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Dla dorosłych

 Party Wife 2 Laran Mithras 9781546850106 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 58,86
Party Wife 2
 Guitars and Cages Layla Dorine 9781547068111 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 71,00
Guitars and Cages
 Miss Roberts Gets Naked: Between the Legs Liz Tango 9781547182565 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 46,32
Miss Roberts Gets Naked: Between the Legs
 The Voyeur Aunt Anonymous                                Locus Elm Press 9781548431938 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 62,91
The Voyeur Aunt
 Permanent Jet Lag A. N. Casey 9781947139114 Ninestar Press
cena: 50,77
Permanent Jet Lag
 My Paperback Book Jogeeho 9781365970849 Lulu.com
2 women. 2 worlds. 2 broken lives. Looking for love, comfort and sanity in the most unlikely of places. For Toni, it was a journey home to reconnect with family and friends after ten years in Shanghai. Much had changed. Her mother now a widow and she, single again. Her best friend, a once-abandoned dog. Alcohol, her drug and painkiller. The other, a young lady from China. Leaving her country and...
cena: 52,11
My Paperback Book
 Kleine Portionen: 111 Sehr Kurze Geschichten Und 1 Rezept Dieter Moitzi 9781544816708 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"Kleine Portionen" ist eine Geschichte, die in ... kleinen Portionen serviert wird. In genau 111 kurzen Kapiteln - und einem Rezept. Um die vielfaltigen Facetten des modernen Lebens zu sondieren, hat der Autor die literarische Form der Vignette gewahlt; es handelt sich dabei um kurze, impressionistische Szenen, die sich auf eine Momentaufnahme oder die pointierte Beschreibung eines Charakters,...
cena: 42,32
Kleine Portionen: 111 Sehr Kurze Geschichten Und 1 Rezept
 Satin K. C. Wells Meredith Russell 9781548711689 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Can a touch of Satin bring a straight copper to his knees? Detective Joel Hunter is on surveillance when he first lays eyes on Satin, the singer with the amazing voice, which is as beautiful as she is. But when the stake-out comes to an end, he can't resist going back to the bar. He gets a shock when he learns what lies beneath the satin dress, but an even bigger one when he realizes he's...
cena: 50,77
 L'Homme de L'Annee Sarina Bowen Laure Valentin 9781942444381 Rennie Road Books
Ce qui se passe au lycee reste au lycee. En theorie... Il y a cinq ans, Michael Graham a trahi la seule personne qui l'ait jamais vraiment connu. Depuis, il est passe maitre dans l'art de cacher son orientation sexuelle aux autres et de se mentir a lui-meme. Imaginez sa stupeur quand son passe fait irruption dans les vestiaires de l'Universite de Harkness, avec un sac de hockey et ce petit...
cena: 66,99
L'Homme de L'Annee
 Luke & Aiden Susan Reeves Bawd Designs 9781546656340 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 46,77
Luke & Aiden
 Making a Menage: Bwwm Mmf Menage Erotica Laran Mithras 9781548165055 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 62,91
Making a Menage: Bwwm Mmf Menage Erotica

Siren MEnage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative MEnage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA] After catching his partner with another man, Marcus Cahn leaves his Florida home for Virginia to find solace at his sister Eve's. As he attempts to put his life together, Marcus finds himself accepting a date from the dark and sexy Rob Rodriguez--who, Marcus discovers, already has a boyfriend in the blond and...

cena: 60,20
Unexpected Pleasures (Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove)
 That Doesn't Belong Here Dan Ackerman 9781944591410 Supposed Crimes, LLC

That Doesn't Belong Here begins when Levi and his friend Emily discover an impossible creature in an abandoned pick up. The thing is wounded, frightened and the two friends cannot leave him to the mercy of rubberneckers and tourists. This novel explores what it means to be a person, as the creature, Kato, begins to display not mere intelligence or friendliness but what can only be...

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That Doesn't Belong Here
 The Joy of Denial MS Rika 9781365959189 Lulu.com
""I find few more satisfying exhibitions of power and control than deliberately creating desire - only to capriciously deny it."" Ms. Rika uses her extensive experience in the world of D/s to create five reality-based stories of desperation, lust, and love in a world of female dominance. If you've ever enjoyed the thrill of control, you'll love reading Ms. Rika's evil, creative, and somewhat...
cena: 107,14
The Joy of Denial
 The Road Ahead: Best Friends to Lovers Miles Camp 9781973730163 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Life was simple and easy for Max Green and Terry Pride. Two best friends, fresh out of college, ready to make it in the 'big world.' But a break up with a long-term girlfriend puts Max's life off the path he'd envisioned, questioning himself and his future. Best friend to the end, Terry decides the best thing to get Max's mind off his ill-timed break-up is a road trip - just the two of them, best...
cena: 58,86
The Road Ahead: Best Friends to Lovers
ilość książek w kategorii: 21728