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Literatura faktu

 Peter Thiel: A Biography Alan Davidson 9781544079745 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Peter Thiel is an American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and author. The PayPal cofounder and Facebook's first professional investor was ranked No. 4 on the Forbes Midas List of 2014, with a net worth of $2.2 billion, and No. 246 on the Forbes 400 in 2016, with a net worth of $2.7 billion. Thiel was born in Frankfurt, and holds German citizenship. He moved with his family to...
cena: 35,89
Peter Thiel: A Biography
 Against the Odds: A Path Forward for Rural America Bruce Vincent Nicole J. Olynk Widmar Jessica Eise 9781544035307 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
When Bruce's school principal told his parents he was too smart to be a logger, everything changed. Set apart from a family heritage society had deemed not 'good enough' for a smart son, Bruce's childhood was tortured by the thought of leaving a life he loved. Dutifully, he moved away, went to college and got a job in a city. Until he and his wife, fed up with their ill-suited life, shucked all...
cena: 57,10
Against the Odds: A Path Forward for Rural America
 American Legends: The Life of J.P. Morgan Charles River Editors 9781543292589 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
*Includes pictures
*Includes some of Morgan's quotes
*Includes a bibliography for further reading

"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther." - J.P. Morgan

A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history's most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors' American Legends...

cena: 35,89
American Legends: The Life of J.P. Morgan
 Marilyn in Manhattan: Her Year of Joy Elizabeth Winder 9781250064967 Flatiron Books

A city, a movie star, and one magical year.

In November of 1954 a young woman dressed plainly in a white oxford, dark sunglasses and a black pageboy wig boards a midnight flight from Los Angeles to New York. As the plane's engines rev she breathes a sigh of relief, lights a cigarette and slips off her wig revealing a tangle of fluffy blonde curls. Marilyn Monroe was leaving...

cena: 118,51
Marilyn in Manhattan: Her Year of Joy
 Polka Dots Action Day Planner: 160 Page 6x9 Inch Daily Planner - Passion/Goal Organizer Agenda Datebook Diary T. Thaphad 9781543258455 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Use this large 6 x 9 inch lined book as a notebook, journal or diary. Blank, lined notebook or journal holds 160 pages, more than enough room for your writing needs Write down your memories, thoughts, dreams, stories, or notes for class Features a beautiful and bright flexible softcover cover to brighten your day and makes a lovely gift as well. Now you can personalise your notebook with these...
cena: 44,36
Polka Dots Action Day Planner: 160 Page 6x9 Inch Daily Planner - Passion/Goal Organizer Agenda Datebook Diary
 Bobby: The Story of a Polio Victim Robert Goodwill 9781543223316 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is an autobiographical story of the author's life as a polio victim and a testimony of his faith. It was written for his children and grandchildren. So, that they will have a descriptive history of his life. It is hoped that it may be useful to other people who are interested in knowing more about Polio, also.
cena: 40,13
Bobby: The Story of a Polio Victim
 Ma Speaks Up: And a First Generation Daughter Talks Back Marianne Leone 9780807060049 Beacon Press
The acclaimed actress and author of Jesse: A Mother's Story tells the story of her outspoken, frequently outrageous Italian immigrant mother.
Marianne Leone's Ma is in many senses a larger-than-life character, one who might be capable, even from the afterlife, of shattering expectations. Born on a farm in Italy, Linda finds her way to the United States under dark circumstances,...
cena: 106,90
Ma Speaks Up: And a First Generation Daughter Talks Back
 My Life 2001: Age 50 - 51 Len Feder 9781543166248 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Autobiography for 2001 from diary entries.
cena: 57,10
My Life 2001: Age 50 - 51
 The Broken Toy Derradji Kaci 9781364804268 Blurb
cena: 88,83
The Broken Toy
 Our Life in Letters Douglas Knighton Maja Knighton 9781543113143 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"Letters, lots and lots of letters." A lifetime of letters. For Doug & Maja Knighton's family, the letters they wrote to friends over the course of their 38 years together (so far) tell their story. They met on Halloween 1974 and married in September 1978. From that time to this their lives have been a blur. Fortunately, between the "house letters" and the Christmas letters, much of what occurred...
cena: 116,37
Our Life in Letters
 Comply or Die Charlie Llewelle 9781542989046 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A story of one man's battle with the regulators through the decade follwoing the financial crash of 2017, while building one of the UKs premier financial retail distributors.
cena: 57,95
Comply or Die
 Real Life in Perspective Richard Mathews 9781542856874 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Real Life in Perspective is the sequel to Mr. Mathews well received 2016 release, Only in Real Life. The text takes readers back on his journey across a path less travelled as he places his perspective on the decades which shaped his life. Laugh, cry, rejoice and reflect on the life of a man who strove to return the gift of the present each and every day as a blessing to all.
cena: 38,01
Real Life in Perspective
 Gerry Studds: America's First Openly Gay Congressman Mark Robert Schneider 9781625342850 University of Massachusetts Press

Representative Gerry Studds served the Massachusetts South Shore, Cape Cod, and New Bedford congressional district from 1973 to 1997. During his first decade in the House he helped pass legislation that protected American fishermen from overfishing by international boats and limited President Ronald Reagan's wars in Central America.

The defining moment of his career, however, came in...

cena: 166,91
Gerry Studds: America's First Openly Gay Congressman
 More Than a Hair Journey: The Black Woman's Guide to Self-Love & Loc Maintenance Keisha Charmaine Felix 9781540380814 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Keisha takes you along her natural hair journey, which became her self-love journey, through teachable memoirs. Offering her perspective on a black woman's experience with family, friendships, relationships and most importantly self-love, Keisha bares it all. The role hair plays in a black woman's life is major; it impacts her confidence, sense of beauty and self-esteem. Read how transitioning...
cena: 103,55
More Than a Hair Journey: The Black Woman's Guide to Self-Love & Loc Maintenance
 The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made: A Family Memoir Flora Miller Biddle Fiona Donovan 9781628728019 Arcade Publishing
"Crucial in understanding the evolution of the American art scene."--Library Journal

Until Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney opened her studio--which evolved into the Whitney Museum almost two decades later--on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan in 1914, there were few art museums in the United States, let alone galleries for contemporary artists to exhibit their work. When the mansions of...

cena: 106,90
The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made: A Family Memoir
 A Way to Go Rhea Wells 9781781325469 Silverwood Books

Nothing could have prepared the sensitive, English, private-school girl for her new life in Australia.

Culturally dumped in the deep end, she struggles valiantly to survive - first, the turbulent trials of high school, then the somewhat bizarre challenges of living away from home in order to qualify for her rightful place at university. Following a life-threatening accident, her...

cena: 70,60
A Way to Go

This book contains real life adventures of a person who struggled in the beginning to find his way as well as his struggles to find success, even though the odds were heavily against him. It tells of some trial and tribulations he experienced along the way by not having a plan. Some of these events and stories will make you laugh, while others may make you cry.

cena: 46,58
Without a Plan
 Daffodil Helen O'Neill 9780732299200 4th Estate
cena: 103,20
 Back Home with a Vision for a Mission Pastor Jonathan K. Yeboah 9781524666033 Authorhouse

The book 'BACK HOME WITH A VISION FOR A MISSION' is all about the great and awesome miracles the Lord has done in the entire life of the author. It also shows how God was merciful upon a boy born into a Christian home, in a village, but grew up into a society of city life living in disobedience to God with his sinful behaviour. He seldom went to Church, but when he did so on one Xmas Eve, he...

cena: 87,52
Back Home with a Vision for a Mission
 Heroines of Mercy Street Pamela D. Tole 9780316392068 Back Bay Books
The true stories of the real nurses on the PBS show Mercy Street

The nurses of the Civil War ushered in a new era for medicine in the midst of tremendous hardship. While the country was at war, these women not only learned to advocate and care for patients in hostile settings, saved countless lives, and changed the profession forever, they regularly fell ill...
cena: 74,80
Heroines of Mercy Street
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