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 Even Now the Embers Djelloul Marbrook 9781909849280 Leaky Boot Press

Even now the embers is a singular, sustained act of recollection, a kind of learning to walk on hot coals.

Djelloul Marbrook was born in Algiers and grew up in New York. He served in the U.S. Navy and for many years was a newspaper reporter and editor (Providence Journal, Elmira Star-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, Winston-Salem Journal, Washington Star, among others). His awards...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 15-02-2018
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Even Now the Embers
 Dear Boy Emily Berry 9780571284054 0
Dear Boy is the dramatic and inventive debut by Emily Berry. These characterful, intelligent and darkly witty poems explore lives lived strangely in unusual worlds, through a series of deft and seductive soliloquies. In a collection with a taste for ventriloquy and wickedness, and a flair for vocal cross-dressing, the balance of power is always shifting in an unexpected direction - an ingenue...
cena: 60,65
Dear Boy
 Remembrance & Other Poems: Vignettes & Poetry Billie Harding Holly Wellman 9781542455657 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My first poetry book, VIGNETTES, sold out very quickly I have written many more poems and rediscovered other poems hidden away for a number of years. This book includes all my favorite poems and my new material, along with the stories of how the writing came about. I've also included some material written for a specific occasions of happy times and celebrations. -Poetic license-, which uses bits...
cena: 95,32
Remembrance & Other Poems: Vignettes & Poetry
 Rosso Di Marte Angelo Rizzi 9782322140275 Books on Demand
cena: 64,97
Rosso Di Marte
 All My Dressses Poetry Hunyah Irfan 9781548276928 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 87,22
All My Dressses Poetry
 Geist Und Fugung Rose Monhart 9783710326226 United P.C. Verlag
cena: 72,07
Geist Und Fugung
 60 Poesias Rapidas y El Extrano 61 Ulises D 9781548331146 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 40,69
60 Poesias Rapidas y El Extrano 61
 Soul Authentic L. S. Whitacre 9781540379788 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Soul Authentic is author L.S. Whitacres first book of poetry. About the experience of betrayal, love, revelation, forgiveness, and moving on.

Each chapter within the book serves a different purpose. The vulnerability of the torn overwhelmed heart. The spirit of chosen rightful healing. Soul Authentic takes readers through a soulful journey of the most heart wrenching...

cena: 58,01
Soul Authentic
 Das Neue Leben Dante Alighieri 9783743710443 Hofenberg
cena: 34,22
Das Neue Leben
 La Coloma Pueblito Donde Naci: La Coloma Pinar del Rio Cuba (En Blanco y Negro) Mr Lazaro Oscar Corre Mr Lazaro Oscar Corre Mr Jose Antonio Gove 9781548696085 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
La historia, y evolucion de nuestro puerto y su playa aledana de Las Canas. Anecdotas de vivencias de mi abuelo y dibujos de lo que su mente alcanza a recordar de lo que fue La Coloma antigua. Compilacion de mas de 40 poemas de mi autoria, inspirados en nuestro puerto, su gente y nuestro exilio.
cena: 46,56
La Coloma Pueblito Donde Naci: La Coloma Pinar del Rio Cuba (En Blanco y Negro)
 Serbian Oral Poetry 14th - 20th Century: Paradigms of Honor: Singers of Legends Mrs Marta Pravica Trklja 9781539000815 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The aim of this study is twofold. First, it demonstrates how, in each example, an oral poet juxtaposes the three systems of honor: patriotic, patriarchal, and religious; how he places them in conflict, and finally, how he seeks the ways to reconcile them. Second, it shows that the concepts of honor, tensions between them, and modes of resolution, expressed throughout the oral tradition remain a...
cena: 87,22
Serbian Oral Poetry 14th - 20th Century: Paradigms of Honor: Singers of Legends
 Don Juan Nikolaus Lenau 9783743712348 Hofenberg
cena: 38,26
Don Juan
 The Story of Acceptance: A Poetry and Quote Collection Perry Pokharel 9781548873417 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The story of acceptance is a collection of poems and quotes dealing with pain, love, heartbreak, healing, and eventual acceptance. Dealing with a wide range of emotions and situations, this book can relate to a large audience, especially women.
cena: 34,62
The Story of Acceptance: A Poetry and Quote Collection
 Gedichte Otto Roquette 9783743713390 Hofenberg
cena: 58,50
 Bowling in the Bumper Lane Corey Ginsberg 9781625492425 Word Poetry
Corey Ginsberg's BOWLING IN THE BUMPER LANE is a chapbook of poems written in response to the pervasive sexual undercurrents of contemporary American culture.
cena: 71,04
Bowling in the Bumper Lane
 Muse Martin Regan Dove 9781524675318 Authorhouse

I suppose an alternate title for this book could have been -Prose Viewed Through an Empty Pint Glass, Framed by a Haze of Cigarette Smoke-, but that's a bit unwieldy. This book is ultimately about a break-up. I broke up with New York City, to start a relationship with Nashville Tennessee. And I think anyone who's gone through a break-up will understand, there is a paradox to contend with....

cena: 68,76
 Gesammelte Gedichte Gustav Schwab 9783743716506 Hofenberg
cena: 127,28
Gesammelte Gedichte
 Some Other Life Tracy Seffers 9781635342703 Finishing Line Press
cena: 70,99
Some Other Life
 The Gentle Shepherd Allan Ramsay 9783744776226 Hansebooks
cena: 82,77
The Gentle Shepherd
 A Suburb of Heaven Pnina Shinebourne 9781905233526 Flipped Eye Publishing Limited

A Suburb of Heaven is a collection built from observation and speculation. Based on artist Stanley Spencer's work in the first section and the part-imagined life of Anna O, patient zero of psychoanalysis, in the second, it is a feast for the senses. Spencer's predilection for using Biblical scenes in a rural context carries a narrative impetus that Pnina Shinebourne builds on to...

cena: 40,29
A Suburb of Heaven
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