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Literatura faktu

 Will's Red Coat: The Story of One Old Dog Who Chose to Live Again Tom Ryan 9780062444981 William Morrow & Company

Boston Globe Bestseller

A true story of acceptance, perseverance, and the possibility of love and redemption as evocative, charming, and powerful as the New York Times bestseller Following Atticus.

Drawn by an online post, Tom Ryan adopted Will, a frightened, deaf, and mostly blind elderly dog, and brought him home to live with him and Atticus....

cena: 106,45
Will's Red Coat: The Story of One Old Dog Who Chose to Live Again
 Running with the Devil: Managing Van Halen Straight to the Top Noel Monk 9780062474100 Dey Street Books

The manager who shepherded Van Halen from obscurity to rock stardom goes behind the scenes to tell the complete, unadulterated story of David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, and the legendary band that changed rock music.

Van Halen's rise in the 1980s was one of the most thrilling the music world had ever seen--their mythos an epic party, a sweaty, sexy, never-ending rock extravaganza. During...

cena: 100,61
Running with the Devil: Managing Van Halen Straight to the Top
 The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir Thi Bui 9781419718779 Abrams Comicarts
National bestseller
ABA Indies Introduce Winter / Spring 2017 Selection
Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Spring 2017 Selection

An intimate and poignant graphic novel portraying one family's journey from war-torn Vietnam, from debut author Thi Bui.

This beautifully illustrated and emotional story is an evocative memoir about the search for a better future and a...

cena: 85,71
The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir
 Słynni ludzie Liderzy i przywódcy religjni R. Barsotti 9788365755575 Books
" Liderzy i przywódcy religijni to książka, prezentująca sylwetki osób, które w szczególny sposób zapisały się na kartach historii. Dzięki tej publikacji dowiesz się, kto jest twórcą ateńskiej demokracji, gdzie i w jaki sposób formułowały się pierwsze systemy prawa? W jakich okolicznościach powstała największa potęga gospodarcza współczesnego świata –...
cena: 22,90
Słynni ludzie Liderzy i przywódcy religjni
 Coastal Works: Culture of the Atlantic Edge Nicholas Allen Nick Groom Jos Smith 9780198795155 Oxford University Press, USA
In all the complex cultural history of the islands of Britain and Ireland the idea of the coast as a significant representative space is critical: a site from which to braid ideas of empire, nation, region, and archipelago. This collection presents a series of essays that create new contexts for coastal study in literary history and criticism.
cena: 252,15
Coastal Works: Culture of the Atlantic Edge
 Do You Remember?  Taylor, Alice 9781847178664
Alice Taylor takes us through her home, reflecting back on the routine of her family life growing up in rural Ireland in the 1950s - a time when food was home-baked and everything was reused. An uplifting account, full of nostalgia and wise words to treasure from Ireland's best-loved author.
cena: 55,91
Do You Remember?
 The Life of Yellowstone Kelly Jerry Keenan 9780826340368 University of New Mexico Press

In the first full-length biography of Luther Sage "Yellowstone" Kelly (1849-1928), Jerry Keenan provides a comprehensive look at this extraordinary man of the American West. After joining the army at the close of the Civil War and spending three years at outposts in Minnesota and Dakota, Kelly headed west to begin life as a frontiersman, explorer, and army scout and came to know the Upper...

cena: 140,90
The Life of Yellowstone Kelly
 My Journey with George Robyn Framilla 9781365419515 Lulu.com
This is a First-Person, Daily Log, of one woman's experience with Cancer and how it strengthened her walk with The Lord. It is nothing if not honest in every regard. It will encourage you, shock you, humble you and lift you up, as you take this marvelous journey with Robyn.
cena: 81,83
My Journey with George
 Obłoki Fergany Chwała Przemysław 9788328706156 Muza
Ginący świat koczowników, tęsknota za Rosją i marzenia o Zachodzie
Reportaż jest podróżą do świata magicznych medres i miast, a także niesamowitych gór, pasterskich zwyczajów oraz codziennych problemów mieszkańców Azji Centralnej. To opowieść o ludziach szukających własnego miejsca na gruzach nowej, postradzieckiej rzeczywistości. Rosjanach, którzy po upadku „Imperium”...
cena: 34,90
Obłoki Fergany
 Jenni: Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores Pete Salgado 9780718096151 HarperCollins Espanol
La historia jamas contada del icono musical, Jenni Rivera, relatada a traves de la perspectiva de dos exmanagers, Pete Salgado y Gabriel Vazquez, y es la base para la serie de television que se transmitira en Univision. Este libro nos lleva al ojo del huracan y ofrece una perspectiva a las estrategias y momentos que llevaron a Jenni a los titulares nacionales. Pete Salgado fue un apoyo...
cena: 67,91
Jenni: Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores
As charismatic and gifted as he was volatile, Jimmy Martin recorded dozens of bluegrass classics and co-invented the high lonesome sound. Barbara Martin Stephens became involved with the King of Bluegrass at age seventeen. Don't Give your Heart to a Rambler tells the story of their often tumultuous life together. Barbara bore his children and took on a crucial job as his booking agent when the...
cena: 83,18
Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler: My Life with Jimmy Martin, the King of Bluegrass
 Madame Recamier Francois Guizot 9781548591465 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
" ...Mme Recamier entra dans le monde a une epoque triste et impure, sous le regime du directoire, c'est-a-dire des conventionnels apres le regne et la chute de la convention, republicains sans foi, revolutionnaires decries, lasses et corrompus, mais point eclaires ni resignes, exclusivement preoccupes de leur propre sort, se sentant mourir et prets a tout faire pour vivre encore quelques jours,...
cena: 42,51
Madame Recamier
 Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded Hannah Hart 9780062457523 Dey Street Books

The wildly popular YouTube personality and author of the New York Times bestseller My Drunk Kitchen is back This time, she's stirring up memories and tales from her past.

By combing through the journals that Hannah has kept for much of her life, this collection of narrative essays deliver a fuller picture of her life, her experiences, and the things she's figured out...

cena: 64,06
Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded
 Muriel's Memories Muriel Franks Bradley 9781460291542 FriesenPress
cena: 89,68
Muriel's Memories
 Appalachia Boy: A Memoir Dr George Lucas 9780692857298 George Lucas
Dr. George Lucas, a hand surgeon in Wichita, Kansas, grew up in Somerton in southeast Ohio, a part of the state firmly located in Appalachia. His father died when George, the eldest, was just 10, leaving his mother with three kids and another on the way. The family was poor - his mother observed it was hard to tell when the Depression began and ended for them - but George, his friends and...
cena: 58,70
Appalachia Boy: A Memoir
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