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Royal Sessions 2: My Psychotherapy with Princess Diana & Princess Grace Paul Dawson 9781546586166 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - książka


Royal Sessions 2: My Psychotherapy with Princess Diana & Princess Grace

Dr. Paul Dawson's ROYAL SESSIONS 2: MY PSYCHOTHERAPY WITH PRINCESS DIANA & PRINCESS GRACE is based on more intensive psychotherapy sessions Dr. Dawson had with Princess Diana and Princess Grace. Dr. Dawson conducted therapy sessions in Monaco with Princess Grace from July 1981 to June, 1982. Now, for the first time, Dr. Dawson tells Grace Kelly's story based on tape-recorded transcripts of the therapy sessions. Beautiful movie legend and royal princess, Grace Kelly revealed her shocking secret life, her compulsion with alcoholism, and her impulsive sex addiction in unguarded, intimate psychotherapy sessions. She was the virginal ice princess of Hollywood who won an Oscar as Best Actress for THE COUNTRY GIRL, fell in love with a dashing European prince, retired from Hollywood movies at age 26, married her prince charming, and became Princess Grace of Monaco. Behind the fairy tale facade was a beautiful, complex woman whose life became a nightmare. Only Dr. Paul Dawson knew the hell that Princess Grace was living. A secret he has kept for 35 years...until now. Dr. Paul Dawson also presents an insider's viewpoint on Princess Diana. Dr. Dawson was her psychotherapist from January 1996 to August 1997. Dr. Dawson drew on verbatim psychotherapy transcripts to reveal an astonishing, fresh look at the most glamorous and famous woman in the world. Reading her therapy sessions exposes the real Princess Diana behind the veneer of the rising star who overcame a tumultuous royal marriage, suicide attempts, bulimia, self-destructive cutting, depression, and fears of abandonment. Her candid, blunt, and upfront therapy comments uncover the authentic, genuine, and real Diana, haunted by inner pain, in her last years spiraling down, always picking the wrong man starting with Prince Charles and bottoming-out with Dodi Fayed. Dr. Dawson looked past her smiling facade, looked deep into Princess Diana's eyes, and saw her screaming for help. Her meltdown was imminent. Dr. Dawson has written over 30 books including: ANGELINA JOLIE PSYCHOANALYZED; BIPOLAR ZOO; BIPOLAR JUNGLE; BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER; BPD RECOVERY; CHARACTER INTELLIGENCE (CI); CAMPUS KILLER'S SECRET OBSESSION; GRACE KELLY SESSIONS; HOW TO GET SOBER; JACKIE O SESSIONS; JACKIE ONASSIS IN THERAPY; JFK JR MURDERED; JODI ARIAS; MANSON INTERVIEWS RAW; MARILYN MONROE DIAGNOSED; MASKS OF A LADY KILLER; MASKS of PREDATORS; MASKS of SEX PREDATORS; MASKS of TED BUNDY; MY PRINCESS DIANA THERAPY SESSIONS; MY TED BUNDY INTERVIEWS RAW ; NARCOTERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS; PRINCESS DIANA DIAGNOSED; PSYCHOLOGY OF HIDDEN INFLUENCE; PSYCHOLOGY of MEN WHO ABUSE WOMEN; PSYCHOPATHS; ROCK STARS DIAGNOSED; ROYAL SESSIONS; SEX CRIMES; SEX, LOVE & SMART DATING; SKULL SCRAPERS: A CAMILLE LAURENT THRILLER (series of thriller novels); SPIES & ASSASSINS; SPIRITUAL THERAPY; TERRORIST IMPERATIVE; THE MASKS OF KARLA HOMOLKA.

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Royal Sessions 2: My Psychotherapy with Princess Diana & Princess Grace
Kategorie: Literatura faktu
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Biography & Autobiography > Royalty
Wydawca: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9781546586166
Rok wydania: 2017
Ilość stron: 268
Waga: 0.62 kg
Wymiary: 27.99 x 21.59 x 1.42 cm
Oprawa: Miękka
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Dawson, Paul Paul Dawson is a professional field researcher, ar... więcej >