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 Big Wind  Coogan, Beatrice 9781786695543
Born during a storm in 1839, Sterrin grows up during Ireland's darkest years, but sustaining her throughout it all is the forbidden love she harbours for a household servant. A tempestuous novel of love and courage.
cena: 50,76
Big Wind
 Black Moon  Graham, Winston 9781509856954 Poldark
cena: 45,81
Black Moon
 Four Swans  Graham, Winston 9781509856961 Poldark
cena: 45,81
Four Swans
 Eagles in the Storm  Kane, Ben 9780099580737 Eagles of Rome
The German chieftain Arminius has been defeated, one of the lost Roman eagles recovered, and thousands of German tribesmen slain. Charismatic as ever, he raises another large tribal army, which will harry the Romans the length and breadth of the land. Tullus mission to retrieve his legion's eagle will be his most perilous yet...
cena: 45,81
Eagles in the Storm
 SS-GB Len Deighton 9780008166151 Harper

A special edition of Deighton's classic thriller, the first and certainly greatest 'what-if?' novel about the Second World War, to tie in with the new major BBC series starring Sam Riley and adapted by the writers of Skyfall and Spectre.

In February 1941 British Command surrendered to the Nazis. Churchill has been executed, the King is in the Tower and the SS are in...

cena: 50,76
 La Corona Partida Maurel 9788401019227 Plaza y Janes
cena: 138,98
La Corona Partida
 Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey 9781547262052 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 42,67
Riders of the Purple Sage
 Global Conflict: Desolation A. M. Jermin 9781548158125 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"A historic fiction novel, Global Conflict: Desolation is a story of rising conflict and eminent destruction, through one man's crusade against the global military presence, and how it affects the lives of soldiers, military men and women, as well as all those responsible for defending their fellow countrymen. Friendships are tested, alliances are broken, resolutions are shaken and war, the great...
cena: 6075,56
Global Conflict: Desolation
 Heretics Leonardo Padura Anna Kushner 9780374168858 Farrar, Straus and Giroux

"Padura's Heretics spans and defies literary categories . . . ingenious." --Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air

A sweeping novel of art theft, anti-Semitism, contemporary Cuba, and crime from a renowned Cuban author, Heretics is Leonardo Padura's greatest detective work yet.

In 1939, the Saint Louis sails from Hamburg into Havana's port with hundreds of...

cena: 114,20
 Snarleyyow: The Dog Fiend Frederick Marryat 9781548705343 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Set in 1699 and framed around the Jacobite (supporters of the overthrown king, James II) conspiracies of the time, Lieutenant Cornelius Vanslyperken is the greedy and treacherous commander of a small vessel that hunts for smugglers in the English Channel. Snarleyyow is his "indestructible" dog.
cena: 50,77
Snarleyyow: The Dog Fiend
 Caesar Dies Talbot Mundy 9781548861636 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Commodus is the warrior-emperor with all of ancient Rome and Antioch at his feet. Still, he disguises himself as a gladiator and enters the games, distinguishing himself as a Roman Hercules. Intrigue, poisonings, and gladiatorial games at their most blood-thirsty make this a tale of high excitement.
cena: 62,95
Caesar Dies
 Stagecoach to Bremer's Rock: A Jesse Garnett Western R. Annan 9781942338697 One Vision Publishing
Jesse Garnett's friend, handsome gambler Kip Mallory, falls in love and runs off with beautiful Michelle Logan, the girlfriend of cattle baron Harlan Preston. Angry at being betrayed, Preston leads the hunt to track the two lovers down and kill them. He takes along a can of lamp oil because he intends to burn their bodies in an old line shack. When Garnett learns of this, he rides out to stop...
cena: 31,58
Stagecoach to Bremer's Rock: A Jesse Garnett Western
 Ministry of Fear  Greene, Graham 9781509828036 Macmillan Collector's Library
cena: 55,70
Ministry of Fear
 UT de Franzosentid Fritz Reuter 9781548117702 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 42,32
UT de Franzosentid
 Skating on Thin Ice Vanessa Garside 9781548862626 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Cinematic historical fiction at its finest, Skating on Thin Ice, will have you captivated from start to finish. With its exceptional narrative technique, a credible and stimulating plotline (based on family memories), this snapshot of life before and after WWII from a Prussian perspective is an unforgettable book. The difficulties of farming life, the importance of strong work ethics, the insight...
cena: 47,69
Skating on Thin Ice
 The Executioner's Knife: Or, Joan of Arc Eugene Sue Daniel D 9781548927707 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Executioner's Knife is set in the early 15th Century and tells the famous story of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. Written in the mid-19th Century and translated into English in 1910, the book portrays Joan as guided by inner voices and an ancient legend to save France. The author depicts her as an inspirational figure to the downtrodden French who are caught in the conflict between an...
cena: 66,79
The Executioner's Knife: Or, Joan of Arc
 The Harvest of Betrayal Patricia Lauren 9781786293022 US Naval Institute Press
When Diana Lewis and her husband, Simon, go to view a small chateau on an estate in France, Diana feels she has come home. The renovated chateau is charming and the other residents are pleasant and friendly.The chateau, however, has a tragic WWII history and the story of the chateau's wartime owner, Philippe de Lusignac, touches Diana's heart. After buying the chateau, she discovers evidence of a...
cena: 80,43
The Harvest of Betrayal
 Tristiana Jon Marcantoni 9781944715229 La Casita Grande

Tristiana: un rincOn imaginario de AmErica Latina. Una tierra bella y violenta, donde un grupo de hombres y mujeres se debate entre el confort lUdico del mundo de las ideas y la realidad cruel de la violencia polItica. Revolucionarios que nos recuerdan a los de gestas pasadas (exitosas y fallidas). Sombras coloniales, acechando. El enemigo interior, siempre dispuesto a someter a su gente por...

cena: 79,33
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