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Literatura piękna

 Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders Kate Griffin 9780571302697 Faber & Faber, London
Limehouse, 1880: Dancing girls are going missing from "Paradise" - the criminal manor with ruthless efficiency by the ferocious Lady Ginger. Seventeen-year-old music hall seamstress Kitty Peck finds herself reluctantly drawn into a web of blackmail, depravity, and murder when The Lady devises a singular scheme to discover the truth. But as Kitty's scandalous and terrifying act becomes the talk of...
cena: 46,82
Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders
 Family Circles Alan Ayckbourn 9780573017643 0

Looking at Edward Gray's three daughters and their unsuitable husbands, it is difficult to disagree with his pronouncement that we all marry the wrong person. It is also impossible not to laugh at the results hilariously portrayed in this early play by the master of English comedy that is being published for the first time. Indeed, even Edward's marriage to mousy Emma isn't all clear sailing,...

cena: 84,85
Family Circles
 Kennedy's Children Robert Patrick 9780573611261 0
This is an evocative drama of American idealism and the tragic fallout from the euphoria of the 1960s. Five lost souls are gathered in a bar, Valentine's Day, 1974: Wanda, a secretary-turned-schoolteacher, keeping John Kennedy's memory alive despite the inevitable slurs; Sparger, an actor grown bitter and cynical as New York's vital underground theatre movement becomes a commercial wasteland;...
cena: 68,11
Kennedy's Children
 Perfect Judith McNaught 9780671795535 0
From the New York Times bestselling author of the Paradise and Westmoreland Dynasty series comes a romantic adventure that seamlessly melds danger and desire.

A rootless foster child, Julie Mathison has blossomed under the love showered upon her by her adoptive family. Now a lovely and vivacious young woman, she is a respected teacher in her small Texas town and is determined to give...

cena: 38,51
 Jump Martina Cole 9780755374083 0
THE JUMP by Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Martina Cole is a gripping novel that tells the truth about prison. The 'undisputed queen of crime writing' (Guardian), Martina's unique, powerful storytelling will appeal to fans of Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell.

You might break out, but you'll never be free.

Donna Brunos will do anything for her...

cena: 52,17
 Some Day I'll Find You Richard Madeley 9781471112638 0
From the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, Fathers & Sons, comes a beautifully written novel set just before World War II.
James Blackwell is a sexy and handsome fighter pilot--every girl's dream. At least that is what Diana Arnold thinks when her brother first introduces them. Before long they are in love and marry hastily just as war is declared.
Then fate delivers what...
cena: 47,07
Some Day I'll Find You
 Johnny Be Good Paige Toon 9781471129575 SIMON & SCHUSTER UK
Why do good girls always fall for bad boys? With a boss who's the hottest rock star on the planet, a celebrity personal assistant can't help but mix business with pleasure in Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon's charming novel.
I'm Meg Stiles. This is my leaving party. And that song we're making a mockery of? That's written by one of the biggest rock stars in the world. And...
cena: 47,07
Johnny Be Good
 Master of War David Gilman 9781781850107 0
England, 1346: for Thomas Blackstone the choice is easy dance on the end of a rope for a murder he did not commit, or take up his war bow and join the king's invasion of France.As he fights his way across northern France, Blackstone will learn the brutal lessons of war from the terror and confusion of his first taste of combat, to the savage realities of siege warfare.Vastly outnumbered, Edward...
cena: 57,28
Master of War
 Treasure Island   9781846071089 BBC AUDIOBOOKS
No-one can fail to be captivated by the swashbuckling piracy of Treasure Island. Having outwitted a band of pirates to obtain a map disclosing the whereabouts of Captain Flint's treasure, Young Jim sets sail for Treasure Island. But the crew of the Hispaniola are not what they seem. Revealing themselves as another gang of cut throats, led by the villainous Long John Silver, they are...
cena: 73,92
Treasure Island
 Sacred Sword Scott Mariani 9781847561985 0



It's Christmas, and on a trip back to the UK to try to sort out his stormy personal life, ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope runs into two old friends. Simeon and Michaela were once his fellow students at Oxford - now they are the Reverend and Mrs...

cena: 47,07
Sacred Sword
 The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence: The Manly Art of Bartitsu as Used Against Professor Moriarty Ew Barton-Wright 9781907332739 0
When Sherlock Holmes wrestled with Dr Moriarty on the Reichenbach Falls, he was employing a system of self-defence that was all the rage in Victorian Britain. In an age when footpads and fogle-snatchers meant a man of breeding took his life in his hands when walking across town, a martial arts craze took hold that did not escape Conan-Doyle's keen eye for research. Schools sprung up all over...
cena: 52,17
The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence: The Manly Art of Bartitsu as Used Against Professor Moriarty
 A Handful of Sand Marinko Koscec 9781908236074 0
A Handful of Sand is a love story and an ode to lost opportunity. Now far from his homeland, the novel's protagonist looks back on his life, from his childhood, university days and first working experience to more intimate emotional events, making critical observations on human relationships and human existence. Interchanging with the chapters written in the narrator s voice are those narrated by...
cena: 51,96
A Handful of Sand
 The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth-Century Novel J. A. J. Downie 9780199566747 Oxford University Press, USA
Although the emergence of the English novel is generally regarded as an eighteenth-century phenomenon, this is the first book to be published professing to cover the 'eighteenth-century English novel' in its entirety. This Handbook surveys the development of the English novel during the 'long' eighteenth century-in other words, from the later seventeenth century right through to the first three...
cena: 442,61
The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth-Century Novel
 The Counsellor Gillian Jackson   9781782997689 FeedARead.com
Widowed at twenty-nine, Maggie Sayer's perfect world is shattered and she struggles to cope with overwhelming grief. It does, however, become the catalyst for a complete change of focus, as Maggie trains to become a therapeutic counsellor, eventually finding fulfilment in helping others to overcome their problems.

Julie lives in fear of an abusive husband and struggles to protect her...
cena: 70,46
The Counsellor
 The Annotated Mansfield Park Jane Austen David M. Shapard 9780307390790 Anchor Books
From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park that makes her story of an impoverished girl living with her wealthy relatives an even more satisfying read. Here is the complete text of Austen's own favorite novel with more than 2,300 annotations on facing pages, including:
● Explanations of historical...
cena: 78,68
The Annotated Mansfield Park
 Pretence Gillian Jackson   9781782998129 FeedARead.com
For Rae Chapman the months before her wedding should be the happiest time of her life but the same troubling nightmare that disturbed her sleep in childhood has returned once more. Could something from the past be trying to re-surface? Are they only dreams, or long lost memories? Rae begins a journey to find out more about her past and discovers a family secret which throws her world into...
cena: 71,36
 Himmel Und Holle Yves Patak 9783849567132 Tredition
cena: 140,31
Himmel Und Holle
 Ye Gods!2 Stephen Elder 9781304169983 Lulu.com
Stephen Elder's first collection of short stories was entitled Ye Gods because it had several stories involving deities. Ye Gods 2 has only one such tale. Instead, this second collection offers penetrating analyses of ancient and modern history ("Stone Age Tax Time" and "Lewis Books a Trip), plus pioneering essays on zoology ("The Ant Olympics" and "Interview with I'll Have Another"). The author...
cena: 79,11
Ye Gods!2
 Master of War David Gilman 9781781850596 Head Of Zeus
England, 1346: for Thomas Blackstone the choice is easy--dance on the end of a rope for a murder he did not commit, or take up his war bow and join the king's invasion of France.As he fights his way across northern France, Blackstone will learn the brutal lessons of war--from the terror and confusion of his first taste of combat, to the savage realities of siege warfare.Vastly outnumbered, Edward...
cena: 47,07
Master of War
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