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Literatura piękna

 Falconer John Cheever 9780099583134 VINTAGE
This story of human redemption explores an ex-professor's experiences as a prison inmate. 'Falconer' tells the story of the man, his crime and punishment and his struggle to remain a man as he comes to terms with how his life has changed forever.
cena: 56,23
 Stolen T S Learner 9780751550580 Sphere Books
Zurich, 1983. A Roma gypsy lies dead in front of a smart watchmaker's window. His sacrifice will lead to the discovery of a remarkable treasure, kept hidden by the Nazis for decades. But this mysterious artefact is much more than it seems - and its power will not be contained...Widowed physicist Matthias von Holindt has been lost in his own world for far too long. But when his estranged father is...
cena: 41,23
 Story of Our Life A Bittersweet Love Story Low, Shari 9781786692450
Shauna and Colm's marriage was going to be forever, the dream come true... until it wasn't. So what would you do if your 'happy ever after' was taken from you?
cena: 46,23
Story of Our Life A Bittersweet Love Story
 In the Skin of a Lion Picador Classic Ondaatje, Michael 9781509823345 Picador Classic
cena: 51,23
In the Skin of a Lion Picador Classic
 History Man Picador Classic Bradbury, Malcolm 9781509823390 Picador Classic
cena: 51,23
History Man Picador Classic
 Villette Lisa Evans Charlotte Bronte 9781840026405 Oberon Books
Arguably Bronte's most refined and deeply felt work, Villette draws on her experiences as a student in Brussels as well as her profound loneliness following the deaths of her three siblings. Lucy Snowe, the narrator of Villette, flees from an unhappy past in England to begin a new life as a teacher at a French boarding school in the great cosmopolitan capital of Villette. Soon Lucy's struggle for...
cena: 56,23
 Multitudes  Caldwell, Lucy 9780571313518
"Beautifully crafted, and so finely balanced that she holds the reader right up against the tender humanity of her characters." - Eimear McBride From Belfast to London and back again the eleven stories that comprise Caldwell's first collection explore the many facets of growing up - the pain and the heartache, the tenderness and the joy, the fleeting and the formative - or "the drunkenness...
cena: 46,23
A girl grows up in the shadow of WWII Finland.
cena: 46,28
Iron Age
 English Guide to Birdwatching  0 9781908434944
Nicholas Royle's magnificent second novel combines a page-turning story about literary theft, adultery and ambition with a deeply moving investigation into our relationship to birds and the environment.
cena: 56,23
English Guide to Birdwatching
 Women Who Blow on Knots  Temelkuran, Ece 9781910901694
A phenomenon in Turkey with more than 120,000 copies sold, Women who Blow on Knots chronicles a voyage reaching from Tunisia to Lebanon, taken by three young women and septuagenarian Madam Lilla.
cena: 56,23
Women Who Blow on Knots
 Maigret Goes to School  Simenon, Georges 9780241297575 Inspector Maigret
cena: 46,23
Maigret Goes to School
 Not Thomas  Gethin, Sara 9781909983625
She's knocking on the front door. She's knocking and knocking. I'm not opening the door. I'm not letting her in. I'm behind the black chair. I'm waiting for her to go away. Tomos lives with his mother. He longs to return to another place, the place he thinks of as home, and the people who lived there, but he's not allowed to see them again. He is five years old and at school, which he loves. Miss...
cena: 51,23
Not Thomas
 What I Left Behind Jacqueline Ward 9780995485532 Novelesque

One year old Maisie Lewis is missing. DC Jan Pearce is in hiding from what she left behind, but is drafted onto the case when it escalates.

What forced Jan to come back to Manchester to start a new life?

Who is she hiding from?

A chain of paper dolls and a series of sinister messages leads Jan to the truth and into the dangerous territory of her past - but is it too late for...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-04-2018
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What I Left Behind
 When We Speak of Nothing  Popoola, Olumide 9781911115458
A coming of age novel set against the backdrop of the 2011 London riots, When We Speak of Nothing launches a powerful new voice onto the literary stage. The fluid prose, peppered with contemporary slang, captures what it means to be young, black and queer in London. If grime music were a novel, it would be this.
cena: 56,23
When We Speak of Nothing
 The Drunk Detective: A Dotty Davis Comedy Suspense Mary Jean Curry 9781939665003 Prodigy Gold Books

Dotty Davis belongs to that sub-genre of hard-boiled, sleazy, overweight, boozing, and otherwise disgusting private detectives increasingly offered as protagonists working for the "betterment" of humankind. Nonetheless exhibiting a modicum of charm through her heavy-handed humor, Dotty proceeds to wiggle her way out of several murder charges after answering a middle-of-the-night call from the...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 24-03-2018
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The Drunk Detective: A Dotty Davis Comedy Suspense
 Thugs Seven Wahida Clark 9781944992774 Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC

Romance and Thug Lovin' is at its pinnacle in part 7 of the Thug Series. Trae and Tasha fight to hold on to what they have after he's released from prison, but when Trae is given a package containing some damning information regarding Tasha, is there any hope of salvaging the relationship? Kyra has to decide who she will choose: her unborn baby or Rick, the man she loves, but who is in another...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 19-03-2018
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Thugs Seven
 Hamlet  9781786822246 Oberon Books
Following the Almeida's recent sold out run, Robert Icke's new production of Hamlet transfers to the West End for a strictly limited season this summer.
cena: 56,23
A tender, dark and funny look at a co-dependent relationship between a brother and a sister, and how they cope when the world bursts in on them. It explores how, in an age of anxiety, we live alongside those different to us.
cena: 56,23
The House They Grew Up in
Kevin Elyot's evocative final play. A heartbreakingly funny tale of fathers and sons, desire and regret, and lives half lived. From the writer of My Night With Reg.
cena: 56,23
Twilight Song
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