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 Big Wind  Coogan, Beatrice 9781786695543
Born during a storm in 1839, Sterrin grows up during Ireland's darkest years, but sustaining her throughout it all is the forbidden love she harbours for a household servant. A tempestuous novel of love and courage.
cena: 52,08
Big Wind
 Black Moon  Graham, Winston 9781509856954 Poldark
cena: 46,99
Black Moon
 Four Swans  Graham, Winston 9781509856961 Poldark
cena: 46,99
Four Swans
 Moon of Hardship Robert Sasse 9781545483589 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
George Dugan, a traumatized Vietnam veteran, finds some peace of mind by adopting Lakota Sioux spirituality. After moving with his girlfriend to a large ranch in western Nebraska hoping to live a quiet life in a tipi, local sheriff Jim Hughes and his brother-in-law rancher, L. J. Richardson, become determined to drive Dugan from the ranch. An accident leads to the shooting death of George's...
cena: 69,10
Moon of Hardship
 The Portrait Whitney J. LeBlanc 9781532023613 iUniverse

The Portrait is a story about three people from different cultures, struggling to live through the social evolution of the 1960s. The lives of a Latino trapeze artist, a Black man survivor-of-the-streets, and the white daughter of a wealthy Bible publisher, were thrown together during the tumult and the violence of bigotry and racial hatred during the civil rights era. All these characters are...

cena: 106,23
The Portrait
 Deserter: A Novel Based on True Events Ann Barrie 9780473390655 Ann Barrie
Why would a dedicated soldier turn his back on his own country and everyone he loves? This remarkable and moving World War II novel takes the reader on a compelling journey from North Africa to Nova Scotia, from New York to Scotland, and ultimately to the extreme dangers of the Russian Arctic convoys. Based on a true story that was given to her father, Charles M Herbert, this is New Zealand...
cena: 65,07
Deserter: A Novel Based on True Events
 Katedra w Barcelonie Falcones Ildefonso 9788379858668 Albatros
Jedna z najpopularniejszych powieści hiszpańskich ostatnich lat. Ponad 4 miliony sprzedanych egzemplarzy. #1 na listach bestsellerów nieprzerwanie przez 13 miesięcy.


„Katedra w Barcelonie“ to napisana z wielkim rozmachem powieść w stylu...
Katedra w Barcelonie
 Dzieci Anny Dobraczyński Jan 9788321120034 Pax
Ta powieść, która jest kontynuacją Małżeństwa Anny, ma wiele cech autobiograficznych. Akcja jej obejmuje czas bezpośrednio po zakończeniu II wojny światowej i lata pięćdziesiąte. Realia powieści znane są starszemu pokoleniu często z jego własnych przeżyć. Przedstawiają dramatyczne losy bohaterów w kraju oraz tych powracających z emigracji na Zachodzie – polski...
Dzieci Anny
 Lord of the Sea Castle  Ruadh Butler, Edward 9781910939277
This sequel to Swordland is the second volume in the thrilling Invader series by Ruadh Butler.
cena: 52,08
Lord of the Sea Castle
 Beguiled  Cullinan, Thomas 9780241321812
cena: 52,08
 Return to Whitechapel: The Ripper's Knife Dean Jacobs   9781786121851 Austin Macauley Publishers

'You know, Mr Collins, I think our elusive Ripper's quarrel is not with the lower class females of Whitechapel... it is with you.'
Whitechapel, London, 1889: James Collins reflects on his tragically intimate relationship with the 'Jack the Ripper' killings the previous autumn and, longing to escape, takes a boat to France. He begins a new life in Paris under the tutelage of the...

cena: 57,17
Return to Whitechapel: The Ripper's Knife
 The Witchfinder's Sister Beth Underdown 9780399179143 Ballantine Books
"This is a novel for our times. . . . The Witchfinder's Sister lays] bare the visceral horror of what a witch hunt truly is."--The New York Times Book Review (Editors' Choice)

"Vivid and terrifying."--Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train and Into the Water

"Connects nicely with such dystopian classics as 1984...

cena: 118,31
The Witchfinder's Sister
 Noonday Pat Barker 9780345806246 Anchor Books
London, 1940. As bombs fall onto the blacked-out city, ambulance driver Elinor Brooke, working alongside former friend Kit Neville, races from bomb sites to hospitals, while her husband Paul Tarrant works as an air raid warden. Once fellow students at the Slade School of Fine Art before the First World War, the three now find themselves caught in another war--this time at home.
As the...
cena: 70,31
 Newton and Polly: A Novel of Amazing Grace Aimie K. Runyan 9781410495983 Thorndike Press
"Set amid the promise and challenge of the first Canadian colonies, Aimie K. Runyan s vividly rendered novel provides a fascinating portrait of the women who would become the founding mothers of New France."
In 1677, an invisible wall separates settlers in New France from their Huron neighbors. Yet whether in the fledgling city of Quebec or within one of the native tribes, every woman s fate...
cena: 179,87
Newton and Polly: A Novel of Amazing Grace
 Las Cadenas del Destino Sebastian Roa 9788466660099 Ediciones B
cena: 114,11
Las Cadenas del Destino
 The Alice Network Kate Quinn 9780062654199 William Morrow & Company

In an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author Kate Quinn, two women--a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947--are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption.

1947. In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, American...

cena: 74,80
The Alice Network
 Secret Lives: Part 2 Barbara Greig 9781910519318 Sacristy Press

The Gharsias have guarded their secret closely, but has it secured their safety?

1547: the old kings of France and England are dead. In both kingdoms, uncertainty hovers over the question of religious reform. Discontent simmers in the countryside, ready to erupt, and the fragile peace between the two realms is about to disintegrate.

Luis Gharsia sets sail for...

cena: 96,69
Secret Lives: Part 2
 The Master of Medicine Ellin Carsta Terry Laster 9781503943988 Amazon Publishing

In medieval Germany, Madlen Goldmann left her passion for medicine behind to live a life of quiet contentment with her devoted husband, Johannes, and their children. But when Madlen's aunt delivers the news that Johannes's father, Peter, has gone blind, Madlen must use her healing skills to help just one more time.

While caring for her father-in-law, Madlen assists a handsome young...

cena: 66,11
The Master of Medicine
 Beneath the Apple Leaves Harmony Verna 9781617739439 Kensington Publishing Corporation
From the author of Daughter of Australia comes a sweeping, heartfelt historical novel that follows a family of German immigrants who trade city living for the harsh realities of Pennsylvania farm life.

In 1914, Andrew Houghton's family is one of hundreds eking out an existence in the coal mines of southwestern Pennsylvania. Though he longs to be a veterinarian, he's fated...

cena: 66,31
Beneath the Apple Leaves
 Pagan W. F. Morris 9781612004648 Casemate
The Casemate Classic War Fiction Series publishes new editions of forgotten classics that perfectly capture their era.

Charles Pagan and Dick Baron, who served together in WWI, embark on a walking holiday in the Vosges Mountains in France, in 1930. En route they meet Cecil and his sister Clare who is recovering from the loss of her fiance during the war. Pagan and Baron pitch camp at a...
cena: 52,08
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