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 White Fang Jack London G-Ph Ballin 9781542304245 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Summary The story begins with the birth of White-Fang, a wolf-dog. The novel follows the pack from which it comes and its first weeks of wild life, its struggle for life: eating or being eaten. Then he experiences life among the Indians; His master is called Castor-Gray. He meets other dogs and becomes an enemy with them, Lip-lip being his rival. But White Fang, proud and powerful, undergoes the...
cena: 84,51
White Fang
 The Hidden Children Robert William Chambers 9781542327800 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
No Description Available Robert William Chambers (May 26, 1865 - December 16, 1933) was an American artist and writer. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, to William P. Chambers (1827 - 1911), a famous lawyer, and Caroline Chambers (nee Boughton), a direct descendant of Roger Williams, the founder of Providence, Rhode Island. Robert's brother was Walter Boughton Chambers, the world famous...
cena: 102,87
The Hidden Children
 Lord John i sprawa osobista Gabaldon Diana 9788380316515 Świat Książki
Wyjątkowy dar snucia pięknych opowieści i niezwykła wyobraźnia autorki sprawiają, że każda książka Diany Gabaldon staje się niezapomniana dla milionów czytelników na całym świecie.

Użytek, jaki autorka czyni z wydarzeń historycznych i znakomite wątki miłosne świadczą o jej wybitnym talencie pisarskim.
„Publishers Weekly”

Londyn, rok 1757. Lord John Grey poznał...
Lord John i sprawa osobista
 Akademia Canterwood 13 Na starcie Burkhart Jessica 9788327155870 Dolnośląskie
Lauren Towers od zawsze miała jedno marzenie: chciała być zawodową amazonką, startować w zawodach i ścigać się z najlepszymi. Złożyła nawet podanie o przyjęcie do prestiżowej Akademii Canterwood. Gdy jednak czeka na wyniki rekrutacji, zaczyna zastanawiać się nad własnym życiem w Union, w stanie Connecticut. Przypomina sobie też o wypadku, po którym jej rodzice postanowili się...
Akademia Canterwood 13 Na starcie
 Until We Die Again Papa C. Turner 9781540800152 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Tormented by someone from his past, Bond is thrust into heart-pounding action with little time to stop a mad man from seeking retribution on the world. Twisted and contorted, the mad man's treachery open's a chapter of Bond's Life that holds a secret unknown.
cena: 60,70
Until We Die Again
 Escape Unto Death: She Knows Too Much - Kill Her MR Leon Edgar 9781542323215 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Cold War is over, or so we thought. But are the Russians really our allies now? Or is there something evil bubbling just under the surface? Something is not right - Michael Blackman knows that instinctively. He has been trained as a British government assassin, now retired. Brought back to do "one more job," everyone thinks it will be easy in view of his past successes. But this time, it's...
cena: 42,21
Escape Unto Death: She Knows Too Much - Kill Her
 The Port of Missing Men Meredith Nicholson 9781542406161 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
There is romance of love, mystery, plot, and fighting, and a breathless dash and go about the telling which makes one quite forget about the improbabilities of the story; and it all ends in the old-fashioned healthy American way. Shirley is a sweet, courageous heroine whose shining eyes lure from page to page.Meredith Nicholson (December 9, 1866 - December 22, 1947) was a best-selling author from...
cena: 69,27
The Port of Missing Men
 Gulliver of Mars Edwin Lester Arnold 9781542435666 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Many believe that Edgar Rice Burroughs' inspiration to create his world of Barsoom came from this novel. Transported to Mars in a most unexpected fashion, Lieutenant Gulliver Jones, U.S.N., promptly found himself head-over-heels in adventure and romance. Mars was a planet of ruined cities, ancient peoples, copper-skinned swordsmen, and weird and awesome monsters. There was a princess to be...
cena: 52,47
Gulliver of Mars
 The Virgin of the Sun Henry Rider Haggard 9781542460255 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
No Description Available Henry Rider Haggard was born at Bradenham, Norfolk, to Sir William Meybohm Rider Haggard, a barrister, and Ella Doveton, an author and poet. He was the eighth of ten children. He was initially sent to Garsington Rectory in Oxfordshire to study under the Reverend H.J. Graham but, unlike his older brothers who graduated from various Public Schools, he ended up attending...
cena: 65,07
The Virgin of the Sun
 A Cloud in the Desert: A Steven Frisk Novel Martin a. Lessem 9781633383449 Fulton Books

The tiniest spark can send Afghanistan and Pakistan to war. Steven Frisk is an operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, and it is his job to ensure that this doesn't happen. Together with his protEgE, Steven must find a way to prevent an all-out war between these two countries, which would destabilize the region further. All the while, the shady Invictus corporation is playing...

cena: 65,60
A Cloud in the Desert: A Steven Frisk Novel
 Kill the Next One  Axat, Federico 9781911231066
cena: 62,27
Kill the Next One
 Początek mnie i ciebie Lord Emery 9788324161706 Amber
Czuła i inspirująca opowieść o stracie i miłości

„Emery Lord ze współczuciem towarzyszy bohaterce, która szuka swojego miejsca w szkole i w domu, szuka zrozumienia i uczucia”.

Paige ma siedemnaście lat. Mówią o niej „Dziewczyna, Której Chłopak Utonął”. To się zdarzyło rok temu. Od tamtej pory Paige ma senne koszmary, boi się wody i chodzi na...
Początek mnie i ciebie
 Simo Hollywood Hitman: Hitting the Mark, Book Two Alexis Konsantino 9780997759402 Menagerie Bookworks, LLC
Simo just arrived in Hollywood and has a meeting with Producer Ari Ascher. Little does Simo know what is really waiting for him on his new job. Russians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Chinese and Hollywood low-lifers are on to him in this fast paced, action packed, adventure
cena: 77,67
Simo Hollywood Hitman: Hitting the Mark, Book Two
 Mine to Avenge T. J. Hux 9781541327726 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A warrior searching for grace; a terrorist seeking vengeance; an organization trying to hide its evil; investigators trying to stop the violence. Ex- Navy SEAL Matthew Pierson finds himself in the crosshairs - hunted by extremists and the people he once served. To redeem his life, he must learn how to survive in such a world.
cena: 60,87
Mine to Avenge
 A Dogs Life Douglas H. Youngs 9781542870085 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 29,40
A Dogs Life
 The Adventures of Rabbit & Marley in Christmas Town NYC Book 9: Bauble Benjamin Robert Webb 9781542525787 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
MBob, previously the greatest A.I shiny metallic Christmas bauble ever, and now little more than a slightly oddball member of The Rabbit & Marley Crime Fighting Fraternity, and committed advocate of The Free State of Christmas, is depressed. With Christmas Day fast approaching, someone, or something, is going to have to try and cheer M.Bob, aka The Bauble, up.
cena: 73,51
The Adventures of Rabbit & Marley in Christmas Town NYC Book 9: Bauble
 Pedeapsa Furtunii John Daselva 9781542960717 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 89,89
Pedeapsa Furtunii
 The Abysmal Brute Jack London 9781542637534 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
In the story, a successful boxer, who was brought up in a log cabin and knows little of the real world, begins to realize the corrupt practices in the game of boxing. Sam Stubener, a boxing manager in San Francisco, travels to a remote log cabin in northern California on getting a letter from retired boxer Pat Glendon, who lives there with his son, Pat Glendon Jr, a promising young boxer. Pat Jr...
cena: 29,36
The Abysmal Brute
 Dance of Fireflies: Action Adventure Mystery Visionary Apocalyptic Series Inspires Hope for Teens and Adults Sheri Vie 9781988705002 Doctor Vie Publications
-I read Books 1 and 2 and cannot wait to see what happens to each of the characters. I loved the originality, having not ever read anything like this before. When you least expect it, something changes The twists and turns are fantastic. And the travel to Africa and learning the languages have been an educational experience for me.- --Adult Male ARC Reader. -In her debut novel, Dr. Vie has done...
cena: 35,66
Dance of Fireflies: Action Adventure Mystery Visionary Apocalyptic Series Inspires Hope for Teens and Adults
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