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Literatura faktu

 Good Vibrations My Life as a Beach Boy Love, Mike 9780571324699
Mike Love is a founding member of the Beach Boys. With their lush vocals and endlessly inventive arrangements, the band forged art from songs about cars, surfing and first love. But beneath the Beach Boys' wholesome appearance lurked darker truths: drugs and dissent, deceit and betrayal. This book tells their story.
cena: 55,91
Good Vibrations My Life as a Beach Boy
 Letters from OLE Rocksvold Sharon Smith Bowen 9780692919170 Sharon Bowen

Containing dozens of never-before-published letters professionally translated from Norwegian, Letters from Ole Rocksvold is a biography of immigrant and Civil War veteran, Ole Rocksvold, written by his great granddaughter. Ole fought for the Union at the "Hornets' Nest" at Shiloh, was a prisoner of war, and participated in several other battles. Fourteen poignant wartime letters are...

cena: 121,91
Letters from OLE Rocksvold
 After the Dance: My Life with Marvin Gaye Jan Gaye David Ritz 9780062135520 Amistad Press

A riveting cautionary tale about the ecstasy and dangers of loving Marvin Gaye, a performer passionately pursued by all--and a searing memoir of drugs, sex, and old school R&B from the wife of legendary soul icon Marvin Gaye.

After her seventeenth birthday in 1973, Janis Hunter met Marvin Gaye--the soulful prince of Motown with the seductive liquid voice whose chart-topping, socially...

cena: 55,91
After the Dance: My Life with Marvin Gaye
 Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn Lyndon Orr 9781544787701 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn By Lyndon Orr Eleanor -Nell- Gwyn (2 February 1650 - 14 November 1687) was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England and Scotland. Called -pretty, witty Nell- by Samuel Pepys, she has been regarded as a living embodiment of the spirit of Restoration England and has come to be considered a folk heroine, with a story echoing the...
cena: 42,51
Great Love Affairs: King Charles II. and Nell Gwyn
 Wieczny Ayrton Senna Williams Richard 9788379246809 Sine Qua Non
Kierowca wszech czasów. Tragiczny wypadek. Śmierć, która wstrząsnęła światem Formuły 1.
"Nie zostałem stworzony, by być drugi lub trzeci. Zostałem stworzony do wygrywania".
Nie umiał jeszcze dobrze chodzić, a już kartem napędzanym silnikiem z kosiarki pokonywał pierwsze zakręty wokół domu. „To przyszły mistrz świata”, powiedział o nim...
cena: 39,90
Wieczny Ayrton Senna
 Love and Success: A True Story of a Single Girl in London Maria Ximen Sharon Honeywell Daniella Blechner 9780992991999 Conscious Dreams Publishing

Love and Success is a beautiful real-life story of one woman who realised that love and success must first start within. Told with wit, love and plenty of charm, Love and Success tells the tale of a single girl from Colombia, living far away from home in London post-divorce. Through commitment to her personal growth and managing her own mind...

cena: 79,63
Love and Success: A True Story of a Single Girl in London
 The Stories They Told Me: The Life of My Deaf Parents Maria Wallisfurth Cornelia Wallisfurth Peter Jankowsky 9781944838027 Gallaudet University Press
In this heartfelt memoir, Maria Wallisfurth recounts the lives of her deaf parents in Germany from the turn of the twentieth century through the 1930s. Her mother, Maria Giefer, was born in 1897 and her father, Wilhelm Sistermann, was born in 1896. The author captures the seasonal rhythms and family life of her mother's youth in rural Germany, a time filled as much with hardship as it is with...
cena: 152,31
The Stories They Told Me: The Life of My Deaf Parents
 Profiles in Intelligence: David Muir I. M. Stu Pido 9781544867533 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
David Jason Muir (born November 8, 1973) is an American journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, the news department of the ABC broadcast-television network, based in New York City. Muir previously served as the weekend anchor for the flagship ABC News broadcast ABC World News Tonight, and the co-anchor of the ABC newsmagazine 20/20. Muir formerly acted as principal...
cena: 46,73
Profiles in Intelligence: David Muir
 The Client Decides: A Litigator's Life: Jackie Onassis, Vice President Spiro Agnew, Donald Trump, Roy Cohn, and More Martin London 9780692815878 Eastlake Press

A fascinating trial lawyer's memoir in which renowned litigator Martin London takes the reader inside cases of national importance, like the one involving his client Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in a precedent shattering First Amendment case, and representing her son John Kennedy Jr. as well. The breezy narrative also describes his trial work as part of the team that won a...

cena: 175,17
The Client Decides: A Litigator's Life: Jackie Onassis, Vice President Spiro Agnew, Donald Trump, Roy Cohn, and More
 A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myself Melisa Mel 9780999194850 Toplink Publishing, LLC

A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myself is the story of "Jo" a person who struggles through life with gender dysphoria but eventually finds her peace with herself. The story gives hope to those who are struggling within themselves while simultaneously bringing insight to those who do not understand how difficult this personal struggle can be.

One of Melisa Mel's favorite quotes is "be...

cena: 125,72
A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myself
 Terror of the Red Pants Attack on Dorchester Road Nancy Seay 9781635686302 Page Publishing, Inc.

This is a powerful, triumphant true story of motivation, faith, and determination. When I was forty-four years old I was attacked beaten and left for dead. This story describes my difficult journey for recovery. After three weeks of going from doctor to doctor two told me that the pain was all in my head. My pain was enormous, slurred speech, a limp on the left side of my body, and fear of...

cena: 54,44
Terror of the Red Pants Attack on Dorchester Road
 67 Years of Stewardship: The Warren Farm Randy Warren 9780998824604 Randy Warren
cena: 58,70
67 Years of Stewardship: The Warren Farm
 The Leaky Raft James Dalton 9781460008492 Epic Press
cena: 83,95
The Leaky Raft
 ЭТО ЗАВИСИТ ОТ МЕНЯ: 7 спос Вернеl Бослеl 9781910886397 Hertfordshire Press

Знакомтесь - замечательная книга Мэган Вернер «это зависит от...

cena: 51,88
 Without a Song Janet Logan 9781480843820 Archway Publishing
cena: 144,84
Without a Song
 Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss Frances Stroh 9780062393166 Harper Perennial

In the tradition of Rich Cohen's Sweet and Low and Sean Wilsey's Oh the Glory of it All, a memoir of a city, an industry, and a dynasty in decline, and the story of a young artist's struggle to find her way out of the ruins.

Frances Stroh's earliest memories are ones of great privilege: shopping trips to London and New York, lunches served by black-tied waiters at the...

cena: 71,77
Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss
 Laufen Und Leben Auf Der Uberholspur Bjorn Grass 9783734516900 Tredition Gmbh
Der erste Teil der Trilogie -Laufen und Leben auf der Uberholspur- schildert die Anfange der Laufkarriere von Bjorn Grass. Angefangen hat alles mit einer Diat, die nicht als solche geplant war, sondern, die das Leben schrieb. Er war gerade in einer abenteuerlichen Aktion aus der DDR geflohen und durch diesen Einschnitt in seinem Leben purzelten die Pfunde. Um nicht dem Jojo-Effekt zu verfallen,...
cena: 211,26
Laufen Und Leben Auf Der Uberholspur
 Quincy Jones: His Life in Music Clarence Bernard Henry 9781496814883 University Press of Mississippi

Quincy Jones (b. 1933) is one of the most prolific composers, arrangers, bandleaders, producers, and humanitarians in American music history and the recording and film industries. Among pop music fans he is perhaps most famous for producing Michael Jackson's album, Thriller. Clarence Bernard Henry focuses on the life, music, career, and legacy of Jones within the social, cultural,...

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Quincy Jones: His Life in Music
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