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Literatura faktu

 Diary of a Ypres Nun: October 1914-May 1915, the Diary of Soeur Marguerite of the Sisters of Lamotte: Suffering and Sacrifice in the First W Linda Palfreeman 9781845198701 Sussex Academic Press
The campaign in Flanders, with its successive battles, would be the longest of the Great War and the costliest in terms of human life. At the centre of the fearful and prolonged barrages of shelling by the military of both sides lay the town of Ypres, known for its Cloth Hall and cathedral, its butter and its lace-now to be blasted into infamy as an indelible symbol of suffering and sacrifice and...
cena: 82,59
Diary of a Ypres Nun: October 1914-May 1915, the Diary of Soeur Marguerite of the Sisters of Lamotte: Suffering and Sacrifice in the First W
 Lessons I've Learned Davina McCall 9781409165712 Spring
With her trademark humour, warmth and honesty, Davina McCall shares her life experiences.
cena: 47,07
Lessons I've Learned
 The Jersey Brothers Sally Mott Freeman 9781501104145 Simon & Schuster
The extraordinary, real-life adventure of three brothers at the center of the most dramatic turning points of World War II and their mad race to change history--and save one of their own.

They are three brothers, all Navy men, who end up coincidentally and extraordinarily at the epicenter of three of the war's most crucial moments. Bill is picked by Roosevelt to run his first Map Room in...

cena: 119,20
The Jersey Brothers
 Railroad Man: A Story and a Smile Rosemary D 9781640275058 Page Publishing, Inc.

The family history on the Long Island Rail Road. Pasquale start on the Long Island Railed Road 1925. He was so proud to work for the World Fair 1939-1940. Pasquale picture collection of the Long Island Rail Road and the World Fair. The love he had for his wife, Filomena, his family, and friends. Pasquale loves and respects life. You will feel this as you see the pictures and read the book....

cena: 123,03
Railroad Man: A Story and a Smile
 Finding True Love Mishawn Hardy 9781498498562 Xulon Press
cena: 50,61
Finding True Love
 Asiwaju: The Biography of Bolanle Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo Margie Neal-Fayemiwo 9781634922517 Booklocker.com

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a lion-hearted politician. He stood his ideological ground and bearded former President Obasanjo in his presidential lair. Ahmed has large dose of political guts. Adekunle fears no one. Today, Tinubu has systematically built a political machine that could be likened to the political empire built by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the great Yoruba leader. No wonder,...

cena: 608,81
Asiwaju: The Biography of Bolanle Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu
 The Last King of Poland and His Contemporaries R. Nisbet Bain 9781546597957 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A sketch of the life of Stanislaus Poniatowski throughout which are vividly pictured the influences that caused the downfall of Poland; among them, class prejudice, religious controversy, useless Diets, and great waste and extravagance.
* * * * *
"We heartily commend Mr. Bain's book, which is the most sympathetic and authentic on Poland since that published some years ago by George...
cena: 61,30
The Last King of Poland and His Contemporaries
 My Adventures with God: A Personal Pentateuch Stephen Tobolowsky 9781476766461 Simon & Schuster
From legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky--who currently appears on The Goldbergs, HBO's Silicon Valley, and Norman Lear's new One Day at a Time, author of The Dangerous Animals Club and The Tobolowsky Files podcast--My Adventures with God is a funny, introspective collection about love, catastrophe, and triumph, all told through the lens of his...
cena: 107,10
My Adventures with God: A Personal Pentateuch
 Walden Henry David Thoreau 9781546541509 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
First published in 1854, Walden recounts American philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau's experiences over the course of two years, two months, and two days in a cabin he built near Walden Pond, amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson, near Concord, Massachusetts. The book is part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of...
cena: 40,13
 Agent 110: An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII Scott Miller 9781451693386 Simon & Schuster
-Lively and engrossing.- --The Wall Street Journal
-Absorbing and bracing.- --The Seattle Times
This is the secret and suspenseful account of how OSS spymaster Allen Dulles led a network of Germans conspiring to assassinate Hitler and negotiate surrender to bring about the end of World War II before the Soviet's advance.
Agent 110 is Allen Dulles, a newly...
cena: 119,20
Agent 110: An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII
 Oswald Heer: Et Son Oeuvre Gaston D 9781546502319 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
" ... Si l'oeuvre est immense et durable, si elle constitue une mine inepuisable dans laquelle puiseront a pleines mains tous ceux que seduira l'attrait des plantes fossiles, l'homme, en revanche, - et le contraste n'est pas nouveau, - etait plus que modeste. Retire en lui-meme, fuyant les distractions exterieures, les mouvements inutiles et tout ce qui pouvait le detourner de sa tache, il a...
cena: 43,09
Oswald Heer: Et Son Oeuvre
 Vie de Galba Plutarque                                Alexis Pierron 9781543068870 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 44,19
Vie de Galba
 A Stitch of Time: The Year a Brain Injury Changed My Language and Life Lauren Marks 9781451697513 Simon & Schuster
For fans of Brain on Fire and My Stroke of Insight, an incredible first-person account of one woman's journey to regaining her language and identity after a brain aneurysm affects her ability to communicate.
Lauren Marks was twenty-seven, touring a show in Scotland with her friends, when an aneurysm ruptured in her brain and left her fighting for her life. She woke up in...
cena: 111,13
A Stitch of Time: The Year a Brain Injury Changed My Language and Life
 Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur: A Biographical Study Robert Bagg Mary Bagg 9781625342232 University of Massachusetts Press

Pulitzer Prize--winning poet Richard Wilbur (b. 1921) is part of a notable literary cohort, American poets who came to prominence in the mid-twentieth century. Wilbur's verse is esteemed for its fluency, wit, and optimism; his ingeniously rhymed translations of French drama by Moliere, Racine, and Corneille remain the most often staged in the English-speaking world; his essays possess a scope...

cena: 514,33
Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur: A Biographical Study
 Trinkertage 1 - Blauer Sommer Matthias Strehlau 9781546424536 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"TRINKERTAGE" ist eine autobiografische Erzahlung, die die Alkohol-Sucht junger Menschen in der ehemaligen DDR zum Thema macht. Der Erste Teil - "Blauer Sommer" - dieser Neuauflage schildert die Erlebnisse des Protagonisten Ralle und seiner Freunde wahrend des "letzten wahren DDR-Sommers" im Wendejahr 1989: Lebenslust und der Wille zum Aufbegehren, im Konflikt mit unerfullten Wunschen, geplatzten...
cena: 49,10
Trinkertage 1 - Blauer Sommer
 A Harvest Richer Than Gold: The Odyssey of a Caribbean Surgeon Dr a. Cecil Cyrus 9781545434826 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is part 2 of the life of Dr A Cecil Cyrus, surgeon extraordinaire who, for more than 50 years, catered to the health needs of the population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a tiny, multi-island nation in the Caribbean.
cena: 133,10
A Harvest Richer Than Gold: The Odyssey of a Caribbean Surgeon
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