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 Love Dawns Brighter Joseph D. Kemper 9781542818469 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 90,27
Love Dawns Brighter
 Perfection for You Peer Gessing 9783740729622 Twentysix
cena: 134,42
Perfection for You
 Magyar Versek: Mulbe Kikicsi                                  Literatura Philantropica 9781542783576 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 111,27
Magyar Versek: Mulbe
 I Love You, Son: Words to His Soul William T. Hoston 9780692855652 Zl Publishing House
I Love You, Son is a collection of poetry dedicated to my son, William T. Hoston Jr.
cena: 43,89
I Love You, Son: Words to His Soul
 Watching Ourselves Mark Belair 9780998087276 Unsolicited Press
Watching Ourselves is a collection of poems gathered in groups: how we watch ourselves grow up, observe others, love, look back; how we watch ourselves come to grief, age, receive, and reflect. We watch ourselves, of course, with difficulty and incompleteness, tasking the poems to strive for a measure of clarity-however partial-as they, like us, struggle to know themselves. The collection title...
cena: 77,67
Watching Ourselves
 Heart Joannie Phanin 9781365838217 Lulu.com
"Love may catch our souls of loving someone, but may lead to heartbroken." -JP
cena: 98,89
 As If She Didn't Know L. J. Valente 9781540792037 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 48,26
As If She Didn't Know
 Growing Home Maddie Rae 9781366068767 Blurb
This book is a collection of short poems that discuss transition from a young age of insecurity, to a comfortable place as an adult. There are images of nature, the home, and change throughout the pages which will bring you on a journey of appreciation.
cena: 63,43
Growing Home
 My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter Aja Monet 9781608467679 Haymarket Books

I am 27 and have never killed a man
but I know the face of death as if heirloom
my country memorizes murder as lullaby
--from -For Fahd-

Textured with the sights and sounds of growing up in East New York in the nineties, to school on the South Side of Chicago, all the way to the olive groves of Palestine, My Mother Is a Freedom Fighter is Aja...

cena: 70,31
My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter
 A River of Dreams: A Journey of Life Through Poetry Darryl Barnett 9781504307802 Balboa Press

I was born in a beautiful rural area of South Australia. My younger years were spent playing sport and visiting nearby beaches to surf and swim. Living in this idealistic countryside gave me much inspiration to write my poetry. After moving to Adelaide in the early nineties, my writing slowed. When I began practicing tai chi and attending meditation classes, things for me changed again....

cena: 42,26
A River of Dreams: A Journey of Life Through Poetry
 Inquisitive Rhymes for Little Minds Carol Puffenberger 9781524580445 Xlibris
cena: 70,27
Inquisitive Rhymes for Little Minds
 Stepping Stones Virginia Thayer 9781524565350 Xlibris

Though Stepping Stones describes several actual stepping stones, the book is largely about the transitions in life. The poems in this book cover life from an early adulthood to advanced age. The settings are in Minnesota; Washington, DC; Massachusetts; and Florida.

cena: 106,27
Stepping Stones
 Notizen Einer Suche Mario Stenz 9783734760976 Books on Demand
Die Notizen einer Suche entspringen einem Erkenntnisdrang und dem Studium von Mensch, Geschichte, Leben und Literatur. Das Besondere an diesem Aphorismenband ist die bewusste, stilistische Begrenzung jedes Gedankens auf nicht mehr, aber weniger als 160 Zeichen. Im Zusammenhang dieser Kunst der Verknappung werden pointierte und verdichtete Gedanken zur Sprache gebracht, die als anregende Lekture...
cena: 102,49
Notizen Einer Suche
 Locked in Love. Erin Shields 9781366402387 Blurb
cena: 65,43
Locked in Love.
 These Hands James M. Keega James M. Weiss 9781543190465 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Keegan's crisp, direct poems let us feel both life's complexity and its simplicity. His tone spans the range from whimsy to tragedy. Nature awakens one's soul here, as a presence embracing or ominous by turns, especially in the vast ocean and the safe shore. Poignant intimate relationships strike the heart, as they are possessed or missed or yearned for. In a few poems, God is encountered up...
cena: 73,51
These Hands
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