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Literatura faktu

 Beyond the Limits M. D. Ph. D. Dugbatey 9781946446930 Green Ivy
cena: 52,77
Beyond the Limits
 The Correspondence J. D. Daniels 9780374535940 Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The first collection from a Whiting Writers' Award winner whose work has become a fixture of The Paris Review and n+1

Can civilization save us from ourselves? That is the question J. D. Daniels asks in his first book, a series of six letters written during dark nights of the soul. Working from his own highly varied experience--as a janitor, a night watchman, an...

cena: 86,94
The Correspondence
 Footsteps from the Drum Annette D 9781544656540 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
After the Second World War, three men return to Liverpool and pick up the pieces of their previous life. Their ambitions, failures and greed all become entwined. In the late 1970s, from a housing scheme in Glasgow, Gillon Hardy embarks on a search for the meaning of his existence and to find his own identity. This journey is interrupted by a chance meeting with a woman while visiting Rome. Both...
cena: 71,93
Footsteps from the Drum
 Charlton Heston: Hollywood's Last Icon Marc Eliot 9780062420435 Dey Street Books

A USA Today New and Noteworthy Selection

This is the definitive biography of one of the most iconic, complex and enduring legends of Hollywood's golden age, whose major presence in American film, radio, television, stage and theater lasted beyond the second half of the 20th Century, and whose classic films are known throughout the world.


cena: 127,22
Charlton Heston: Hollywood's Last Icon
 Odisea Maldita: Un Viaje Por El Sistema de Injusticia Mr Basilio Guzman 9781542870207 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"Otros" estan contando una historia diferente, para lucir como heroes que no son; ahora vengo yo a contar la version desde este lado del infierno, porque prefiero ser el malo con la verdad que ser el santo de las mentiras.
cena: 48,59
Odisea Maldita: Un Viaje Por El Sistema de Injusticia
 Vine Seninul Gabriela Calutiu Sonnenberg 9789738931268 Editura Anamarol
cena: 44,36
Vine Seninul
 You Won't Mind If I Fight Back Nash Network 9781367837164 Blurb
Kray brothers controlled London in 1950s and 60s and was seen as fork heroes by some and nasty by others . but what was the truth behind the myth and how did twin brothers run and build The Firm with personal statements from reg and ron kray and gang members to prison friends and victims we expose the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth .
cena: 180,71
You Won't Mind If I Fight Back
 From Ghetto to Glory: The Real Life Story of Job Asim Suah Khalfani 9781524689254 Authorhouse

This book is about the trials and triumphs about the life of Asim Suah Khalfani. He was born with a single parent in a poverty-stricken home in one of the most dangerous and worst neighborhoods in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where people were more than likely to become one of four things: on drugs, selling drugs, in and out of the penal system, or dead. Take the journey as Asim explains how...

cena: 103,03
From Ghetto to Glory: The Real Life Story of Job
 Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer's Odyssey Into an Illness That Science Doesn't Understand Julie Rehemeyer 9781623367657 Rodale Books

Science journalist Julie Rehmeyer was so sick she sometimes couldn't turn over in bed. The top specialists in the world were powerless to help, and scientific research on her disease was at a near standstill. She was running out of money. And she was all alone, with no one to care for her.

Having exhausted the plausible ideas, Rehmeyer turned to an implausible one. She followed the...

cena: 111,09
Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer's Odyssey Into an Illness That Science Doesn't Understand
 Walk Like a Warrior: Inspirational True Stories of God's Encouragement on the Trail Less-Traveled Shara Bueler-Repka 9781512774818 WestBow Press

Life is an adventure. Bruce and Shara Repka (a.k.a. Pony Express Ministry) are a music ministry that travels the highways and backroads of the western United States with their two horses, Rocky and Nocona (a.k.a. The Boys).

Traversing the countryside in their fourteen-foot, short-wall, three-stall, living quarters horse trailer, they travel and minister wherever God sends them. Their,...

cena: 143,19
Walk Like a Warrior: Inspirational True Stories of God's Encouragement on the Trail Less-Traveled
 Inferno: A Doctor's Ebola Story Steven Hatch M 9781250085139 St. Martin's Press

-Hatch packs a wealth of knowledge into the book...poignant.- -Associated Press

Dr. Steven Hatch, an infectious disease specialist, first came to Liberia in November 2013 to work at a hospital in Monrovia. Six months later, several of the physicians he had served with were dead or unable to work, and Ebola had become a world health emergency. Inferno is his account...

cena: 119,15
Inferno: A Doctor's Ebola Story
 High Albania M. Edith Durham 9781365913099 Lulu.com
In High Albania, Victorian anthropologist and travel writer M (Mary) Edith Durham presents a vivid and fascinating insight into the culture, customs, people, and the lands of Northern Albania as it was in the early 20th century.
cena: 145,39
High Albania
 A Train Through Time: My Life, Real and Imagined Elizabeth Farnsworth Mark Serr 9781619028432 Counterpoint LLC
Memory and imagination are closely linked in this memoir of self discovery from an award-winning foreign correspondent.

How much of our memory is constructed by imagination? And how does memory shape our lives? As a nine-year old, Elizabeth Farnsworth struggled to understand the loss of her mother. On a cross-country trip with her father, the heartsick child searches for her mother at...

cena: 107,10
A Train Through Time: My Life, Real and Imagined
 Remembering: An Anthology of Recollections Ann Potte Sue Shannon-Jone 9781326989781 Lulu.com
A collection of short stories and poems by members of Swansea U3A.
cena: 40,13
Remembering: An Anthology of Recollections
 The Adventures of Thomas Pellow Thomas Pellow 9781366759184 Blurb
cena: 69,12
The Adventures of Thomas Pellow
 Grown-Up Child: A Memoir Chiufang Hwan 9780998673011 Sdp Publishing

CHIUFANG HWANG came to the United States from Taiwan when she was a toddler so her father could pursue a PhD. But his academic American dream stalled, forcing the family into a transient lifestyle as he chased one PhD program after another, from Texas to South Carolina and back. Always the new kid on the block, Chiufang grew...

cena: 66,58
Grown-Up Child: A Memoir
 Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes: A Personal Account of a Senior Detective in Kosovo, Iraq and Beyond Anthony Nott 9781473898912 Pen & Sword Books
Tony Nott retired from the Dorset Police in 2002 at the rank of superintendent. He had spent most of his service as a detective, and had been involved in the investigation of a number of murder cases and other serious crimes. In 2000 he led the British forensic team on exhumations in Kosovo and describes the horror and brutality carried out by Serb paramilitaries. He then worked in Bosnia for the...
cena: 133,88
Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes: A Personal Account of a Senior Detective in Kosovo, Iraq and Beyond
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