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Literatura faktu

 With Honor and Fidelity: Life and Career of Colonel Nicolas Tokhadze of the French Foreign Legion Alexander Mikaberidze 9781312896987 Lulu.com
Biography of Colonel Nicolas Tokhadze of the French Foreign Legion. Born and raised in Georgia, Tokhadze immigrated to France after the Bolshevik occupation of Georgia in 1921. Enrolling in the Foreign Legion, he served with distinction in Morocco between 1925 and 1939. During the World War II, he was sent to the 5th Foreign Regiment of the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, where he...
cena: 60,22
With Honor and Fidelity: Life and Career of Colonel Nicolas Tokhadze of the French Foreign Legion
cena: 72,35
Sieben Jahre Equal Pay Day
 It's Midnight in Berlin Pat McMann Gilchrist 9781483688268 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 83,33
It's Midnight in Berlin
 Tribulation Beast C. L. Richmond 9781453644478 Createspace
cena: 83,14
Tribulation Beast
cena: 119,40
cena: 73,95
Die Russische Revolution
 King Henry IV, Part 2 William Shakespeare 9781605974552 Book Jungle
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) is the most influential writer in English history. Shakespeare has been called The Barb of Avon and England's national poet. There are 2 narrative poems, 154 sonnets and 38 plays in his collected works. He began work as an actor and writer in London first writing comedies and historic plays. He later wrote tragedies. Romeo and Juliet, MacBeth and Othello are some...
cena: 54,81
King Henry IV, Part 2
 The Classic Authors Richard S. Hartmetz 9781482602722 Createspace
Authors have been writing since the beginning of time, but on rare occasions, a work is created which defines the genre in which it resides; a true masterpiece of literature. Of course, the art requires an artist, one of a select few that have risen to the pinnacle of their craft; achieving the mantle of legend. This book is about those 120 individuals who, for more than 2,000 years, have created...
cena: 50,81
The Classic Authors
 Mein Himmel Ist Lila Rita Harlos 9783735722553 Books on Demand
Mein Himmel ist Lila - Gib Niemals Auf Auch wenn Sie es mir zurzeit noch nicht glauben wollen, es ist tatsachlich so. Mein Himmel ist Lila Mehr noch, ich fuhle mich wie ein lebendiger Stern am Firmament. Als ware Ich ein Stuck" vom Universum - konnte die Weltgeschichte beeinflussen, konnte Dinge sehen und fuhlen und bewegen, von denen ich niemals dachte, dass es mir moglich sei - es ist moglich...
cena: 121,61
Mein Himmel Ist Lila
 Quest for Eden - Ukrainians' Quest for Paradise John I. Woronuk 9781460247754 FriesenPress
Told by a natural, seasoned story weaver Quest for Eden is a biographical novel set in the early years of Canada's 20th century. Four young immigrant families leave the only lives they'd ever known, the Austrian Empire (today's Ukraine) their people had called home for generations and set out in search of a place to put down new roots...roots in rich, black earth...roots with a future. With...
cena: 118,23
Quest for Eden - Ukrainians' Quest for Paradise
 Forever in Our Hearts Nita Mondoqedo Smith 9781413738506 PublishAmerica
Forever in Our Hearts is the heartfelt rendition of one womanas perspective of growing up in an orphanage in Washington, DC, in the 1950s and 1960s under the care of the Daughters of Charity. Her story begins when she and her younger sister are taken from their comfortable home with relatives on Capitol Hill to live in the institution. The changing mission of the Catholic Church and Catholic...
cena: 127,44
Forever in Our Hearts
 The Barkeep Fortugn Domini 9781436326001 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 87,18
The Barkeep
 Six Chapters from My Life Downunder Jiang Yang Jonathan D. Spence Howard Goldblatt 9780295966441 University of Washington Press

By now the world is familiar with the disastrous consequences of the ten year period (1966-1976) in China's history known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The mistakes of Mao Zedong's later years have been officially acknowledged, and the infamous Gang of Four publicly tried and sentence for their crimes. But on the cultural front the thaw had no sooner come than gone. A campaign...

cena: 103,68
Six Chapters from My Life Downunder
 On Falcons' Wings: An Intrepid Generation John Scharfen 9780595371747 iUniverse
If you liked Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation," you will love "On Falcons' Wings." Author John Scharfen tells the inspirational, heroic, sometimes humorous stories of American men and women living in an Air Force retired officer community. There are profiles of the:
  • Air Force officer who landed a crippled airplane backwards during WWII
  • Army officer who captured a German Mark IV tank...
  • cena: 111,54
    On Falcons' Wings: An Intrepid Generation
     The Agony of Life: The Memoir of the Innocent One Dr Kenneth Enyi   9781482807714 Partridge Africa
    The Agony of Life is a book about unconditional love, a comedy, a tragedy, a cry for the people, a cry for the nation, a cry for humanity, an agony of life and a social commentary. It is a book that narrates the agony and the hurdles that the author had to pass through in life from his birth and the abandonment by his mother, was again abandoned and left for dead during the Nigerian-Biafran war,...
    cena: 125,69
    The Agony of Life: The Memoir of the Innocent One
    cena: 158,36
    Migration - Flucht - Integration
    ilość książek w kategorii: 173855