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 Villette Lisa Evans Charlotte Bronte 9781840026405 Oberon Books
Arguably Bronte's most refined and deeply felt work, Villette draws on her experiences as a student in Brussels as well as her profound loneliness following the deaths of her three siblings. Lucy Snowe, the narrator of Villette, flees from an unhappy past in England to begin a new life as a teacher at a French boarding school in the great cosmopolitan capital of Villette. Soon Lucy's struggle for...
cena: 55,70
It's 1979, rubbish is on the streets of Lockleaze, and growing up is tricky for Fiz, Higgy and Ginger. Rick remembers what it's like to be a teenager. So when he decides to build a junk playground, he's pretty sure he has the charisma to get a bunch of reluctant kids involved. He's wrong. This brilliantly honest and witty new musical is a coming-of-age story about friendship and standing up for...
cena: 55,70
I just don't know if I'm ever happy. Like, really truly happy. Even if you sent me up to space, by day four I'd be worrying if I had enough stuff on my Kindle..." What makes us truly happy? Health? Family? Professional success? Blasting it in the gym? Romance? Pills? Or are we ignoring the bigger stuff? Real life-changing stuff that can devastate the world if we just keep ignoring it. Glenn...
cena: 55,70
The Here and This and Now
A tender, dark and funny look at a co-dependent relationship between a brother and a sister, and how they cope when the world bursts in on them. It explores how, in an age of anxiety, we live alongside those different to us.
cena: 55,70
The House They Grew Up in
 The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing Douglas M. Lanier Dympna Callaghan 9781472571489 Arden Shakespeare

Shakespeare's engagement with anti-Semitic tradition is a notoriously disturbing feature of The Merchant of Venice. Douglas Lanier carefully shows how Shakespeare shuttles between language that emphasises irreconcilable differences, and language that emphasizes common humanity, and how you can productively analyse this language for yourself.The language of business-of monetary value,...

cena: 55,70
The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing
 Sugar Baby  9781848426740 Nick Hern Books
Oggy wants Lisa. Lisa wants Marc. Marc wants to survive the day. Sugar Baby is a new one-man comedy from critically acclaimed writer Alan Harris.
cena: 55,70
Sugar Baby
Kevin Elyot's evocative final play. A heartbreakingly funny tale of fathers and sons, desire and regret, and lives half lived. From the writer of My Night With Reg.
cena: 55,70
Twilight Song
 Coming Clean  9781848426849 Nick Hern Books
The first play from Kevin Elyot, the writer of My Night with Reg. A tie-in publication alongside the 35th anniversary production of this sexy, funny, moving landmark drama that questions the nature of fidelity and the limits of love.
cena: 55,70
Coming Clean
August Strindberg's Miss Julie was written at a time of industrial and social unrest, a ground-breaking masterpiece that still provokes and shocks audiences today. Award-winning playwright Howard Brenton brings Strindberg's genius to life in this brilliant new adaptation premiering in July 2017.
cena: 55,70
Miss Julie
 Hamlet  9781786822246 Oberon Books
Following the Almeida's recent sold out run, Robert Icke's new production of Hamlet transfers to the West End for a strictly limited season this summer.
cena: 55,70
 Plays: One  9781848426924 Nick Hern Books
A first collection of plays from the acclaimed British dramatist. Includes The Pride, Apologia, Faith Machine, Bracken Moor and Sunset at the Villa Thalia.
cena: 100,21
Plays: One
 Locker Room Talk  9781786822857 Oberon Books
cena: 55,70
Locker Room Talk
 Apologia (2017 Edition)  9781848426931 Nick Hern Books
A new edition of the acclaimed drama published alongside the 2017 West End revival, starring Hollywood and Broadway icon Stockard Channing. Apologia is a witty, topical and passionate play about generations, secrets, and warring perspectives.
cena: 55,70
Apologia (2017 Edition)
 Ugly Lies the Bone    9781848426443 Nick Hern Books
cena: 55,70
Ugly Lies the Bone
A new play about one woman's experience of a refuge and a mother's commitment to do the best for her daughter.
cena: 55,70
Box Clever
 Mr Thomas Kathy Burke   9781848426498 Nick Hern Books
The blackly comic story of a closeted homosexual in 1950s London, Mr Thomas is Kathy Burke's first play, premiered at the Old Red Lion in Islington in 1990 starring Ray Winstone.
cena: 55,70
Mr Thomas
 Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer Annette J. Saddik 9781107433908 Cambridge University Press
This book explores Williams' late plays in terms of a 'theatre of excess', which seeks liberation through exaggeration, chaos, ambiguity, and laughter.
cena: 133,64
Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer
 Flash, Bam, Alakazam  9780573132438 Samuel French Ltd

Elsie, an elderly widow, lives alone and avoids socialising with her neighbours, believing "it doesn't do, to get involved." Then a new couple, Kate and Adrian, move in across the road and their young son Jamie invites Elsie round for tea. Soon the pair are inseparable, with Elsie being drafted in as babysitter whenever Kate and Adrian are out. When Jamie strays too close to the garden pond...

cena: 59,98
Flash, Bam, Alakazam
 Nobody's Fool  9780573115189 Samuel French Ltd

As anyone familiar with Simon Williams' play Nobody's Perfect will know, the popular romantic novelist Myrtle Banbury is none other than divorced, male, statistician Lenny. In this sequel Lenny finds himself with the problem of how to conduct a TV interview without having to appear to the nation in drag Just as the situation appears to be under control, an additional complication arrives in...

cena: 84,35
Nobody's Fool
 Cicatrices del Alma Lilia Gonzalez Sanchez 9781537773575 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Cicatrices del alma es una historia de vida, de vidas... De hombres y mujeres anonimos, comunes, que suenan y luchan, que rien y lloran con sus triunfos o sus fracasos. Son historias actuales de personas que atraviesan por situaciones penosas, limites de desempleo, de injusticia social, de violencia... Cicatrices del alma somos todos y cada uno de nosotros..."
cena: 135,78
Cicatrices del Alma
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