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Literatura piękna

 William Shakespeare's the Taming of the Shrew: A Retelling in Prose David Bruce 9781304993458 Lulu.com
This is an easy-to-read retelling of William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." In it, Katherina vows before God - in the marriage ceremony - to love, honor, and obey her husband, but very quickly she makes it apparent that she is not taking her vow seriously. Her husband, Petruchio, is determined to convince her to take that vow seriously. At the end of this book, Katherina makes a...
cena: 50,65
William Shakespeare's the Taming of the Shrew: A Retelling in Prose
 William Shakespeare's Much ADO about Nothing: A Retelling in Prose David Bruce 9781312097704 Lulu.com
This is an easy-to-read retelling of William Shakespeare's classic romantic comedy ""Much Ado About Nothing."" In it, Beatrice and Benedick engage in verbal battles each time they meet, and yet they fall in love.
cena: 49,52
William Shakespeare's Much ADO about Nothing: A Retelling in Prose
 William Shakespeare's the Tempest: A Retelling Prose David Bruce 9781312167568 Lulu.com
This is an easy-to-read retelling of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest." This is the last play he wrote by himself, although later he co-wrote two plays with John Fletcher. In "The Tempest," Prospero, who lives on a mostly deserted island with his daughter, Miranda, uses his magic powers to regain his rightful place as Duke of Milan.
cena: 44,43
William Shakespeare's the Tempest: A Retelling Prose
 104070 Pete Conrad 9781312524392 Lulu.com
This book from Pete Conrad marks his entry into the literate arts. Songs written while at work when he should have been working, poetry about the Middle-Class American Disaster, short stories that explore the literary process of creating novels, and essays written while an adult student at the University of South Florida. 104070 (tenfortyseventy) documents the life of a budding author and...
cena: 73,66
 Babe: An Olympian Musical Carolyn Gage Music by Andrea Jill Higgins 9781312616813 Lulu.com
The show is a big, brassy, full-cast, mainstage musical, featuring a high school gymnasium dance and beauty pageant, a choreographed jazz interpretation of a women's basketball game, a pajama party on the Olympic train, a tango at the country club, and one of the most stunning love duets in musical theatre. Numbers include "Let the Boys Lead the Dance," "Raise the Bar ," "Readin' the Green," and...
cena: 50,11
Babe: An Olympian Musical
 Earthlight (Clair de Terre): Poems Andre Breton Bill Zavatsky Zack Rogow 9780996007931 Black Widow Press
Best known in the United States as the mastermind of the Surrealist movement and as the author of Nadja, Andre Breton has always enjoyed in Europe the reputation of being a brilliant poet as well. Bill Zavatsky s and Zack Rogow s award winning translation of Breton s Earthlight (Clair de terre) introduces the English-language audience to the delights and complexities of Breton s amazing poetry....
cena: 83,18
Earthlight (Clair de Terre): Poems
 The Water Stealer Maurice Riordan 9780571303137 FABER & FABER
These poems report on worlds both robust and delicate, from boisterous pub-bluff to the oxygen bubble of an exquisite underwater spider. Whether situated in the quiet lanes of his native Co Cork or amid the bustle of his adopted London, Riordan's poems exist between many states, poised at once in the grip of both activity and stillness, concerned with speaking and listening to what he hauntingly...
cena: 71,62
The Water Stealer
 Todlicher Schatten Yves Patak 9783732306367 Tredition Gmbh
Sommer in New York City. Marc Renner, Lehrer fur englische Literatur und erfolgloser Schriftsteller, findet sich in einer fatalen Abwartsspirale: Jobverlust, Kampfscheidung, seine Freundin verlasst ihn. Doch kurz vor dem finanziellen Desaster stolpert er uber eine mysteriose Zeitungsannonce: Kaufe Ihre alte Geschichte." Schweren Herzens verkauft Marc das Manuskript seines Thrillers einem...
cena: 129,26
Todlicher Schatten
 Terapiaa Johanna Borman 9789522869913 Books on Demand
cena: 62,54
 A Flor de Piel Julie Pujol-Karel 9781304991638 Lulu.com
En las malas circunstancias se conocen a los buenos... Queridos amigos lectores: A lo largo de esta enfermedad, he luchado tenazmente para seguir adelante con la ayuda de Dios, de mis familiares y amigos. Despues de esto, he aprendido muchas cosas nuevas y a diferenciar quienes aman de verdad no por conveniencia. Que bonita experiencia
cena: 88,29
A Flor de Piel
 University Days Laura Solomon   9789888227617 Proverse Hong Kong
UNIVERSITY DAYS is one of a series of young adult novellas, set in London. Here, fraternal twins, Olivia and Melanie, are aged eighteen. Olivia is studying at Imperial College and Melanie at the Royal Academy of Music. Their father, a previously unsuccessful writer, has three books accepted by a major UK publisher and marries again. The girls' mother also marries for a second time. The most...
cena: 87,22
University Days
 My Mother's Kitchen Meera Ekkanath Klein 9781938846700 Homebound Publications

My Mother's Kitchen is an enchanting place filled with promise, change and good food. If the weathered walls of this magical room could talk they would tell the story of Meena and her childhood life. Each chapter is a slice in her young life and depicts her spunk and youthful spirit. A visit to the local Fruit and Flower Show becomes an adventure as told by Meena. Her distress at finding out...

cena: 75,47
My Mother's Kitchen
 Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail Zane Grey 9780765382399 Forge

Riders of the Purple Sage

Zane Grey's most enduring classic--the book that invented the myth of the American West. In the little village of Cottonwoods, Utah, Mormon rancher Jane Withersteen endures persecution, religious zealots, and cattle rustlers trying to prey on her land. Aided by Lassiter, the famous gunman, Jane and her friends must escape the clutches of her most...

cena: 44,79
Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail
 Black Ceremonies Charles Black   9780957453524 Parallel Universe Publications

Eric Ian Steele is a novelist and screenwriter from Manchester, England. He is the writer of the horror novel The Autumn Man, as well as the thriller feature film The Student (2017) and the action/sci-fi feature film Clone Hunter (2010). He won the prestigious Writers on the Storm screenwriting contest in 2012 and has had short films produced across the USA. He has...

cena: 111,50
Black Ceremonies
 Wahrspruchworte Rudolf Steiner   9783958010239 Severus
cena: 96,36
 Wired Julie Garwood 9780525954460 Dutton Adult

"Once again, Garwood delivers another suspenseful, highly entertaining and romantic story line in Wired."--The Associated Press

A beautiful computer hacker and a bad-boy FBI agent must collaborate--in more ways than one--in the sizzling new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood.

Allison Trent doesn't...

cena: 110,34
 Takeoff: Seeing Beyond the Clouds Austin Jackson 9781312525177 Lulu.com
Austin, a young boy, in a rough neighborhood, grows up to be a Senior pilot for Dal Airlines. After a buzzer goes off on his flight, some old emotions are triggered that cause him to make some tough decisions that could ruin his family. As if things weren't bad enough, a man enter's their lives that could not only ruin his marriage, but divide his family. Will he be willing to fight for his...
cena: 97,97
Takeoff: Seeing Beyond the Clouds
 Ctrl-Alt-Delete Dave Lewis 9781471019111 Lulu.com
cena: 56,56
 Hochgericht Monika Martin 9783734738968 Books on Demand
Friedhelm Eck, ein erfolgreicher Nurnberger Gastronom, erhitzt mit einem neuen, makabren Projekt die Gemuter: Erlebnisgastronomie in den Lochgefangnissen, mit Buerhemd, Daumenschraube und Henkersmahlzeit. Eine Burgerinitiative versucht, mit Petitionen und Demonstrationen das Projekt zu stoppen. Eines Morgens wird die Sprecherin der Burgerinitiative tot aufgefunden. Als bekannt wird, dass bei ihr...
cena: 58,10
 After Everyone's Dead Chris Cummings 9781312460966 Lulu.com
"You can't lose hope. Without hope, then you have nothing." After the world takes away everything, the only thing anyone can do is try to get it back and survive. Alone, distraught, and broken a man will do anything to piece his mind back together. Chris Wake finds himself in a dark shell of the world he used to know. Constantly fighting against the undead for his life and the lives of his...
cena: 70,62
After Everyone's Dead
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