naszym światem.
W zapadłej wiosce w brazylijskim interiorze ginie para obrońców Amazonii. W dalekim miasteczku w Andach „nieznani sprawcy“ polują na księdza, który broni praw górali do ziemi i wody. Ktoś zabija towarzysza wspólnej sprawy. Pewien robotnik rolny zostaje prawnikiem. Domaga się odszkodowań...
Śmierć w Amazonii
 Jeden z nas Opowieść o Norwegii Seierstad Asne 9788328027565 W.A.B.
Jest to również opowieść o Norwegii, a poprzez nią – o zachodnim współczesnym społeczeństwie. Z powodu sugestywności i przenikliwości diagnozy społecznej porównuje się ją często z kanoniczną książką gatunku, jaką jest "Z zimną krwią" Trumana Capote’a.
Jeden z nas Opowieść o Norwegii
 Barry Jones' Dictionary of World Biography: Third Edition Barry Jones   9781925265781 Wilkinson Publishing
There is no other book to turn to for a comprehensive guide to history's biggest names including, to name just a few...Homer, Julius Caesar, Jesus, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, J S Bach, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Pablo Picasso, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong. And from an Australian perspective, Dictionary of World Biography has more than enough of those...
cena: 360,92
Barry Jones' Dictionary of World Biography: Third Edition
 The Herndons: An Atlanta Family Carole Merritt 9780820351827 University of Georgia Press

Born a slave and reared a sharecropper, Alonzo Herndon (1858-1927) was destined to drudgery in the red clay fields of Georgia. Within forty years of Emancipation, however, he had amassed a fortune that far surpassed that of his White slave-master father.

Through his barbering, real estate, and life insurance ventures, Herndon would become one of the wealthiest and most respected African...

cena: 193,73
The Herndons: An Atlanta Family
Born into folk music's first family, Peggy Seeger has blazed her own trail artistically and personally. Jean Freedman draws on a wealth of research and conversations with Seeger to tell the life story of one of music's most charismatic performers and tireless advocates. Here is the story of Seeger's multifaceted career, from her youth to her pivotal role in the American and British folk revivals,...
cena: 127,06
Peggy Seeger: A Life of Music, Love, and Politics
 Making It Norman Podhoretz Benjamin Moser 9781681370804 New York Review of Books
A controversial memoir about American intellectual life and academia and the relationship between politics, money, and education.
Norman Podhoretz, the son of Jewish immigrants, grew up in the tough Brownsville section of Brooklyn, attended Columbia University on a scholarship, and later received degrees from the Jewish Theological Seminary and Cambridge University. Making It is...
cena: 67,48
Making It
 Expecting to Die Lisa Jackson 9781683243304 Center Point
Some places earn their bad reputation through tall tales or chance. Grizzly Falls is different. Here, killers aren t just the stuff of legends and campfire lore. Someone is in the nighttime shadows, watching the local teens play around in the moonlit woods. Someone is waiting for the right moment, the right victim. Someone is waiting to take away a life."
cena: 166,96
Expecting to Die
 Lost Soul: A Confederate Soldier in New England Les Rolston 9781365837456 Revival Waves of Glory Ministries
Sam Postlethwaite was a Confederate soldier buried in an unmarked grave in Rhode Island. Beginning with nothing more than a handful of dirt, author Les Rolston's innocent curiosity about this mysterious soldier's grave became a journey of thousands of miles that eventually led him to the soldier's family. The result is this factual account of Postlethwaite's odyssey and the author's determined...
cena: 129,58
Lost Soul: A Confederate Soldier in New England
 A Shadowland of the Surreal Ph. D. George Syring 9781483466620 Lulu Publishing Services
The alien enigma continues to gain more interest as information on the subject increases. Books are widely available along with information through the computer as well as various news media. Knowledge alone, however, does not prove aliens already are among us. Positive proof hinges on some sort of personal experience such as abduction or missing time. The vicarious alien experiences you will...
cena: 68,63
A Shadowland of the Surreal
 La Lune Et Cent Sous William Somerset Maugham Riccardo Pineri Api Tahiti 9781517306748 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Charles Strickland, un courtier en bourse conventionnel de Londres, decide en milieu de vie de deserter sa femme, sa famille, ses affaires et sa civilisation pour son art. Une des oeuvres les plus populaires de Maugham, La lune et cent sous (titre original: The Moon and Sixpence) est une histoire fascinante sur un homme intransigeant et autodestructeur qui abandonne la richesse et le confort pour...
cena: 69,80
La Lune Et Cent Sous
 Domiamo Le Fiamme Doniamo I Cuori: Domamus Flammas Donamus Corda Armando Robboni 9781539746508 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Il rosso e uno dei colori dello spettro percepibile dall'occhio umano, ha la frequenza minore e conseguentemente la lunghezza d'onda piu lunga di tutti gli altri colori visibili, tra i 630 e i 760 nanometri. Il colore rosso e il colore del fuoco, del sangue, della sirena d'allarme, dello stemma e dei mezzi dei Vigili del Fuoco. Il rosso e il pericolo, ma e anche il colore della passione, una...
cena: 82,51
Domiamo Le Fiamme Doniamo I Cuori: Domamus Flammas Donamus Corda
 Contradiction: The Unveiling of the Mask Charles Carpenter 9781543014266 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Contradiction is a riveting and dynamic account in which Charles Carpenter unveils the core of why at risk youth become attracted to gang subculture. Charles Carpenter shares his personal experience regarding his attraction to gang life. Profound insight is offered regarding loyalty and the ugly face of betrayal. Charles delves into how the catalyst that motivated his change was when a fellow...
cena: 48,43
Contradiction: The Unveiling of the Mask
 Opera IV Paolo Brunati 9781544227245 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
All'artista si rivela la natura irreale delle cose insieme con la perfetta inutilita della realta. Allora gli viene un coraggio da leone e nulla lo puo fermare nel proporre un paio di ciabatte come opera d'arte. Egli torna bimbo. Se non lo e di suo, torna persino vergine. E, se femmina, usa il nome d'arte di Jeanne Darko.
cena: 60,20
Opera IV
 The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Real Stories Have Horror Sound Deepak Gupta 9781544746630 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 48,59
The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Real Stories Have Horror Sound
 Ms. Burton: My Journey to a New Way of Life Susan Burton Cari Lynn Michelle Alexander 9781620972120 New Press
One woman's remarkable odyssey from tragedy to prison to recovery--and recognition as a leading figure in the national justice reform movement

Susan Burton's world changed in an instant when her five-year-old son was killed by a van driving down their street. Consumed by grief and without access to professional help, Susan self-medicated, becoming addicted first to cocaine, then...

cena: 110,93
Ms. Burton: My Journey to a New Way of Life
 Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn Lyndon Orr 9781544787701 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn By Lyndon Orr Eleanor -Nell- Gwyn (2 February 1650 - 14 November 1687) was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England and Scotland. Called -pretty, witty Nell- by Samuel Pepys, she has been regarded as a living embodiment of the spirit of Restoration England and has come to be considered a folk heroine, with a story echoing the...
cena: 44,19
Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn
 My Life as George Washington's 1st Military Ranked Emperor John Love 9781544867052 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
TV and radio news quotes, listed as and interpreted me as the Emperor and what happened. You can use this book and 2 Personal Work volumes, the latter 2 available to libraries, galleries, and institutions only, too see what happened, if your one that Spartan King and Greek diplomat's decided fans.
cena: 29,07
My Life as George Washington's 1st Military Ranked Emperor
 Colonel William H. Norton: Shadowing Montana History William C. Hagen 9781635685879 Page Publishing, Inc.

The story of the colorful and adventurous life of Colonel William H. Norton is told. His character was forged on the battlefields of the Civil War, etched on the perilous Bozeman Trail and honed on the Montana frontier as it transitioned from its rough and tumble gold rushing days to mature statehood. Taciturn by nature, Norton's impact on Montana's history is derived from his deeds and not...

cena: 54,44
Colonel William H. Norton: Shadowing Montana History
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