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Literatura faktu

 The Biography of Malcolm X Shanice Griffin 9781546327196 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 32,56
The Biography of Malcolm X
 How about a Martini?: The Battle Cry of Madison Ave Don Morrow 9781506904856 First Edition Design Publishing

In the Broadway Show "Little Shop of Horrors'" Don Morrow's contract reads: "A voice not unlike that of God"

A legend in his field whose experience goes back as far as television itself (63 years to be exact), you will soon discover another side to this man.

From Clint Eastwood's "A Fist Full of Dollars" to James Cameron's "Titanic" and beyond, from the beginning of...

cena: 65,56
How about a Martini?: The Battle Cry of Madison Ave
 Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance Brent Phillips 9780813169712 University Press of Kentucky

From the trolley scene in Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers's last dance on the silver screen ( The Barkleys of Broadway, 1949) to Judy Garland's timeless, tuxedo-clad performance of "Get Happy" ( Summer Stock, 1950), Charles Walters staged the iconic musical sequences of Hollywood's golden age. During his career, this Academy Award--nominated...

cena: 103,16
Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance
 Schluss Mit Der Fremdbestimmung Roswitha Schulz 9783743907522 Tredition Gmbh
Die sehr personlichen Erzahlungen der Autorin fugen sich zu einem Familienportrat voller frischer Naivitat, beginnendem Verstehen und Lebensmut zusammen. Sie berichtet von Ihrer Kindheit in der Mark Brandenburg, dem Leben in einer Pfarrei, dem Entstehen der DDR und davon, wie sich Freude, Hoffnung und Enttauschung in der DDR anfuhlen. Freiheitsdrang und Ausbruchversuche aus der starren...
cena: 108,75
Schluss Mit Der Fremdbestimmung
 Abyss of the Soul: A Life Seen Through Poem Aloysius M. Rienzo 9781634922708 Booklocker.com
cena: 64,19
Abyss of the Soul: A Life Seen Through Poem
 Markella's Odyssey Markella Karamichael 9781524695897 Authorhouse

Markella is a native Cypress. She came to America as a teenager to join her father who was an American citizen. She graduated from Indiana University majoring in foreign languages. She taught French and Spanish for decades. She currently resides in California.
Markella is the author of 2 historical novels "Cassiane" and "Irene, King and Autocrat"

cena: 56,70
Markella's Odyssey
Marianne Edwins early life was a downward spiral of disasters broken relationships, unplanned pregnancies, severe financial hardships and faithless men, in an environment of crime, violence and misogyny. Increasingly her life lacked hope, lacked peace, lacked love. Then one day, on an ordinary walk in the countryside with a friend, she had a sudden unfathomable encounter that transformed her life...
cena: 58,40
 My Vanishing African Dreams Susan M. Hall 9781681818870 Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
cena: 127,69
My Vanishing African Dreams
 The Autobiography of a Nobody...: Who Has Had an Incredible Journey Pamela T. Porter Th 9781532028823 iUniverse

Here I am A Nobody and I'm expecting you to buy another book. Why on earth would you buy a book from someone you have never heard of before?
Because I can give you 3 good reasons why you should invest in my book. Has any other author ever done that? I don't think so.
Let me show you just why my book is worth your hard-earned money.
1.) At...

cena: 93,20
The Autobiography of a Nobody...: Who Has Had an Incredible Journey
 Ludzie i gady Sepioło Mariusz 9788377002780 Czerwone i Czarne
„W więzieniu panują jasne zasady. Nie ma relacji człowiek – człowiek. Jest pan i niewolnik”

Nie było jeszcze książki, która tak szczegółowo pokazuje, jak wygląda życie w więzieniu. Reporter Mariusz Sepioło przeprowadził kilkanaście rozmów z tymi, którzy za więziennym murem spędzili lata. Skazani za poważne przestępstwa, ale też za machlojki podatkowe czy...
cena: 39,90
Ludzie i gady
 Whole Truth Revealed Khalique Syed 9781543413656 Xlibris
cena: 83,33
Whole Truth Revealed
 The Man Under the ELM Gerry Wycherley 9781848977709 Olympia Publishers
cena: 45,98
The Man Under the ELM
 Off Topic Drea Jackson 9781543412246 Xlibris
cena: 71,00
Off Topic
 Barbra: Chinese Edition Frank Brady 9780989913799 Nycreative Publishing
cena: 46,73
Barbra: Chinese Edition
 Leaving Odessa: A Survivor's Journey Gerda Fadden Laurie Greene 9781544662978 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 87,02
Leaving Odessa: A Survivor's Journey
 Naomi Naomi Miller An 9781786129703 Austin MacAuley

For Naomi life is destined to be a challenge. Born in Wolverhampton to Jamaican parents she does not know her father and her mother, desperate to be loved, seeks the pleasures of men and in the process neglects the welfare of her children. Naomi goes to school in clothes that are too small, goes to school without a coat in freezing weather and goes to school without a breakfast, all the while...

cena: 75,78
ilość książek w kategorii: 173855